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Re: Medical Map Fix Please

Senpai Jackboot wrote:
Tue Apr 10, 2018 1:01 am
New medical is a series of 2-tile wide hallways which cause a lot of traffic jams. 5 doctors running around with 5 patients in rollerbeds have to all go in all sorts of different directions, converging in the middle to the scanners then literally everywhere else. There is no flow, no cohesion.
OP wrote this about 2 tile wide hallways. But it would probably be alright if the hallways weren't cluttered with items such as chairs, tables and lockers

Re: Medical Map Fix Please

BurgerBB wrote:
Thu Apr 19, 2018 9:48 am
Had a look at your updated map.
In the cryo pod (emergency?) room, have you considered moving the diagnostic scanners up against the southern wall? If you do that then you could turn the (what looks like) the CMO office into a small patient ward with sleepers, beds and IV stands, with a door between them.
A sort of combined pre-op/post-op/general treatment room.

IMHO the CMO office would be placed at the bottom of the map by the additional diagnostic room, or next to the psychiatrists' office on the construction level.

Edit: It's a nice map, but a spot to gather up patients without having them linger in "active" rooms or hallways would be good.
Also, bonus points for giving the receptionists a clear view over all seats. The current medbay ignores everyone not standing in the lobby.
Edit 2: Ah! We're also missing a bathroom.
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