Continuation of my ban appeal


You locked my appeal before I could even reply to it.

Threatening to blacklist me in an attempt to goad me is low.
I did what I did, was honest about my old ckeys that I could recall and I get a threat to have me blacklisted? Didnt expect that, but sure. Ill play elsewhere until you have had the chance to cool your very hot headed ego. I will appeal again in Jan 2019, time for me is time, and it will pass by faster than ever.

I ban dodged for this very reason, that you admins, or badminton players as I liked to call you are hot headed, and cant learn to forgive others. I asked for a last chance to come back to play here. I have everything to lose, that being that you could re-apply the bans, with very little cost to you or your server. (If I griefed or fell back on old ways, Id be banned and the rounds here are at most 3 hours and non persist). I am asking for another chance, but you dont need to be so damn hostile.

Now lets say that you did have me added to a blacklist, all Id have to do is wipe my system, reload it (Easy, a few hours at most), get a new ckey and a new VPN (Many VPNS are free or paid and vary in different levels of anonymity) and your blacklist would be rendered moot.
Instead I asked for one last final chance, a chance I could then use to prove to you that I have decided to change my ways. I will wait for 2019 and I hope to see you on the other side soon.

Re: Continuation of my ban appeal

I admit, locking the thread may have been hasty, how ever. Consider the black listing less a threat and more me emphasizing the whole thing. I want to also emphasize that giving you the chance to apply in a year due to your numerous ban evasions method was also deemed to be too nice by a great number of staff and community members, yet I'm giving it to you.

Furthermore, it takes us 2 minutes to ban you and fix the damage you caused. Your inconvenience to us has been mostly minor.

Anyhow. I am now denying your appeals permanently.
Byond Account: Aboshehab

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