Kitchen, Library, Chapel, Hydroponics, and Bar Overhaul.

Pretty much what i'm doing in vine form:
I hate the new kitchen and bar and I made it. Also people want hydroponics to be next to the kitchen like a proper server so here it is. This map contains the combined feedback of many individuals so lets hope its to everyone's liking.

- Make a proper chapel or something.
- Add pipes and detail
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Re: Kitchen, Library, Chapel, Hydroponics, and Bar Overhaul.

Weighing in, as a resident plant feeder.
1) I love the removal of the soil plots. They have no business being in a hydroponics bay.
2) I love the addition of more trays. This makes the job a two slot role, where both workers can focus on their own areas, versus the former tight cramped position that forced tow people to step on toes.
2) Instead of the three closets, perhaps a crate could be in one of those spots for extra supplies? Often there's excess stuff that could be better stored somewhere else.

Re: Kitchen, Library, Chapel, Hydroponics, and Bar Overhaul.

BurgerBB wrote:
Maintenance areas were added. Chapel basic shape has been completed.
I think the Chapel should be slightly smaller, as I doubt 25 people are expected to be inside for mass or another ritual at any one time.
  • Were the dorms moved or deleted? I would kind of like them to stick around, if possible.
  • I really like the kind of 'busy industrial kitchen' feel the current layout has, if that makes sense. Could that be carried over in any way, or are you dead set against the current layout?
  • If the general bar/lounge area is being revamped too, I would definitely like to see the return of booths. I have a dream of organizing a functioning restaurant one day.
  • Has maintenance size around that area been condensed, or kept the same?

Re: Kitchen, Library, Chapel, Hydroponics, and Bar Overhaul.

Weighing in as a resident lazyman:

I'd like it if the tables were only 1 tile separate from the microwave so I don't have to move back and forth when I'm putting in 12 meatballs, 2 at a time. I'm not sure how that looks aesthetically, however.

I also think it'd be cool (for symmetry reasons) to have the window between the kitchen and garden extend just 1 more tile, to behind the oven so it lines up with that hydro space.

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