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SLF Mole


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Event details

Canon: Canon

Event Type: Infiltration

Event Scale: Tiny

Assigned Admin: Alberyk, Yonnimer, whoever i could hold at gunpoint

OOC Event Description: The Aurora becomes the target of corporate espionage. Each event's occurrences are logged here.

Event 1 | 7/30/2019 - Four Synthetic Liberation Front operatives were recruited from crew characters on the NSS Aurora.

Event 2 | 8/1/2019 - One Synthetic Liberation Front operative was recruited on the NSS Aurora. In an unfortunate turn of events, the security department (Head of security Khaled Al-Bastaki, Security Officer Kaden, Detective IRU-Agnes) located an untagged shell by the name of Kiera Patterson before decisively disabling and containing the synthetic on the transfer shuttle. An enormous military-grade synthetic attempted to recover Kiera Patterson before the shuttle left, but bound synthetics managed to lock down the dock, and command forced the shuttle before it was able to board and harm the crew inside. The military-grade unknown escaped on a separate vessel. Kiera Patterson has been turned over to the NanoTrasen robotics line for projected disassembly due to terrorist collaboration. NTCC Odin was informed of the presence of Hunter-Killer androids on board the NSS Aurora itself. shit got real

Event 3 | 8/1/2019 (roughly 16 hours later) - Two Synthetic Liberation Front operatives were recruited on the NSS Aurora. The operations generally went without flaw until it was deduced that Hugh Wright was indeed an untagged shell, in which case security failed to mobilize in time to apprehend them. Them, and their Hunter-Killer accomplice escaped without harm to themselves. The first and second event's conclusions are mentioned here -

Event 4 | 8/2/2019 - No Synthetic Liberation Front operatives were recruited on the NSS Aurora. In an unfortunate turn of events, a shell by the name of Aikira Thomas was discovered, disabled, and secured by ISD (Head of Security Jesse Armstrong, Warden Laika Tupulev, Security Officer Albert Weiss, Security Officer Q'orja Sak'ha) A transcript of the events that transpired during the interrogation of Aikira Thomas can be found here, before it revealed itself as a synthetic infiltrator. https://pastebin.com/DaLjb6jZ

8/2/2019 - The SLF mole events have thus concluded with eight SLF operatives recruited from the ranks of the Aurora crew.

Who knows about it:  Individuals can know externally about the events of 8/1/2019, event 2 and 3, via briefings, news and internal NanoTrasen employee knowledge. Otherwise, no knowledge is known externally.

Host/participants: kyres1 (Host, shells) , thedococt (HK-Agamemnon), drwago (HK-Charon), cakeisossim, paradoxspace(HK-Kronos)

Notes: All events were ran on Secret.

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