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Mild Cloning Traumas And Psychologist Mechanical Chair-Rp Curing

Traumas from cloning tend to be very high intensity. This isn't bad, in the same way that the siege game mode is bad. But having the siege game mode back to back to back is draining. In the same way, having the same traumas flooding the medical bay and comms with screaming, stuttering, and stuttered screaming is not ideal.

Diluting the pool of possible traumas with lower intensity affects would be great.

-Constant sweating.
-Constant shivering.
-Constant rapid blinking.
-Random crying.
-Random laughing.

In addition, psychologists can be made a more reliable form of trauma treatment if they are given a special verb, "treat trauma". With this, if both parties stand still for 5 minutes, the trauma is cured in the patient. This is an abstract way to reward the chair-rp of talking to the psychologist. Having this power only be available to psychologists will make them the one reliable go-to for trauma gained even outside cloning trauma.


Re: Mild Cloning Traumas And Psychologist Mechanical Chair-Rp Curing

Zundy wrote:
Sat Jul 14, 2018 7:28 pm
LOS sounds good, gives more freedom for mutli-armchair drifting RP.
Ok thats fine. Patients can be jittery anyway. The focus is having the psychologist have to lock themselves to a patient for a moderate duration. If 2 people are stuck in a room together for 5 whole minutes theyre going to try to rp something just to pass the time. Personally silently standing in place can evem be valid if they do foreplay of meditating. The point is to make psychologists so reliable in handling traumas, without special tools, they they can overpower the levels of niche situations needed to make them reliable. Verbs mechanically encouraging to is always a good thing to me.


Re: Mild Cloning Traumas And Psychologist Mechanical Chair-Rp Curing

I definitely like the idea of diluting the trauma pool with less severe stuff, because honestly, dealing with traumas is absolutely cancer, doctor or patient, especially when some idiot doctor rushes and clones every dead person and then SSDs when they have 60 gibbering fools that you're now forced to let loose on the station because there's no psych or chemist. At least it makes these situations less severe, both for medical staff and cloned players alike. Sorry, ignore my immense salt over how ass I think traumas are.

Seriously though. Expanding the pool with less severe things sounds like a good idea, because they're all pretty crippling individually, let alone together. You're nearly always going to be hit with multiple if you're ever cloned - or even if you just get some brain damage due to oxyloss, which also happens more than you might think, and it's really really hard to deal with. Giving the psychiatrist a verb like that also sounds like a very good idea, as long as roleplay is prioritised when it's used and it's not just silently staring at people to make them all better. I'd give it my +1.

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