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  1. I'm going to change my opinion of them, as it is with most coders who decide to work with you and then change their mind when effort is required. I don't believe Matt has the ability to keep interest on a team for an extended time, and any project that requires actual development over months or as a team do not work with him, and fall to the wayside. I know this from experience. -1
  2. Excellent answers, and I really like the app! It shows a willingness to dig deep in the lore and use it. As an aside, and since this is largely unexplained on purpose, what do you think is the cultural importance of imagotis? Not really looking for a specific answer, but rather, what it means to you.
  3. Amory is direct, and he doesn't hide himself and what he means. Speaking from experience, the ability to piss off people who speak to you is part and parcel through cutting through their bullshit, but that being said, anyone who doesn't know amory wouldnt know this, and it could be disparaging to new players to experience an out of the box aggressive mod. You of all people should know that sometimes telling people how it is without reguards to their feelings is required. Cloak and dagger amongst the community, the secret hatreds and cliques, the circles within circles exist, so it wou
  4. Ah but see, that is where the All Else is important, Think of it, the ultimate failure state of medical is to of course have the person you are caring for to die. Securities failure is to not deal with the antag, but barring that they live they can continue being Security, A engineer that has a failure state of an SM overload still can be an engineer, Scientists can still be scientists if they dont maximize every tracked metric, if they fail Cargo can still deliver cargo if the cargo account has no money...etcetera for janitor, chaplain. They can continue doing their jobs, role playing all the
  5. The problem is that right now, medical is pedantic, boring, and lifeless. It is an all or nothing job, except, when you do have an something like an emergency, you aren't expected to take time to roleplay the situation, but rather, get them in and out as quickly as possible, resolve it as quickly as possible with the fewest possible fatalities. It is a department defined entirely by its mechanics and how quickly one can do those mechanics, at the expense of all else, including roleplay, in some situations. The mechanics themselves are brainless as they are simple, and are designed in such a wa
  6. what if they are wearing something that cannot be reasonably compressed? Like a RIG or a big Space Suit?
  7. The issue lay that the CPR mechanic is underused, but may be coded in bad way as really old code usually is. There could very well be a justification for giving IPC's this ability, but sidesteping that reasoning entirely, would the time investment given the "lesser" form of CPR you suggest be worth it? I'm not a coder, so I cannot speak for its complexity, but I would say its not given how little the mechanic sees use in the first place. Were we to give CPR to IPC's I would just give them the full version.
  8. It makes medical require more thought, while also not robbing it of the expediency that the job usually entails. I see having to use actual reasoning from just reading the answer from a paper will slow the treatment process down at first as players get used to the new system, but ultimately, it will be a process that is masterable.
  9. I'm going to retract this application as I still need to do some growing before stepping into the arena again. I will probably still write. I don't think I can take the stress or make myself approachable in the time it would take to be accepted as a deputy or a synth dev. I will end on that I've always argued from the point of a critic when someone approached me on the team for lore to develop. Asking the questions that someone somewhere at some time will ask.
  10. I have known Menown since before Aurora, and to me they have always been the standard keeper when it comes to showing the effects of lore in game. Given that the hammered in theme of Tajara the civil war may be coming to an end soon. I can think of no better person to work with during writing to develop a new course for the tajara, separate from the civil war or Russian themes that has defined them so for so many years.
  11. Were you to read the context given with that question, you would understand it was a question that I wanted him to answer whether or not I can derive meaning from his answers is by my judgement alone, but I never did call him anything, and this is very offtopic.
  12. Its interesting, but I never laughed at the situation, nor did I say they were an hypocrite. I asked them to explain themselves, which they did. They did not do so in a manner which would make me believe that they have changed. This is further supported by other people who say the same thing. The purpose of application threads is feedback, and that is what I have given.
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