Add tobacco plants to Hydroponics

So with the new medical update that added new chemicals to make to deal with mental traumas and the like, one of the side additions was making nicotine an actual chemical, which gives a calming and relaxing effect when taken. Also added was inhaling reagents will cause the patient to get some effect off of them, though it's considerably weaker then a straight injection, or even orally taking the chemical. Once the reagent in the cigarette is emptied into the person, the cigarette goes out, etc.

The issue with this though, arises with the fact the cigarettes that hydroponics can make using their bio-generator does not contain nicotine, meaning that they're completely empty. Now, this actually does open up a few possibilities if you are a social person and don't feel like literally just watching grass grow- working with medical to make 'healthy' cigarettes with the chemist, working with the chef to be a real bastard and put jalapeno pepper spice in the cigarettes you're selling, whatever your creative ass feels like.

However, barring Reishi and Ambrosia, which'll just get your door busted down by security, hydroponics has nothing of their own the can normally put into the cigarettes thanks to having nothing that can create nicotine, making them making cigarettes is more-or-less a waste of biopoints, and removes a possible way to engage with the crew during a round by selling them Aurora (TM) cigarettes.

So my recommendation would be the introduction of Tobacco to the seed dispensers, whether it be with sprites ripped directly from /TG/, or just a reuse of the Ambrosia sprites, which would contain nicotine as a chemical contained within. I know tobacco and nicotine aren't the exact same thing, but this is for streamlining. When tobacco and cigarettes are combined, the tobacco is placed directly within, and contains enough nicotine to either fill the cigarette completely, or only to the halfway mark (so you can put other reagents in of your own). If we feel like getting more in depth with how tobacco would work in regards to other narcotic drugs, when introduced to unstable mutagen, it can mutate directly into Ambrosia Vulgaris, also meaning that a hydroponics player without a multitool and friends in cargo/science is capable of getting access to ambrosia and promptly getting dogpiled by security for being THAT guy.

Re: Add tobacco plants to Hydroponics

Even a failed attempt to get involved with the station is better then never attempting at all. Besides, the cigarette cartons sold in the vending machines are absurdly expensive, like 200 credits for a box, which is about a sixth of what the civilian sector makes in a week according to the lore. While I get that's probably a joke about the rising cost of cigarettes IRL, it'd be nice to have an option that won't bankrupt visitors. Also gives cargo something else to put in that store absolutely nobody uses instead of whatever crap they had laying around in their warehouse.
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