Lore Planet Settlement Suggestion

Type (e.g. Planet, Faction, System): Jupiter Floating Settlement

Founding/Settlement Date (if applicable): founded 2370 - 90 years ago. (Other planetary settlements don't have founding dates, so I guess this would work?)

Region of Space: Sol

Controlled by (if not a faction): Sol Alliance

Other Snapshot information: The name of this settlement city is Anemostrovilos

Long Description:
Anemostrovilos is one of the great floating settlements of Jupiter, founded in 2370. With a population of 40,000 people.

When you see this structure floating above high in the atmosphere of Jupiter, it is held up by a large reinforced grey blimp, a large plat form sit on top of this blimp, with a large reinforced glass dome. Within the dome is what looks to be circular / semi-circular skyscrapers all white. Hundreds of them, indicating a large city of 40,000 people.

A large weight is at the bottom of the blimp being a white pole, and a large white reinforced sphere. Holding the blimp upright.

On the bottom edge of the reinforced glass dome looks to be a hundreds of ports / platforms for ships to land on and take off.
(I plan on drawing it at some point for a comic)

Re: Lore Planet Settlement Suggestion

This looks sick as heck to me. Unique colony types such as this (and our expansive moon lava caves on Luna) touch a personal chord with me because they have a lot of personality. A sprawling orbital installation orbiting a gas giant and harvesting atmospheric gas is also aesthetically SS13 and there is always a remote possibility of having such a place in a map rotation. ;)

There is also a much more impactful and immediate weight to this settlement if @Promanguy1223 wants to add this to Tau Ceti's own gas giant - Luthien. Such a settlement would add to Tau Ceti's uniqueness and give this station an 'in the neighborhood' feel.

If you are adamant about this being Jupitor's settlement, I would be happy to personally incorporate this to the Sol page if @Zundy otherwise doesn't mind.


Re: Lore Planet Settlement Suggestion

I made an embarrassing faux pas and mistakenly referred to Luthien as our gas giant. It's actually Reade. Reade has always been a gas giant.

https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.ph ... Ceti#Reade

I went ahead and added a link to an impending major university here because I like this place enough to give it more attention and have it be a good spot for miners and cargo technicians and engineers. Is that okay with you?

I would also like to use the image you created on the tau ceti page itself to illustrate the biodome. Is that also ok? @Promanguy1223

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