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  1. Good stuff, a definite improvement over the last and I'm glad you took the time to reapply. I don't see any major questions that need asking here - everything's solid. Application accepted.
  2. These are absolutely fantastic and I'm always happy to see people expressing their artistic talents in the community. please forever keep this up.
  3. You get thumpers and plentiful blasters to hand to the crew, as well as several situational vehicles and two mechs capable of targeted teleportation (through walls, even) Not to mention, you get a surplus of armor and the same non-combat supplies as ERT. You even get combat chemicals, if you've got a medic to distribute them. A naked bald on oxycodone and hyperzine is scary, now put them in a suit with a thumper and a net projector. They're not that underwhelming - the key here is to be creative, and powergaming with them is basically impossible as you need to seek out nonstandard means to getting what you want. As I said here, Blasters need extra visual indicators. You'd be surprised to hear their blasters across the board only do 5 less damage than laser rifles, including blasters and carbines, with the benefit of having burstfire, the bolt slinger having a scope, and holding onto the traits of shooting through windows/doors. These aren't really something to throw away nor treat like they're useless, but the lack of visual feedback when you hit someone makes it seem like they don't do much at all.
  4. I think you largely misinterpret the point of TCFL as it stands and the points made here would make them, and ERT itself, so ludicrously overpowered they would be undefeatable by even robust mercs. Without going into detail as to why the latter is the case, I'll just say that the TCFL's ingame point was to be a rebalance of ERT in the first place, providing an alternative that has the capacity to end rounds without doing this with such speed or efficiency as to totally decimate the flow of the round for the sake of bringing it to a close. In doing this, I have personally seen TCFL be amazing at what it is. You are not given the greatest gear, but you are plenty robust and able to assume plentiful roles alone, not to mention your capacity for good if you bring spare equipment for the actual station characters to utilize, not yourself. TL;DR ERT ends rounds in a heartbeat with overwhelming firepower and poor characterization. TCFL ends rounds by fading them out and being forced into interacting and roleplaying along the way. Both do this reasonably well and fulfill their designated roles. Major balance changes need not be made.
  5. yes please. It's just ERT but better for roleplay in every single way. They're not even that underpowered, as long as you abuse thumpers as better ion rifles. I will work on getting better hit markers and muzzle flashes made for blasters, as well as better sounds and projectiles.
  6. Hi. I am so sorry for letting this sit, but I guess the title being weird made me miss it whenever I checked. You're a pretty new player - a very new one at that, only having been here for a little over a month. This is the solemn reason I'll deny this for now, as any issues I've seen ingame from you can simply be pinned on that. I apologize for letting this sit for so long. You're free to reapply any time later down the line, give it a few weeks at the least.
  7. Suggestion : Remove stunbatons from officer loadouts, leave three in riot storage. Why? 1. Security's standard loadout is more than equipped to deal with crew threats so long as they are not heavily armed, heavily armored, have atmos protection, etc. The stunbaton simply provides the final piece in this kit, and has ended up becoming the immediate choice for most any scenario. For clarity on this : If you're decently prepared, you can easily take on 1 officer and his cadet buddy with the standard security kit. It's SS13, the ways to kill people are as limited as your creativity. 2. Stunbatons are largely unethical and are not the proper response to most common things seen on station. You ought to have three stages : lethal, less-than-lethal, and non-lethal. Stunbatons easily fall into the lethal category, and if not put the person into severe horrific agony to the point where they're unable to move, often knocked unconscious. The paralyzing effect of stunbatons is a side effect of literally being shocked, so. 3. Stunbatons enable counterplay to highly lethal things seen in game that would normally require the armory to be opened to ward off. No, it is not smart to robust the crap out of the heavily armed mercenary that just walked into your department because you have a stunbaton. Yes, it is entirely possible mechanically. Yes, it will, and has happened more times than anybody could possibly remember. This is ultimately the source of the infamous baton rush that people so despise. It is extremely powerful as an asset and shuts down the following things : Wizard, who rarely has proper armor. Thanks robe reliance. Changeling, who has many reasons to never have armor on. Traitor, who often just can't get armor. Rev, who often just can't get armor. And vamp, technically, but they can hulk out and also generally have abilities that go through cuffs. Finally, literally any IC conflict that could easily endanger the life of an officer between them and another person. No, the 7 and a half foot Vaurca is not intimidating, because I have a stunbaton. No, the potential of this guy having a weapon is not intimidating, because he's not wearing armor and I have a stunbaton. Also, to counteract the fact that stunbatons apparently counter IPCs : They don't. Paralysis doesn't work and, even when active on harm intent, they do less damage than a maglight even with the burn modifier against an IPC. So just use the other thing in your kit normally. Failing that, shoot the thing to death like a normal person because it's a robot.
