Diamond With Flaw's Cloak

BYOND Key: BurgerBB
Character name: Diamond With Flaw
Item name: Ragged Purple Cloak

Why is your character carrying said item to work?:
Coworkers seem to enjoy my character's fashion sense. I feel that this would improve that image.
Item function(s): None mechanic wise.
Item description: An old, worn down cloak that smells of dirt and stories.
Item appearance: Purple retexture of the unathi cloak. Zip file of sprites included in the attachment "Files.zip".
How will you use this to better interact with crew and/or stimulate RP?:
Here are the things you think of when seeing a cluster of mushrooms wearing a beaver hat and a worn down cloak with a tie:
- This guy is ~classy~, and therefor well mannered.
- This guy is oblivious, and therefor friendly.
- This guy looks harmless, and therefor approachable.
Diamond With Flaw is all three of these traits, and anything that would help improve that initial image is needed. The cloak, however, adds something extra on it's own: This creature is old as hell. Talking about the age of the cloak would give me an excuse to go on a rant like old people do about how long they've had the cloak, what's the cloak been through, and why the creature continues to wear the cloak.

Additional comments:
Current Projects:
Thirst Mechanics

Future Projects:
Sleep Mechanics
Itch Mechanics
Arousal Mechanics
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Re: Diamond With Flaw's Cloak

Diamond's a...really interesting character, I gotta say. A posh Diona is certainly different. I got to work with him while playing my robot Ricochet. We both did the art of culinary.

Really wish we had more interaction to go by. Now I want to know his backstory too, and why he acts so classy. He might like Rico.
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Aveo-Kluup'Olesh Ioblakku [Research] says, "I should never have left Qerrbalak..."

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Re: Diamond With Flaw's Cloak

BurgerBB wrote:
Tue Dec 12, 2017 2:09 am
Here are the things you think of when seeing a cluster of mushrooms wearing a beaver hat and a worn down cloak with a tie:
- This guy is ~classy~, and therefor well mannered.
Yeah, no. You saying that inspires the exact opposite of classy. Classy people don't wear worn, ragged, and old-fashioned clothing that has never been washed, and you are wrong and should feel bad for not having even googled what the word means in the first place. Seriously. Googling "define classy" takes like a whole 3 seconds if you know how to use a keyboard. Please use a dictionary for both our sake's.

Application accepted.
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