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  1. Application withdrawn by applicant
  2. Bygonehero

    Staff Complaint - Lordfowl

    Except, it was a legitimate PR. I don't see where you find that its a joke coming from, and while it might be easy to assume so considering its content, its not without precedent as Vaurca were seriously being considered to be removed in less time than it took skrell to once again gain a overseer. Additionally lets not forget what this did, not a few days later several applicatants suddenly appeared applying for skrell dev. Fowl and I had a discussion about the interesting tidbits of skrell lore, which led to himself applying. This entire thread against him is based his words of saying mean things to someone in discord. Actions speak louder than words and tend to also reveal someone's intent a lot clearer than words. Perhaps you should start looking at Fowls actions, because I assure you, I have said mean things to people too, as well as disagree with them when they call my ideas poo. The difference is that there is no difference between what I and other staff and fowl say on discord. But you know what none of us have? Malicious intent. Your entire argument against him is that he's performing these things against people with malicious intent, with silly calender events or volatile posts about a subject. Only positive things have come out of these activities. Better a bad idea be killed before someone wastes time on it, better a calender system be killed before someone abuses it to seriously mess with people. This thread is piling so much up against fowl with little evidence or unopinionated insight, it is ultimately a hill this thread and case will die on.
  3. Bygonehero

    Mira's Alchemist Set

    The lore surrounding this item is not often found, and giving a way to inject it into the station, by medium of your character is a good thing indeed. +1
  4. Bygonehero

    Staff Complaint - Lordfowl

    I've worked with fowl probably more than any single developer in recent times, I have never had a problem with him. If everyone had the same passion for the lore fowl has, then we would be better for it. Fowl has never provided me negative criticism. There is always a reason and its from their oblique point of view, without reguard to niceties or sacred cows that I have become a better lore writer in general. This is just in my opinion harsh criticism taken personally, with assumed ill intent. You will likely not find a better person to hold the lore as it is to task than fowl.
  5. Reading this, how do you think the arrival of the K'lax interact with this faction? How do you see hegemony and K'lax relationships?
  6. Bygonehero

    [Accepted] FreshRefreshments Vaurca App

    Thanks for linking your application through docs, it helped a ton. I love your concept. It makes me wonder the mental ramifications of casting a person in a singular role. Imagine if your mind was made to fix the injured, could that manifest as obsessive compulsive behavior, or as you said, being creepy? Who knows, but its a good thing to think about! Application accepted!
  7. Bygonehero

    Physical Currency Overhaul

    I'm fine with this. It would be lore friendly too. It wouldn't make sense for one Vaurca to have a bank account, it would be shared amongst a hive cell, and funds would be dispensed from whatever Ka or perhaps a Ta that decides to oversee it.
  8. The reason why it is discouraged to apply as a bound is that it is difficult to convey a character with one. They are little more than what they appear, and while this doesn't prevent them from having a complex life, it is hard to convey that in the traditional sense as you could with other characters. Socially, they are products of their environment rather than the people they hang out with. This is why I really like your application. I don't need to know much more about your character aboard the NMV Poseidon BUT what they did, and who they impacted with their duty can provide development all the same, something that could be explored if you wished. With this said, Your application is creative and excellent. It hits all the marks I hope to see in a whitelistee. Application Accepted!
  9. Bygonehero

    Seedless K'ois for the Chef

    Make a K'ois Tofu that is created by mixing universal enzyme and filtered k'ois, use K'ois Tofu where you would traditionally use a K'ois fruit. Problem solved. Amazing
  10. Same question I gave Moon, because, its an important one. You can write amazing lore all day, but translating it into something that the average player will use is another, arguably 'more' important matter.
  11. Bygonehero

    Rhazajun Rhazakal-Jawdat feedback

    Jawdat was the tajara that got me to read tajara lore. That being said, they are goofy, but in a wholesome way. I am not sure if theres a better way to describe it, but, for me at least, I always feel like I am communicating with someone that lets their natural charisma work for them. Jawdat is goofy, but also intensely likable. He inspires loyalty and generally keeps apprised of the situations that do occur, rather than let them trample him underfoot. To put it in more simple terms, he is not a casual observer, something that regularly plagues the HoP role.
  12. Bygonehero

    [Accepted] Butter'zz Vaurca App

    A memorable application that leaves me wanting more. I would read stories about Iok should you ever decide to put more of their early 'childhood' to paper. Your story conveys enough detail that leaves me wanting more, so give me more! (in game) Application accepted!
  13. I really like your character idea, and seeing a Vaurca colored by their interactions with Dominia is interesting. Application accepted!
  14. Application Accepted! Look forward in seeing you in game!
  15. As long as it does not interfere with damage overlays, I can get behind this as a way for you to express your characters more.