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  • Feb 03

    Silicon Nightmares, Event 1: Unusual Visitors

    Event Type: Canon Event Scale: Low Intensity Assigned Admin: CampinKiller OOC Event Description: First Episode of the Silicon Nightmares arc. Who knows about it: Nobody yet, stay tuned. Host/participants: Lancer

  • Feb 10

    Silicon Nightmares Episode 2: The Grinding Cog

    Event Type: Canon Event Scale: High Intensity Assigned Admin: ReadThisNamePlz OOC Event Description: Second Episode of the Silicon Nightmares Arc. Who Knows About it: Nobody Host/Participants: Lancer, Stryker, Noble Row

  • Feb 24

    Silicon Nightmares, Event 3: Lit in Neon

    Event Type: Canon Event Scale: Low Intensity Assigned Admin: MattAtlas OOC Event Description: Third Episode of the Silicon Nightmares Arc. This time, the crew will finally arrive on Konyang, in a sealed off section of Point Verdant, also known as Aoyama City. A lot of ghostroles will be available for this event, and the map in general. Some of them will be volunteer roles for t

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