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  1. Bygonehero

    [ACCEPTED] Toska's Vaurca App

    An excellent application and answers. I really loved your story about interaction with the human mining companies on Tret. Imagining the hijinks your character got into around those human outposts is particularly endearing. Application accepted!
  2. Bygonehero

    Staff Complaint - Skull132

    I was not aware there was a procedure for announcing things, but it seemed at the time that no one had planned to announce it or it just occurred? I was told by skull later that he planned to announce it once he got home, similar to arrow.
  3. Bygonehero

    The Last Paradise

    Heres the newest part
  4. Bygonehero

    Staff Complaint-Garnascus

    Nope, thank you for addressing it.
  5. Bygonehero

    The Wasteland Window

    Editors note: Translated to Basic by human Sinta'unathi linguist. K'lax to Darken Pid! Pid, the Hatchling star, or Wandering Shellcase may soon go dark. Pid has captured the imagination of ancient Unathi since time immemorial. Visible to the unaided eye from the night surface of Moghes, Trets only moon was instrumental in developing the heliocentric model of the solar system, a system developed before the first hegemony. All of this may soon change according to Tret's newest occupants, the K'laxan Vaurca. Yesterday, Overlord Ta'Akaix'Zkaii'xay'yil K'lax's representatives announced plans to ferry tons of non-reflective powder into strategic positions around Pid, to reduce its apparent brightness to zero, removing it from the night sky for decades to come. The reason, according to K'laxan astronomers, is Pid's bleak and empty atmosphere. It reflects significant amounts of light that throws off long-range spectrographs in search of phoron-rich systems. The proposal is scheduled to be heard by a special clan council later in the week. The Window was not invited to attend, and so instead took this opportunity to canvass nearby villages and to ask the often forgotten humans of Tret what they think of these recent developments. Tasz Eskani, a local businessman, on Moghes responds, "I don't think aliens should change anything let alone the night sky. I remember the stories told to me in my youth about the burning mother and her children. Pid was the name of the tricky child. Pid always followed his brother unless he was hiding somewhere for his brother to find him. I do not think its worth losing that for any advancements, phoron or no. They don't even know if there is anything else out there, for all we know this could be a big waste." As for the effects on humans, we were able to interview Mining Site 3 warren boss Amanda Caldine, who had this to say, " This affects our bottom line, and makes living on Tret that much harder. It gets dark earlier than Moghes on Tret, and what day-light we do get is used working. I don't know how we will make up the difference with fewer hours of production. Nanotrasen was already pushing for automation for these operations, and I can only see them pressuring further and firing our hard workers sooner if this deal goes through."
  6. Bygonehero

    Drago's Human Lore Dev App

    While I share some of Mofo's views, I believe Drago would be a great human lore developer. Their ideas are decidedly fresh in a already saturated human lore, and given how active they are with hosting and planning events, I have no doubt that they could write events for players to enjoy. Like mofo though, I share some of the concerns with the proposed race. The idea with the NBT and aliens that could be encountered is to make aliens that would never be able to interact majorly with the species of the Orion Spur. They are suppose to be mysterious, inexplicable in their biology, culture and ways of doing things. This means...you can get much much more crazy than what is presented here. We actually have some guidelines in place, which I will PM to you, perhaps you could rewrite them to better fit?
  7. Bygonehero

    [ACCEPTED] KingOfThePing's Hard Bug Life

    It's good to see people making freshly out of VR Vaurca characters. To me, I think it has the most opportunities for interesting roleplay situations. Your characters hope and will to please their queen is also refreshing. Application accepted!
  8. Bygonehero

    The Last Paradise

    Small update adding a bit to the story, for those that just want the new parts- here
  9. I would argue that memories and overall personality are more complicated than math equations. For math equations, we know what parts of the brain are used for this processing. But memories and personality? No one is really sure where it is as a biological process. Then there's some who believe that memory engrams simply don't exist. But, back to point. If dionae can absorb something as complex as memory then math equations would be child's play in comparison.
  10. Bygonehero

    [ACCEPTED] KingOfThePing's Hard Bug Life

    Ill be ruling on this tomorrow. In the meantime, try to advertise your app in game or on discord
  11. Bygonehero

    Staff Complaint-Garnascus

    Yes. Its simply that.
  12. I've worked with Pegasus frequently. This in my opinion is a no brainer upgrade to their responsibilities. Pegasus is a capable writer and is able to take criticism and give it.
  13. Probably because roboticsts are in high demand. Not gonna lie, most jobs on the station could be automated and their demand wouldn't really ever decrease unless they automated their own profession
  14. BYOND Key: BygoneheroStaff BYOND Key: GarnascusGame ID: N/AEvidence/logs/etc:Additional remarks: So, there's an unfair advantage when it comes to the rules, in that they favor crew players over antags. I'll explain what I mean by this. According to Garnascus, as an antag, if someone saw me breaking into the vault, I would be alright in killing them without speaking to them first. This, frankly, isn't true, and anyone that was killed this way, especially if it's near the start of the round, or if it's the first time they have seen the antag, will ahelp this, most likely with their grievances successfully acted upon by admins. HOWEVER The reverse, is ok, If - say, someone saw the antag breaking into the vault, they would be well within their rights to disable/kill/subdue that antag without any interaction. This would, under the auspices of Garn, be also acceptable. Now let's take the latter situation and make it even worse. Lets say a member of your antag team gets caught, and/or/then killed breaking into the vault by security. This now means, again according to Garn, that your entire team is now subject to termination, by association with your slain teammate, if an association can be logically surmised by players. (It most always can) This, is frankly bullpoop and it allows security to punish antags so much. Context should not matter in the terms of rules. They are not contextual, they are rules. A gank is to kill someone without interaction with them. Lets enforce that rule rather than create arbitrary distinctions such as guilt by association. By using this logic, its ok for antags to murder every single member of security the second one member of security fires on them. This is again, NOT TRUE, and AGAIN highlights the unfair lenanince that the crew are given in regards with the rules. After experiences this firsthand, across more than one round, but with no specific admin besides Garn, who is the most recent case, I think this should be addressed, or-some kind of protection be implaced for antags, to the same degree of the crew. The crew deserve roleplay. The antag deserves roleplay. A Gank is to kill without having interactions with a person. There is no caveats to modify this. Either you ganked someone or you did not. Either I gave someone interaction, or I did not. Guilt by association is a way around this rule, and it allows players to nip a blooming round in the bud, for antags and crew, before it even gets a chance to start.