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Conspiracy Theorists Protest Alleged “Corruption” Outside FIB Headquarters; Slammed As Politicizing Tragedy
June 14th, 2460
Early this morning a handful of protesters gathered outside the headquarters of the Federal Investigation Bureau. The protestors had mixed and confusing demands and statements.

Some present claimed they were were demanding the release of the confession tape of the alleged serial killer Ali Holmes, claiming the FIB had coerced Holmes into giving a false confession. Others fronted a conspiracy theory that the FIB was embezzling funds and that the serial killings were all an elaborate false-flag operation by the agency to gain more funding.

Daniel Preston was one of the protesters present, and agreed to an interview by one of our journalists. Wearing a torn t-shirt and blue jeans, he continuously scratched his arm as he spoke.

“The FIB is paying a hitman out of pocket to take these people out,” He claimed, “this is all a false flag operation by the New Democrats to stage a coup. It all starts here, man.”

Fernando Gonzales was another individual present at the protest, and we are lead to believe that he has arranged this entire event. He also accepted a request for statements and elaborated on his goals.

"We are here because we want three things: We want the public to be aware of Katelyn Jones' embezzlement. We want the details of the third murder to be accessible to NT detectives so the real killer can be caught. We want the tapes of Ali Holmes' confessions to be made public. We believe Doctor Holmes in innocent, we believe the FIB is being mismanaged."

True Democrats are a minority Ultra-Protectionist that broke off from the Social Democratic party in 2459 after becoming frustrated with the ‘timidity’ of their former party. They stand in opposition to the leading True Republican party and have hounded the FIB as being mismanaged. True Democrat and former presidential candidate Al-Harthi has given scathing criticism on FIB Director Katelyn Jones as being a “Dorn Lackey” and has repeatedly attempted to press legislation to get her removed from office.

True Democratic congressmen have denied being involved with the protest, and Al-Harthi herself did not return our calls or e-mails for comment.

Community leaders within Mendell City and the Odin have slammed the protesters for their apparent political affiliations.

“We still bear the fresh wounds of trauma,” said Mendell City Police Chief Robert Aheles, “I am really disappointed that these people would exploit a tragedy for a political gain.”

FIB Director Jones herself has responded to the allegations in a brief statement made over the phone to our studio.

“I’ve seen the documents and they’re fake as you can get,” Jones said over the phone, “the Agency is already audited monthly. I’m not even going to comment on the other allegations about staging a false flag other than saying Al-Harthi is a real piece of work if this was her doing. I guess we are just lucky that we have the fortune of going back to the normal groove of playing politics instead of living in fear of a killer.”

All of the documents shown by the protesters are two pieces of paper that allegedly show the financial accounts of the FIB agency as well as Katelyn Jones’ personal financial history.

We are unable to provide photos of the documents due to privacy laws. The FIB has also made a public comment that the agency may seek to place criminal charges for fraud and libel on anything that “proliferates the false financial documents.”

The FIB has not yet pressed charges on any individual, but is believed to be in contact with NanoTrasen to seek the identity of those who may have shared the documents.

The protest ended after several hours, and traffic resumed on the street outside the headquarters. Their demands are not yet so far, as Ali Holmes’ confession tape remains sealed, and Jones remains Director of the FIB.

The criminal trial for Ali Holmes is expected to begin on June 25th.
Editor's Note: The trial for Ali Holmes is the criminal trial, and not the sentencing trial. This mistake has been changed.

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Chief Medical Officer Charlie Dove Found Dead On The Odin - Copycat Killer?
June 15th, 2460

The Odin has announced that a body has been found on the Odin once more, and the news has caused outright panic to sweep through the space station. Odin representatives have reinstated the mandatory 7pm curfew as tourists and visitors cancel their trips and abandon the Odin in droves. FIB officials have urged the public to remain calm.

The victim’s identity has been revealed as 44 year old Charlie Dove. Born in Nelson not knowing her mother, she succeeded her father when he passed away when she was 23 and left her a small fortune. She used this wealth to get herself through medical school at 25 and she became a Chief Medical Officer of the Cassam Remembered at 37. She worked on many stations but her most steady job was on the Aurora. She is survived by her niece and nephew as her only surviving family.

Odin and FIB officials have held an emergency press conference where they fielded incendiary questions from reporters. In the conference the FIB stressed that the genuine Odin killer, Ali Holmes, had been arrested and that this latest murder “looked to be either a copycat or a crime of passion.”

People in the crowd at the press conference grew belligerent, and at one point there was an incident as an attendant stood up and threw trash at the FIB representative. The assembly erupted into a furor as security moved to drag the man out of the press hall. The conference was then cancelled with further updates coming from e-mailed press releases.

The victim was described as having been attacked “suddenly” in the hallway of the B-13 business wing on the Odin. Officials have not released details, but Odin Detective Wildes has described the scene as “gruesome. This isn’t the style of the Odin Killer. This feels different. More visceral.”

Nathan Trasen had cancelled a trip to New Gibson and is returning to the Odin immediately. Residents on the Odin are reporting a sense of dread and deja-vu.

“We can’t go through this again.” Said one resident, “I can’t live on a station where something like this happens.”

Director Jones and Nathan Trasen are believed to be discussing recreating the Joint Task Force to investigate this new killing. Director Jones has stressed the importance of FIB jurisdiction over murder cases. Odin officials have avoided directly answering whether or not they are open to handing over jurisdiction.

“Tau Ceti law allows NanoTrasen to investigate and respond to crime on its installations,” a NanoTrasen representative said, “in most cases we are happy to waive this privilege to allow the authorities access.”

