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Mutone, Plexium, Venenum: New Phoron Salt Chemicals

Phoron Salts I feel needs to have more than just explosive potential. i will be making new PRs in small waves that have their own theme. The three chemicals proposed are:

Mutone. Adds a random mutation every 5 units metabolized. 50% chance for a positive mutation, 50% chance for a negative one. Metabolizes 5 units every 60 seconds.
Recipe: 1u Phoron Salts, 1u Unstable Mutagen; makes 1u.

Plexium. Adds a random trauma every 5 units metabolized. Priority given to small traumas, large ones, then special ones. Can seriously fuck someone's day up. Metabolizes 1 unit every second.
Recipe: 1u Phoron Salts, 1u Alkysine; makes 1u.

Venenum: Changes the appearance and DNA of someone every unit metabolized. Reverts back to your starting appearance when the chemical is done metabolizing. Excellent for spies and evading security. Metabolizes 1 unit every 30 seconds.
Recipe: 1u Phoron Salts, 1u ryetalyn; makes 1u. 30u can also be obtained via uplink for 4 TC.

Updated: Edited the unit metabolism rates and values. Please reread the OP.
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Re: Mutone, Plexium, Venenum: New Phoron Salt Chemicals

i really like these. they'd add a great deal more fun to chemistry. burger your recent updates have been absolutely amazing
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Re: Mutone, Plexium, Venenum: New Phoron Salt Chemicals

I approve.
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Re: Mutone, Plexium, Venenum: New Phoron Salt Chemicals

Yep, really cool. Would like to see these.
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Re: Mutone, Plexium, Venenum: New Phoron Salt Chemicals

My only concern is the... thematic inconsistency? Like... phoron salts and ryetalyn creates anti-ryetalyn that fucks up your DNA, okay. Phoron salts and alkysine creates anti-alkysine that fucks up your brain, okay. Phoron salts and unstable mutagen creates... unstable-r mutagen? I mean, anti-mutagen would be ryetalyn, but I don't know.

Then again, it could just be that it destabilises it, meaning it would be thematically consistent. Regardless, I like these chemicals.
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