[AUTO-CANON] Frontier Planet Odin IV

Type (e.g. Planet, Faction, System): Planet and System

Founding/Settlement Date (if applicable): 2449 CE

Region of Space: Outer Fringe

Controlled by (if not a faction): Officially Sol Alliance, but in reality it's largely anarchic with Nanotrasen law enforcers and PMCs being the only real presence of law there.

Other Snapshot information:

Located within the Odin System, Odin IV is the only habitable planet out of the 3 terrestrial planets in the system. The planet only has 2 cities; Hopes City and New Orchard City with the rest of the planet being a blanket of wilderness dotted with a several small towns and outpost here and there.
The climate of the planet ranges from tundra to tropical. It is estimated that the planet has a total population of 6 million colonists.
Hopes City is located in the temperate region of the planet and is home to 2.5 million citizens.
New Orchard City is located in the tropical region of the planet and is home to 2 million citizens.
The rest of the population diffused into the rural side of the planet.
The crime rate is very high on the planet as criminal gangs violently fight for control over the cities, the orbit of the planet and even asteroids to carve a path for contraband smuggling into Sol.
The planet is currently in a state of civil war; while not huge and significant, the civil war is rather complicated as it is participated by many rebel factions that fights one another if not Nanotrasen and Alliance law enforcement.

Long Description:

Colonized by hardy pioneers at 2449 CE, the planet of Odin IV is said to be home to over hundreds of rare wildlife native only to the planet, more than half of them are extremely deadly and hostile to the colonists. Archaeological studies also showed that the planet was once home to an ancient advanced alien civilization that was extinct thousand of years before Alliance colonization of the planet, leaving behind hundreds of ancient ruins waiting to be explored for artifacts and fossils.

The only two cities on the planet; Hopes City and New Orchard City are officially under the control of Sol Alliance while in reality, Nanotrasen with monopoly over the cities' economics has a lot more influence over the planetary affairs. Nanotrasen also fill the role of law enforcement on behalf of Sol Alliance, but with the lack of Alliance supervision on the planet, the law enforcement tend to act in ethically questionable fashion when dealing with subversive elements.

The cityscape of Hopes and New Orchard Cities teems with concrete spires and skyscrapers and also home to the majority of the planetary population, they serve as a perfect nesting ground for criminal gangs and Syndicate operations; Every single day, it is rare to not see a shootout between gangs and the law enforcement within the cities. The crime rate is so rampant in the cities that officials and corporate elites are often required to wear armored vest or coats if they ever plan to step out of their office, furthermore they are often required by law to be escorted by guards and transported in armored vehicle if they ever wish to travel in the city.

Robbery, kidnappings and violent murders is a norm in the cities, the folks are used to seeing hanging mutilated corpses or beheaded bodies while on the way to work. The law enforcers are equally brutal, it is not rare to see public executions and people being kidnapped off the street by policemen for torture and interrogation. Matter in fact, corrupt law enforcement also run rampant with many officers working together with criminal syndicates for mutual gains.

The crime related violence is not limited to the cities, sometimes it happens even on nearby asteroid belt mines as gang fights for control over asteroids for their illegal mining operations.

Just like the Alliance; Nanotrasen has little to no control over what happens beyond the city borders, this is often taken advantage of by independent small businesses that wants to avoid being pushed over by the megacorporation, at the same time, they also get to conduct their business however they like without the laws being able to do much about it.

Deaths in the wilderness of Odin IV mostly goes unreported due to the vastness of the wild and the lack of law coverage, making them ideal locations for murder and marooning.

As of late 2458 CE, at least a handful of rebel factions popped up on the planet each with their own agenda; some are anti-Nanotrasen but pro-Alliance, some are the opposite while others simply yearn for independence. These rebel factions mostly gain the supports of rural folks that lives outside of the cities, they tend to launch guerrilla raids on government owned facilities outside of the cities but seldom launch raids on the cities themselves due to how the cities are marginally better defended.

While the battles fought between rebels and Alliance-Nanotrasen security coalition on the planet are not as grand scaled or significant as other battles in the past, they do claim more than tens of thousand of lives with the majority being the lives of innocents.

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Sorry for the delay.

Is there anything specifically you wanted us to do with this settlement?

As per our rules, any background or settlement you make for your character is automatically made canon. This is a good faith arrangement - anything you throw out is canon unless it has got enough issues to be noticeable, like being the son of a tajara space princess and unathi pirate king from a huge empire just across the border. In these cases we try to zone in on it and help you adjust it to be more suitable.

Because there's been no feedback, it's only reinforcing how inoffensive this application is, so there's no reason for it to be denied. Were you wanting feedback on it? Have it on the wiki, or did you want to have it made canon for your own backstories? If it's the last one, it's accepted automatically.


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No worries about the delay Jackboot :D

I plan to make this planet a background not only for my character but as a potential background to all players of this community.
I would also be very happy to see it on the wiki.
And speaking of feedback, I can use some, yes.

Thank you for your consideration.

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If you'd like to see this placed on the wiki, please talk to the wiki maintainer team. Otherwise, feel free to repost this lore to the general section or somewhere equivalent so it can stay relevant. This app will be archived to stop clutter of the subforum.

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