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Confidential Complaints

A section for complaints that contain confidential information.
If you have questions regarding this section contact the Headmins/devs.

Regarding Confidential Complaints

The confidential complaints are created in this forum.
Do not create a confidential complaint in the character/player/staff-complaints forum.
A confidential complaint is initially only visible to the Headmins/devs and the author of the complaint.
Other people can be enabled to see/respond to the complaint as needed. (This will be announced in the complaint)
Usually the person that is accused will be enabled to see and respond to the complaint.

The purpose of confidential complaints is to handle sensitive topics.
The subject of the complaint does not have to be a character or player; It can also be a staff member.
BeforeĀ creating a confidential complaint contact a headmin/dev (depending on the subject of the complaint) to determine if your complaint is suitable for this category.


  1. Active Confidential Complaint

    The active complaint will be handled in this subforum due to permission limitations of the forum system.
    If you want to create a new complaint, use the parent topic.

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