EVE's Custom Android Sprite Application

BYOND Key: AlFalah
Character name: E.V.E (Emergency Vehicular Engineer) , Engineering Android
Item name: E.V.E's unique chassis.

Why is your character carrying said item to work? Due to unit E.V.E being tasked with extended operations outside of the station to commence repairs on solar components, the hull, and other components, its threaded legs were being worn out in the sandy terrain, and didn't have usually have the necessary grip to climb up steep hills and et cetera. After a quick upgrade, it was also seen fit that the Android would receive a slightly larger material storage tank, and increased weight, to assist it in its operations. Its brain being placed in an experimental chassis with six legs, capable of digging themselves into the sand for a better grip, a large storage on its back, and added weights to its legs, it was set to remain outside of the station for elongated periods, and be as efficient as two engineers, if not more.

Item function(s): ICly, it's for upgraded stability and grip, but mechanically it's a sprite change.
Item description:

Flavor Text:

A large, mantis-like Engineering Android, which skitters swiftly with faint, mechanical hisses evoking from its legs' hydraulics. Its' beady emerald visors are have no pupils, and evoke a gentle, constant whir. Its two curled arms are connected to its body with small rails, where it withdraws and stores its tools. On its back appears to be a large synthesizer under its thick armour. Its female voice is robotic, and slightly distorted, yet clear and understandable.

Item appearance:

How will you use this to better interact with crew and/or stimulate RP?

Being a weird, slightly snooty, but loyal and helpful Android, I feel like a chasis such as this really fits it. The chasis doesn't look too different from what other Engineering Androids look like, but is somewhat unique on its own. I feel like this sprite would draw interest, and generate more RP around the Android.

Additional comments:

The sprites are completely made and coloured by kyres1 and given to me, who is an amazing spriter, and earns all the credit for them. I've the DMI files for the chasis coloured to fit other modules as well, and will PM them on request.

Re: EVE's Custom Android Sprite Application

Agree with both the top statements. The design may be mistake for something a Sec Officer wants to kill with their baton, but there's no denying it's a really nice sprite. Not exactly an android. An android being a robot with human appearance. I think though, given that it's a heavy-duty Engineering Station-bound this is alright.

Re: EVE's Custom Android Sprite Application

Lohikar wrote:
Sun Feb 18, 2018 7:13 am
While the sprite is nice, I'm not so sure it'll fit in with the rest of the game.
This was my concern too - but I wanted to get input before scrapping the idea as a whole. Alfalah and me were discussing the borg sprites I just recently got and they figured EVE could really make use of one. All of this input is fantastic though and I'll see if they'd like a resprite.
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Re: EVE's Custom Android Sprite Application

Yes, that was the main concern with me as well, that it was looking a bit techno-punkish. If you guys think so as well, I think we can change something here:
-because I think the stripes there are what makes it look like a hostile creature. Do you think if we paint it over to a plain decal, that it'd fit the server's theme better?

Re: EVE's Custom Android Sprite Application

I am concerned about your actual roleplay capabilities as a cyborg, perhaps its just me, but I have always had negative interactions with EVE, even as its AI, they have asked to be desynced when I ask them to do anything in the past, and often rarely respond or communicate with me at all before doing something. They always load a module without checking the manifest, and they also upgrade themselves, even when a roboticist is available. This behavior concerns me, as I have played AI for a long time, and these behaviors are similar to many borg mains who are no longer on the server. Custom items are a privilege, and I think it would send the wrong message if such behavior is rewarded.

Re: EVE's Custom Android Sprite Application

Bygonehero wrote:
Tue Feb 20, 2018 12:53 am
they have asked to be desynced when I ask them to do anything in the past, and often rarely respond or communicate with me at all before doing something.
Well, I really can't remember, nor can I imagine myself actually asking a Roboticist to de-sync me from the AI, as it would be against the rules of Androids. I do remember being de-synced by the Research Director once, who knew the AI was malfunctioning, and tricked my Android, saying that they'd improve its cell. It was the round where the AI kept trying to re-hack into me, which led to the RD stripping me to a positronic brain.

I tend to communicate fairly well with AIs, I may've missed the Robot chat in the past while concentrating on surgery, or repairs, and that'd be my fault. But never would I ever blatantly ignore the AI.

Bygonehero wrote:
Tue Feb 20, 2018 12:53 am
They always load a module without checking the manifest, and they also upgrade themselves, even when a roboticist is available.
And I actually do pay attention to the manifest, and I end up switching between engineering, research, medical and rarely mining. The reason what may've made you think I select a module without looking at the manifest is that if there are no engineers and roboticists present, I choose the Research module. Since it has the wrench tool, I can wrench the cannisters down, shoot the engine, clean the area, and then open my cover and reset myself to another module using the scientific gripper. There have been rounds where I'd switch between engineering and medical once every half an hour to fill in both at deadhour.

I'd not like to say that you're wrong, but there may be just a couple of unpleasant experiences and misunderstandings that happened between us. But I will pay attention to what you said, nevertheless.

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