[Accepted] Ban Appeal

BYOND Key: (Dlw4456)
Total Ban Length: (Perm)
Banning staff member's Key: (exia352)
Reason of Ban: (self antag and going into disposals)
Reason for Appeal: So as far as I remember correctly the ban for the "self-antag" part was due to me getting into a heated argument with a nanotrasen staff member and getting into a fistfight. and due to my really long sentence for the fight being pretty bad I decided I would prefer escaping, so I jumped into a disposal unit when the opportunity presented itself. I did not believe this action to be against RP seeing as for a man who would be spending most of his career in a cell would be given the chance to escape, also the other reason it seemed bad rp was the brute damage which I didn't expect because on other servers I just plopped out of disposals with not so much as a scratch. but I digress, I've waited a good month or two to show im genuine and would like to come back on a clean slate and participate in this great server.

thank you for your time, ~Dlw

Re: Ban Appeal

Excuse the delay, it seems that the moderator that banned you actually quit yesterday.

We'll get to this thread shortly, we promise.
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Re: Ban Appeal

I'm sorry for the delay. Staff member in question has resigned so I'll handle this.

Now, while the ban in itself may seem to be a minor issue. Punishments are given for the sum total of infractions committed across a period of time, while being considerate on the time gaps between the infractions. You have 7 entries, mostly warnings and bans over a course of a month.

Per your previous warning. You continued playing in a self antagonistic character, with strong elements of being unhinged which also violates our sane/believable rules. The only reason this isn't a longer ban is that you claim you won't do it again.

The rule violations tend to cover three core principles of the rules.
  • Roleplaying character comfort and avoidance of pain.
  • Sane and believable characters.
  • Self Antagonistic actions

I don't mind giving you a chance, but I need you to understand that if we do remove it, more of these incidents will result in a ban, quicker than before.

Re: Ban Appeal

Yes I am fully aware and happy to suffer whatever consequences come my way for violation of them

Re: Ban Appeal

Your ban will be lifted shortly. Please make your best effort to follow the rules and feel free to contact staff if you are ever unsure or have questions, in order to avoid any further incidents.

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