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Borgs being able to detonate themselves through control console.

So. It came to my... attention, that a borg can not lock themselves down through a control console, but that they CAN detonate themselves.

To avoid any continued mishaps that have and might continue to arise through a borg's ability to self-detonate, I suggest that ability to be 'access denied' - just like self-lockdown is, as should be.

It's a small thing, and I'm pretty sure not many borg players decide to think "Hey wonder if I can self-detonate through this robotics control console?" and go through with it... but it might happen. And that's an issue right there.




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Re: Borgs being able to detonate themselves through control console.

Jupiter Storm wrote:
Sun Aug 12, 2018 12:41 am
Seconded, it seems like a bad thing to allow - considering the potential for griefing and also because Cyborgs are only meant to have AI access privileges, rather than Command privileges. AFAIK the AI can't detonate its own borgs either, unless Malf?
Anyone can detonate a non-hacked borg.

Being able to self-destruct really shouldnt be a thing as you're lawed to preserve yourself.
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