  8. Ckey/BYOND Username: kyres1 Position Being Applied For: Interim lore master deputy. Probably a better way to word that Past Experiences/Knowledge: Handling almost* every aspect of synthetic lore for the most part since my integration as a lore deputy some time after February 2018. An utterly excessive amount of writing, event hosting, art, spriting. I've worked on multiple development projects with Alberyk which are perhaps my fondest memories of being on the team to this day. For what it counts as well, I'm among the most active players on the server. I consider myself extremely connected to the community and I've made an effort to try to know what's best for them through, well, literally getting to know as many folks as I can. More on this is probably best left on my original deputy app, else I'd be echoing the same. Examples of Past Work: There is no way for me to cover everything I've done in my year and a half on the team namely because the contributions I have presented are so broad. To summarize the big lore things, 14 out of 17 (if you include Rudatek) of all synthetic lore wiki pages were written in their entirety by me, with the IPC page rewritten entirely early on in my time as deputy. Work in every bit of lore, especially Human lore I've been able to get my hands on, including but not limited to Scarabs/Offworlders and spriting for other species. Much aesthetic represented in-game from lore is probably sprited by me at this rate. All synthetic factions barring SLF/SIM/TTP. As big a detriment as some've turned out to be for synthlore, they still have a ton of potential. They're certainly my biggest mistake with all the downsides but I absolutely don't regret them. The (hopefully) well-received Purpose arcs that had their hilariously disappointing finale a little over a year ago by now. I still laugh with Cake about it every now and then. The Virgo Transportation arc, that one time a bunch of merchants visited and we got bumper pods. Few people remember it as far as I know, but they sure were fun in the rare case we got to host their events. An arc building off the mistakes of those two presently in the works with 12+ player volunteers so far and growing. And more that don't really need listing here. As for in-game changes, suggestions and mechanic projects - I've worked on the full aesthetic of the following things spritewise and did most of the mechanic concepts as well to hand to the coders involved (mostly alb.) The TCFL's entire mechanic representation, worked on by me and Alberyk and ran through most of the team as it was developed. Offworlders' entire mechanic representation, worked on by me and Alberyk. Saw extreme supervision from the team as it came about. The full IPC rework was concepted by me, being presently worked on by Drago. I mapped every new derelict with Alberyk doing the code end of things. The Human factions' gear currently presentable to mercenary teams in the uplink. Also worked on by me and Alberyk. Didn't see much oversight from the team, as it was mostly untouched Human lore. Way more unrelated things that were simple suggestions that spiraled into something bigger, such as the roundstart setup reworks that gave engineering their darned cans, and mining magboots. Thank you so much, Joshie. Additional Comments: To me, real world politics, overly complex attempts at realistic parallels and attempts to blur how our players see lore are something that need to become part of the past sooner than anything right now. Better logging, better summaries, easier to read lore and crackdowns on narrative consistency are far from the minimum of what I intend to see done in the immediate future given I have any authority over the subjects. Also, cutting more of my favorite word bloat.
  9. One of those cases where things look terrible out of game and great ingame. Really weird mix. But, it's meant to be seen ingame, so it's good in my opinion.
