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Re: New Role: Coroner/Forensic Pathologist

Resilynn wrote:
Tue Sep 18, 2018 7:21 pm
People die on this station, canonically, almost every day. Miners fall, engineers catch on fire, science finds new and interesting ways to kill them selves. None of this is antag related, all of it is technically canon, which means there really IS a demand for this role. If NT has the foresight to put three autopsy labs and four morgues on this research station, they have the foresight to hire someone to operate all of them.
I will contest the fact that a lot of these deaths are canon to my dying breath. A lot of the stuff on station doesn’t have antag involvement but it not consistent and believable in our setting, such as someone being willing to work on a station with a body count higher than the battle of the five points.

With that said I am pretty much neutral to this role being added. I see the appeal, and having someone dedicated to handling any corpses that pop up would be nice.

Re: New Role: Coroner/Forensic Pathologist

ben10083 wrote:
Tue Sep 18, 2018 4:18 pm
I see no reason for us to have a role that only is useful during rounds when someone dies, what will they even do in the long periods of time when no-one dies? The CSI can do the autopsy and medical can place people in a temporary morgue to be cloned/incinerated/sacrificed/etc. -1
As was already said, reactive roles aren't a bad thing, and most of medical are reactive roles. This is an RP server, so it's not hard to believe the players can actually go off and RP when they're not entirely needed for their job. Other things they could potentially do is speak to crew members who have rather barren medical records to get an idea about what they wish to be done to them postmortem, for instance. And like I had just mentioned, medical and the CSI do already put them in the morgue, but that's about it. They're stuffed there and nothing more is done with them, unless they're cremated.
Arrow768 wrote: I´m slightly opposed to yet another role.

Why not just rename the virologist to pathologist and make them responsible for the deceased ?
Their research is usually not time-sensitive, unless there is a ongoing viral outbreak which is not too common.
But even then thats resolved in a few minutes.
Renaming the Pathologist was the latter part of my suggestion and I'm also on board with that.
Butterrobber202 wrote: I’m gonna -1 this. We already have a shit load of specific medical roles that use up the same job Slots, no need to add any more to the list.
I agree that it's annoying that half the medical roles are all alt-titles for Medical Doctor, which is why the suggestion was for it to be its own slot - or make Virologist its own slot, and have it be an alt-title.
TheSleepyCatmom wrote: Also a -1 from me. We really, really don't need more clutter in an already cluttered area of security and/or medical.

While a Forensic Technician doesn't absolutely have to know the basics of this field, it's very common for them to if they've experience in their fields. Especially in fields now-days in the server, where even detectives understand how to do coroner reports and autopsies at times. It's very honestly not needed, and we can simply get away with giving an alt-title to the FT at the absolute most if that's at all required. Or, as Arrow said, why not simply give an alt-title to Virologist as Pathologist. Makes sense to me. Doctors apparently know Virology as well anyhow.

With the way people RP their medically experienced and Forensically experienced characters, this already overlaps with how people RP. While not everyone, some people yes. Which means it'll step on a lot of toes, more than it'll improve anything to be quite honest.
The alt-title for the Virologist was what I also suggested at the end of my post, because it could also work. Virologist would need its own unique role though, instead of it being a Medical Doctor alt-title as well. I'm simply saying that it doesn't seem to make sense that so many different roles on the station claim responsibility and in-depth knowledge of autopsy reports. And detectives doing autopsies sounds like lowkey powergaming. Same with regular doctors and virology. And it wouldn't quite step on peoples' toes, I don't think. Ideally a Coroner/FP would simply be the first person you go to for this thing. If they're missing, then other roles can fill in if the character has the skillset IC, as most roles work now.

The overall purpose of the suggestion was to fill a bit of a grey and cluttered area between Medical and Security. While doctors and security can look after cadavers if they wish, it's rare they'll dedicate proper time to it, because their jobs have bigger and more important requirements. The proposed role was intended to fill that gap.

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Re: New Role: Coroner/Forensic Pathologist

I still disagree with it. We're also 440 years in the future, y'know? I'm sure there's a change in the standard medical knowledge for people in these fields. Especially in a corporate setting where this corporation basically owns part of space. (Not in a literal sense.)

I suppose I understand a little more indepth as to what you meant now, though, so I'm retracting my -1 for the time being. I'll leave it on a neutral note.

Re: New Role: Coroner/Forensic Pathologist

-1. I like the idea, but we can't really support it. If they go in security, they'll end up as another officer, if they go in medical, we lose one more person who can actually treat the injured. People don't typically stay dead long enough for this role to be very relevant, and in the event that they do, it detracts from the minimal relevance that a forensic technician still has.

I would support this if it was an alt-title for the forensic technician. You can fluff yourself as a forensic pathologist, because as it's been pointed out, the role fits in the setting well enough - we just don't have the room to squeeze it in mechanically. If we had twice as many players and rounds were twice as long, sure. But we don't, and aren't going to any time soon.

EDIT: Furthermore, the last thing we need is another role fighting for ownership of every corpse. As it stands, we have roles that demand many corpses and rounds that don't produce enough.
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