[WiP] Aloise University of Medical Sciences (Draft and discussion)

Type (e.g. Planet, Faction, System):Educational provider...?

Founding/Settlement Date (if applicable):2100

Region of Space:Jargon IV

Controlled by (if not a faction):Jargon Federation

Other Snapshot information:
- Played a pivotal role in the development of cloning.
- Remain pioneers in augmentation and synthetic organs.
- Other species, on rare occasions, may be enrolled into the University.

Long Description:
The Aloise University of Medical Sciences (AUMS) was founded in 2100 by the Jargon Federation as a means to improve upon the species, infrastructure and to bolster the health services for the ever growing population within the system. Despite being a Medical University, the establishment has been deeply involved in biomechanics as well as bioengineering. Becoming pioneers in augmenting the federation’s military as well as pushing the limits in what classes as synthetic life forms.

Feel free to ask questions, give input and the like. Just so I know what people want to see, or know, pertaining to the establishment.
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Re: [WiP] Aloise University of Medical Sciences (Draft and discussion)

This lore is currently a work in progress, and a start to it has been put on the wiki. As such, I'll archive this to stop any more clutter of the board. If you want to see more progress on this, contact a member of the Lore team if possible (preferably Loow, as he is in charge of the Skrell) or a member of the wiki team.
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