  10. TL;DR EMPs suck. They presently do a hundred different things, from blinding you to discharging your super advanced energy weapon, to even draining your baton. This proposal removes a heavy reliance on EMP in determining engagements and reworks security's power a bit. Instead of their armory being rendered useless by 1 EMP grenade barring some pistols, security will have the following from their armory : 1. staying power 2. lethal response to extreme threats (boarders, namely, being the main threat you're supposed to worry about) 3. consistency with threat level To expand upon these points and why they're needed, Staying power is different from potential counterplay. Unlike ERT, security largely needs a way to be overwhelmed or some way to be incapacitated that does not kill every character within the department. However, security requires some way to actually stay in the round given the antagonist has taken steps to ensure they remain. It is very easy for the majority of antagonists in their current state to utterly wipe security, and they have little reason not to, seeing as once lethal .45s come into play, shrapnel does, and when shrapnel does, you're fucked no matter who you are. In this sense, this will give security more reparable damage to deal to antagonists permitting them to have their lives spared without their service pistol becoming the primary threat from the armory. Lethal response to extreme threats is necessary due to consistency. To counteract arguments against this requires a simple setting update - we're bordering Sol and Tau Ceti, two major conflicting factions, and are constantly CANONICALLY under threat of boarders, terrorists, and various things that'd require basically the whole crew armed for their own safety. Before jumping to conclusions, no, this doesn't arm the whole crew, but that should put into perspective just how dangerous of a station lore ended up making this place. Consistency with threat level is a big thing. Without heads of staff or engineering to help you out, there should be no final tier of escalation from the armory, period. You should perpetually be stuck with minimally lethal armament until the proper alert level has been triggered, and otherwise stuck with less-than-lethal on green. For clarity : I think non-lethals are things that are functionally intended to minimize risk of injury or death. Rubber bullets are not non-lethal, as killing someone with them is markedly easy. They would fall under less-lethal in this case. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. With the reasoning out of the way, the actual suggestion is this : Add escalating tiers to the armory with the following traits exactly : The armory is separated into three sections. The first two are nonlethal and low-lethality weapons available on code green or code blue. Only a warden and/or stationbounds are required to open the second tier. The third tier involves high-lethality weapons accessible only on code red or by bypassing safety checks with engineering. Best case scenario is one powerful turret and a door that stationbounds can not interface with, to minimize risk of death entering it but dissuading trespassing nonetheless. This section of the armory is surrounded by blast doors on any code except red, in which case, they raise. Only the head of security or captain-level access can unbolt and open the door by utilizing ID-locked buttons to permit access to this section of the armory normally once the blast doors raise. Add additional gear to the armory as follows : More nonlethal measures and replacement gear for officers in the first two tiers. Spare stunbatons, tasers, and pistols should be seen here. Not sure why it isn't this way already, perhaps because our armory is already so bloated with useless crap that should be in standard security storage like barriers, portable flashes, gas masks, biohazard suits, bomb suits and more. The final tier, because of the scope of this suggestion, probably should retain the same stuff barring a rework so there aren't enormous balance changes at first. No, security does not need assault rifles or slugs in the armory based off of this alone. Rework energy weapons to mostly have the following traits : Probably the meatiest part of the suggestion. Energy weapons should for the most part not be hitscan, instead being high-powered blasters with minimal, specialized rechargeable ammunition in cells that is mostly immune to EMP. The primary concern here is making them too similar to ballistics. The counterpoint to that is the ability to go through windows, have rechargeable cells, and different traits in general such as much more limited on-hand ammunition, much higher overall damage, burn damage, and the obvious extreme agony they put you in. Hitscan energy weapons should be not only a rarity, but should be a very powerful addition to the arsenal of whoever has it. Immediate concerns to me are how higher energy weapon damage will mesh with current species resists. While Vaurca aren't much an issue as they die in like one shot already to the current lasers, Tajara, IPCs and some event mobs may meet the same fate as those poor souls on the receiving end of an EMP so many times before. With that said, higher damage ought to be reserved to nonstandard gear seen outside of the hands of normal round-by-round security. Rework armory ballistic weapons to mostly have the following traits : The ballistic weapons in the armory should have varying lethality, rather than "lethal" and "rubber." More simply, tiers beneath the most lethal variant for the armory should not have access to rounds that generate shrapnel. In the red alert stage of the armory, any ballistic armament could be seen, removing this restriction entirely. Lower shotgun slug damage and remove their armor penetrating properties. Rework ballistic weapons in general to mostly have the following traits : Bullet shrapnel should not stick if its damage is reduced enough. For whatever reason, a 9mm can do all of 0.1 brute to a breacher or something but shrapnel still sticks. When shrapnel sticks, it is jostled randomly based on movement, causing organ damage and breaking bones no matter how it's applied. In short, you can go so far as to not even penetrate someone's armor, yet somehow the bullet makes its way inside of their ribcage, tearing apart their insides every time they turn or walk. I'm almost tempted to call this a bug because it's so broken but something tells me it's intentional for gameplay balance. In summary, the means to shut down antagonists early on is mostly restricted to a head of staff's decision or requires genuine effort to pull off. Without shrapnel accessible to your most basic sidearm, the potential for filling the armory with actually believable weaponry can be seen. You can get creative, too - replace the AMR with a spartan laser, give security rapid-fire low-powered blasters, etc. This is, in my opinion, substantially better than the current armory, which has properties that make zero sense. You have non-reloadable hitscan laser weapons that instantly get discharged by EMP, currently. In character, why would NanoTrasen arm its security with such easy-to-defeat weaponry, seeing how prolific EMP is? Mechanically, just like IPCs, they are rendered a game of rock-paper-scissors by EMP. I should not have to explain why "Haha your entire department loses" in one EMP grenade is no fun for anybody involved. This is compounded by the fact that many other things ingame are massively affected by EMP, from APCs, to fire alarms activating, to doors getting shocked and more. The least we can do is make the very things meant to defend the station not be so largely susceptible to them. Important note : If you intend to make blasters more prolific with this, new weapon sounds, muzzle flashes and hit effects are more than necessary to ensure quality. They presently have none of these and they're kinda underwhelming in the hands of TCFL as they've been seen for it. Time to answer the biggest question of all, though. Is this a nerf/buff to security? It's neither, it's a refactor of what we have based off of the assessment I have of security after playing both it, and antagonist, a lot. This should roughly change nothing except what was outlined in the first page of the suggestion in regards to any definitive "power level" security has.