Re: Mendell City Bugle

Leaked Confession Tape Shows Ali Holmes Coerced Into Giving False Confession: “Saturday Massacre” Sees Mass Resignation
June 17th, 2460

Early this morning the Bugle received a video tape and several dozen transcripts that all exposed the FIB as having extracted a false and misleading confession from Ali Holmes, the suspected Odin Killer.

The video shows Holmes locked in an interrogation room with concrete walls. Holmes is handcuffed to the bare table. Two FIB agents, one unidentified male and Special Agent Godivia Crown, enter and exit the room in 2 hour shifts during the grueling 12 hour interrogation. Ali Holmes remained in the interrogation room for this entire time, only being allowed to leave once for a 10 minute bathroom break.

The transcripts reveal startling methods of coercion against Ali Holmes. In the initial stages of the interrogation, Special Agent Crown insists to Holmes that he is not being interrogated.
Agent Crown: “This is just an interview.”
Ali Holmes: “Then why am I handcuffed to the table??”
Agent Crown: “I am very sorry about that. It is just procedure. Now I’d like to talk to you about -”
Ali Holmes: “Can I decline this interview?”
Agent Crown: “You can. But I don’t know why you would refuse to talk to me. It would do nothing to help your case.”
Ali Holmes: “I didn’t do anything to have a case against me!”
Agent Crown: “Then why don’t you want to talk to me?”
The FIB interrogators also lied about the evidence against Holmes and assumed that he was guilty. Four hours into the interrogation Crown claimed they found Holmes prints on the murder weapons. Holmes became distraught, insisting he never purchased anything like that. Agent Crown then lied about finding a positive match of Holmes’ blood on the scene of the Charles Hall murder. Crown and the unidentified male agent then spent the next 8 hours wearing Holmes down, relentlessly pressuring him to plead guilty to “make things easy for you.”

Near the end of the interrogation, Crown threatened legal action against the entire Holmes family.
Agent Crown: “I’m beginning to think your family funded your habits on the Odin. I have these receipts of your mother buying you the wire. I think we’ll bring your parents in here. We’ll get the entire estate impounded. They’ll be locked behind bars for months with no bail and all their assets frozen. Your family is pretty wealthy, but how do you think they’ll do in a room like this, sitting across from me? Or spending hours every day on stand in the courtroom? Just make this easy for all of us and sign this document. If you sign this then this all goes away and your family won’t be bothered.”
Ali Holmes: “What does signing this mean?”
Agent Crown: “It means we end the interview and all this goes away.”
The recording also caught Agent Crown confessing that the agency knew Ali Holmes was not the killer they were looking for. A recording device was hidden in the observation room by the whistleblower, and caught this exchange.
Unknown: “I don’t know why you’re pushing him so hard. He’s not the guy.”
Agent Crown: “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
Unknown: “Wildes is all up on Jones’ ass about it.”
Agent Crown: “Jones’ primary concern is to prevent panic. If there’s a panic then things are going to spiral rapidly out of our control. Wildes doesn’t understand that.”
Unknown: “I don’t - how does it help to throw him in a hole if he isn’t the guy we’re after?”
Agent Crown: “We need time. This gives us that.”
Unknown: “We can’t throw innocent people to the wolves to buy more time.”
Agent Crown: “Then go resign and get out of my way.”
The response to the tapes has been immediate and incredibly incendiary. Protests have sparked onboard the NTCC Odin and in front of the FIB headquarters in Mendell City.

The FIB was riding high on the high-profile arrest of the person they claimed was a serial killer, and only yesterday the Department of Justice finalized the budget that gave the agency an additional 150 million credits in funding. Now the department is in a tailspin. Director Jones has been forced to resign, as well as 47 other FIB officials. With mass resignations and the reveal of illegal interrogation tactics paralyzing the agency, NanoTrasen announcing it is rejecting FIB requests for joint investigations.

Justice Department Attorney General Anibal Gonzalez has announced that he is launching an immediate investigation into the conduct of the FIB following the sudden resignation. He has issued a subpoena to FIB Director Jones, Agent Crown, and others involved in the case. There are no remarks on whether or not any involved officials will be arrested.

Public protests have gripped the NTCC Odin and the street in front of the FIB headquarters in Mendell City. Hundreds of people are taking to the streets and loudly protesting the abuses by the Agency.

The fate of Ali Holmes is still in the air, but there are strong indications that the charges against him will be thrown out as soon as this week, with Attorney General Gonzalez saying he would need to "finish the paperwork."

At the same time, the true Odin Killer remains at large, and the public does not know when, where, or who they will strike next.

Re: Mendell City Bugle

Ali Holmes Released
June 17th, 2460

Ali Holmes, who had been coerced into giving a false confession, was released from jail where he was being held without bond. The release comes after the Mendell City District Criminal Court threw out the confession and all evidence gathered by the FIB.

"There is severe and unforgivable tampering of evidence and it's all basically invalid at this point." Said Mendell City Judge Jake Forrest.

The FIB has not filed an appeal and is not expected to challenge the court's decision. The FIB agency is temporarily without a leader; after the forced resignation of Director Jones, Deputy Director James Ericson was also forced to resign after he was found to be culpable to the forced confession.

President Dorn has appointed Yukiko Ahles, a former district lawyer from Phoenixport, to lead the agency as a temporary director. Yukiko was seen entering the FIB headquarters, grim-faced with coffee in hand.

The agency remains in a tailspin as it is under several state and federal investigations over the false confession it coerced out of Ali Holmes.

Ali Holmes refused to speak to the press. He was given a police escort out of the jailhouse and returned to his place of residence earlier today.

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