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      All community wide notices go here.

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    2. Status Page

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      Is the server up? Is it down? Find out here! What if the forums die? How do I find it then?

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    3. Staff Vault

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      For things like staff meeting minutes and summaries, directives, and other records. This is primarily for record keeping, yes.

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  2. General Boards

    1. General

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      This area is for general events or queries related to the game. Polls, events and so on may be posted here.

      1. Questions
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    2. Guides & Tutorials

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      For player-made guides and tutorials.

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    3. Suggestions & Ideas

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      Have an idea, or been sitting on something to make the game better? Post here.

      1. Policy Suggestions
      2. Archive
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    4. Projects

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      To contain development projects which have been accepted, and are being actively worked upon.

      1. Completed Projects
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  3. Applications Boards

    1. Custom Items Applications

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      Apply for custom items, sprites, and other non-standard character elements here.

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    2. Developer Applications

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      Do you code, map, or sprite? Want to be on our dev team? Apply here.

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    3. Lore Canonization Applications

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      Have an idea for lore that should be accessible to and usable by everyone? Feel free to pitch it here!

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    4. Moderator and CCIA Applications

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      Think you have what it takes to be part of the moderation team? CCIA team? Apply here. [Applications are currently OPENED]

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    5. Whitelist Applications

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      Want to be able to play Heads of Staff, or an alien race? Apply here.

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  4. Private Terminal

    1. Galactic News Database

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      A convienent terminal linking to the major news networks of the galaxy.

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    2. Lore Questions

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      Ask lore related questions here.

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    3. Syndicate Transmission Network

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      An encrypted and secretive network to coordinate the myriad of self-sufficient syndicate cells and individual operatives.

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    4. NanoTrasen Personnel Database

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      Civilian-level secure database of NanoTrasen personnel. [[For character profiles, biographies, etc.]]

      1. NanoTrasen Public Network
      2. Character Stories
      3. Fan Fiction
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    5. Worker's Association Board

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      Advocacy. Activism. Elections. Let your voice be heard!

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  5. Complaints Boards

    1. Ban Requests

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      Someone griefing and staff didn't catch them? Think someone has done something that warrants a ban? Report them here.

      Any thread that does not follow the format will be archived after 48 hours. No exceptions.

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    2. Character/Player Complaints

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      For complaints about other players and/or their characters. You are to use this even if the account or character in question belongs to a staff member.

      Any thread that does not follow the format will be archived after 48 hours. No exceptions.

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    3. Incident Reports

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      For IC reports of misconduct, harassment, and hazards. All reports will be filed to the Central Command Investigation Board.

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    4. Staff Complaints

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      For complaints against members of the staff team. Disagree with a judgement? Conduct? An action they've done? Post it here.

      Any thread that does not follow the format will be archived after 48 hours. No exceptions.

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    5. Unban Requests

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      Understand your mistake. Agree with the punishment. Want another chance? Then this is the place to be.

      Any thread that does not follow the format will be archived after 48 hours. No exceptions.

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  6. Off Topic Boards

    1. Forum Roleplay

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      For all your off-server and non-SS13 roleplay needs.

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    2. Hobbies & Interests

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      Do you draw or play an instrument? Got a collection to show? A band or cartoon you like? Share it here!

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    3. Off Topic Discussion

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      Discuss anything, and I mean anything, you'd like in here. Anything.

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    4. Other Games

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      For all those games that aren't Space Station 13. We know you play them. You nerds.

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