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Remove Wizard Contracts, make Apprentice Wizards roundstart antags

What the title says. I've never seen a Wizard contract done right. What ends up happening is that the Wizard, a complete and utter stranger, asks for an apprentice publicly over comms. Certain types of players instantly jump to the opportunity, usually without any RP. Those certain types of players are usually Sec Officers looking for an excuse to antag or attention whores looking to be involved in the round. It's almost always sec officers too. 99% of the time it makes no sense for them to do this.

I propose just removing that garbage completely and making it so that wizards spawn with an apprentice by default. The apprentice will be its own roll, separate from the wizard, so those who don't want to be an apprentice won't have to worry about rolling it when their wizard preference is on.
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Re: Remove Wizard Contracts, make Apprentice Wizards roundstart antags

Strangely enough I have to partially agree, although I'd do it a bit differently.

I think what would help a lot more would be that instead of each contract being able to be used by anyone, we restrict the contracts to the wizard's apprentice.
If that were the case, wizards would have to think if they really want to sacrifice half their point roster to have an extra helper.

Further I think items such as swords, staffs(staves? stafs?), scrying orb and etc. should stay 100% contractable as providing magical items and boons is I think the centerpiece of any good storytelling wizard.
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Re: Remove Wizard Contracts, make Apprentice Wizards roundstart antags

As much as I hate to agree with Burger, this is a decent idea. It always felt off that a complete stranger shows up and offers you a forever soul-binding contract. I just have a few tweaks to consider.

I feel apprentices should show up at roundstart automatically after 5 minutes during large population rounds, say 25 or so. The 5 minute timer takes into consideration the people who miss/skip roundstart.

I also feel apprentices should be able to be summoned if the wizard wishes to invest the points in a contract. It'd be the same price as it is now, but instead of having to go and find a player to accept it, it'll open a prompt like posibrains or dionae nymphs do. That way, it still is an off station character whose the apprentice, and still has a point price for wizards who want one on relatively low population rounds. And, if no apprentice is found, I feel they should get those points back so they aren't wasted.
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