  11. I agree with sleepy, honestly. Make them alternative outfits, not replacements. Mercs should have a reserve of outfits anyway.
  12. @Bygonehero But we still don't have a solid idea of how persistence will work with antagonists, nor have the issues of escalating usefulness (such as people being useless at day 1 and being useful 5 days later for each month) will occur, as well as how we'll deal with a restricted timed map rotation. It's like bonking the wheel with a hammer and not bothering to put anything back together with it. Also comes into the question of exactly how developers can deal with the flow of adding a new colony setting every month, or every two months, or three even - it doesn't fit anybody's time in my opinion, whereas this suggestion implies the developers are given total power over their schedule. While Skull already said once before that developers could easily handle a month-by-month rotation (I think? I don't want to put words in his mouth) I really don't believe that it can go on for years in that same fashion.
  13. It literally doesn't look like dickbutt fucking christ get your eyes checked
  14. The lesser form ability is very weak currently and makes no sense with what little utility it has. The proposal here is simple : make it a simplemob with ventcrawl and an extra ability like a grotesque sting or a stun dart that makes it dangerous to handle alone, but not completely overpowering to more than one person. This, coupled with a spooky ass sprite that I took some spare time to make could definitely be better than a literal monkey that just gets picked up and spamcrushed, or one shot KO'd by a baton. Being a simplemob gives them immunity to conventional stuns as well, so it's two birds with one stone really. Here's the sprites for the lesser form I made.
  15. NCV Aurora AKA “Bruh whos gonna CODE this” the suggestion Setting summary : The Aurora and its crew moves to a fully mobile ship setting, with all the benefits it can gather from it. Why tho? What’s wrong with the current selected NBT proposal? For the most part we can explore the same ideas (like mobility, a changing setting, and a fluid exploration system) through a ship setting. A colony ship, as cool as it sounds, runs into several problems, the largest of which being the “persistence,” of which we have yet to actually successfully work around even in the idea department. Considering it has been quite a long time since the initial suggestion, I still have yet to hear of any specifics about how we intend to handle things as critical as persistence, antagonists, or even how the departments will change outside of xenobiology. To continue on that, we should honestly not be trying to bend the gameplay and rework every single department. It will simply take far too long and it is far too much effort on everyone involved to rework every single department to fit a completely separate purpose, and have a month of effort learning it squandered at the end of it as it rotates. Lore TL;DR on lore: Shockingly different from baystation. We go wild with the lore here, and the ship is effectively the flagship of a megacorporate fleet dedicated to finding phoron. It is super duper powerful and carries the very best of the best, and its presence generally marks an important event of its own despite its size. Specifics can be found below. The optimal lore change Right now our setting is very generalized, with no specific overarching goal to pursue mostly because we are unable to pursue much literally as we’re immobile. “Phoron research” and “mining” is about the best our station can really do, and it was chosen for a reason. I intend to see the same reasoning used to its best in a new setting, so here we go. The ship, the NCV Aurora, is the flagship of the NanoTrasen corporate fleet. It is unique in that it willingly welcomes the presence of all six megacorporations alike, as its initial purpose is to work towards a goal that all megacorporations are after. This goal, of course, is finding a new source of phoron to be seized by NanoTrasen specifically so that the market does not collapse in the coming years. As the galaxy would be plunged into chaos if this happened, this is essentially the most blanket and arguably good goal that we can get in my opinion. It would be apparent as the ship’s prime directive and everything it does is secondary to this. It is not alone in this hunt, so it has an excuse to deviate from its mission for secondary goals (such as diplomatic missions, hunting other ships, going to specific places, etc.) Every megacorporation has their stakes on the NCV Aurora, and every department generally sees the best of every megacorporation. While it’s under a NanoTrasen label, it may very well share ownership between them all. Expect Necropolis security, Hephaestus robotics and engineering, Einstein engineering, Zeng-hu medical, with NT in command and sprinkled