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Warform on a Stick

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Event details

Canon: Canon/Noncanon

Event Type: VIP

Event Scale: Small

Assigned Admin: AverytheCat

OOC Event Description : Nanotrasen tests out the ability to control Zo’ra warforms by imprinting them to a staff. The warform will follow anyone holding an item renamed ‘Control Staff’ and follow any orders they say. Whats the worst that could happen?

Who knows about it :Everyone

Host/participants : One Volunteer with a Vaurca whitelist. Volunteers can contact Hosting Admin/Bygonehero

Notes : 

This event is canon if the round is EXTENDED.

This event can happen on any round type except CULT.

If the Round is EXTENDED, a Vote will be called at 1 Hour to introduce a 'Complication.' Players can Vote on the level of Complication from, None, Minor, Moderate, Severe. A Complication will introduce something to the round that complicates the event and station participants. 

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