Sleepy's Unathi Lore Dev App

Ckey/BYOND Username: Sleepy Wolf

Position Being Applied For Unathi Deputy Lore Dev

Past Experiences/Knowledge: Mostly making characters that stress the lines of what they are on the wiki, while still being believable! I've helped with a lot of the Unathi lore in the past, drawn a ton of stuff, and made a lot of my own characters stories while playing along with narrative and flow! I've been Diona loredev for a few months on this server and really enjoyed contributing to the lore team.

Examples of Past Work: I fixed up a lot of the timeline issues about 9 months ago with Dionaea, helped them feel less disconnected from the other races. I collaborated with the other devs to find out a better timeline for them, and make a bit of the cluttered mess that was their wiki before into less of a 'We're here now, oh no wait, we're here! Oh right, and this happened 150 years ago but it didn't matter.'

Most of my examples of past work are my characters, they're snowflakey characters for sure but they fit into the lore - it helps you find out how far you can expand your own lore and what starts to feel not involved in our lore. If you push the boundaries with your characters, you can set the boundaries better and find out what things should and shouldn't be in lore! A good example is Aez Goldhorn, a Dominian pirate turned Si'akh. and thus hated by both Dominia and most of the Hegemony. This is not at ALL the traditional Unathi character, but playing all the extremes you can in your lore lets you say 'hey, if you're THIS kind of extreme you're most likely to be THIS kinda person', and it lets you streamline it for other people that aren't as good at thinking of those exotic eccentric characters!

Additional Comments: I have a lot of ideas and know a lot of where the lore is going (i think) and so, i'd really enjoy being back on the team. also i've been up for a while now please excuse any grammar mistakes or run on sentences.
Aez Goldhorn says, "Come lisssten to an old piratesss ssstoriesss."
Ka'Akaix'Gorb Zo'ra says, "Want to, hzz ... buy szome transzlatorsssz, madame?"
Saamp Oie says, "Name's Deathflower. Let's work fast."
Toronto-88 shouts, "It's ME! THE BULLDOZER!!"
Sonorous Zouzoror says, "Iron Masssk Zouzoror, on duty."
Akino states, "Don't forget to look in your Nanotrasen Deep Space Survival Guide and Procedure Manual for tips to survive this shift!"
Rudu Tabro-Rae'shi says, "Comrrrade, let's get drinks!"
Drea Mirmtar growls, "Some people don't like herrr food, those people deserrrve to choke."

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