everywhere in between alongside Idris. Why a flagship? Won’t the players be able to screw themselves over easily with canon choices, and freedom in movement? Being a flagship is an important factor here. It will be our excuse for shoving the players directly into major galactic events, and basically making their journeys famous. Rather than just being some dumb old station with disposable captains, the players become something akin to Kirk, and the ship becomes something akin to his Enterprise. Everyone’s opinion matters on any given subject, and their presence on board the most advanced, famous, and impactful vessel in known space would give them significant leverage in the long run. Contrarily, the players themselves would not be able to simply run rogue one day on extended and screw over the fun for everyone else. A central command heirarchy will still be in place where lore developers can reel in and guide the hand of the players in the event they do not want to take control, or their decision is exceedingly fucking stupid. For absolute maximum freedom, it would be best to cut any communications to an all-powerful central command and have players mostly have to resort to nearby resources in the event of emergencies. This way, player majorities can choose really risky decisions. For example, you are stuck in Dominian space. There is one NanoTrasen asset nearby, and fifty Dominian fleets. Do you have the balls to roll the dice on a distress beacon, and lower your shields? How far can the players specifically travel within a shift? Nominally they would be unable to leave a system’s radius worth of stuff and would automatically default to a random point in the radius’ grid squares to simulate moving across canon rounds. Who decides where the ship moves from area-to-area, and how does the setting get dictated? Head admins, lore master, and head developers nominally decide this. This would not be a player vote so as to keep the mission and any overarching storylines stable and not suddenly cut off players from developing lore. Player votes for setting changes can be held when major lore arcs are finished. How/when does the setting change? Whenever developers feel like working on a new setting, they will. Lore outlines and agrees on where to go. In event of a disagreement, loremaster overrides. Head developers decide whether it’s possible, head admins advise the whole process. In general, “whenever the heck we feel like it.” It will obviously come with warning. Why should the NCV Aurora be so darn strong? We will need an excuse to explain why the ship is the focus of a story, and especially how it can survive so much stuff. The best conclusion is to make it be very fast, powerful, and stealthy if need be. This way, players always have a means to escape scary situations, and canonical choice resulting in the majority of the ship’s destruction can easily be solved with “The automated repair systems restored the ship’s integrity. It is limping but getting along just fine.” A big issue with our current setting is, “Why does this stuff happen to the NSS Aurora, and why does it happen so darn much?” This is a way around that in a sense, because things like infiltration and whatnot are no longer the failings of an entire megacorporation, but simply day-to-day life in regards to being a ship of importance. Constant events are simply unavoidable in the nature of the setting, which will pay off significantly in the long run. How it goes around that is simply factoring in exactly who does and does not want to fuck with the NCV Aurora. The question for the hyper powerful faction you end up in the space of becomes, “Do we want to risk chasing the Aurora and most likely fail, screwing with the megacorporations, potentially getting beaten in an engagement against them?” Instead of, “Do we really want to infiltrate the NSS Aurora with no strings attached?” Suddenly the stakes get higher and the purpose of messing with them becomes so much more clear. You’re after them because they’re important, and minor things like stowaways are entirely just as possible as an eldritch deity finding you, or pirates trying to fuck with you. Now, all that power just keeps galactic entities from saying “screw you” and deleting you when you go into their space. Is the ship alone? No. It will have an automated cargo shuttle in a hangar bay, and a docked, larger shuttle only accessible to new pilot roles and command staff. The ship itself will be accompanied by a hub vessel that will serve as an off-station escape point and transfer point to end rounds or serve as a getaway like the current shuttle does. It will have a cloaking field and be extremely fast, so it may escape in the possibility the NCV Aurora is just fucked lmao. It would be piloted solely by an AI, with little crew on board. Incoming transfers go through it first before boarding the NCV Aurora and processed accordingly with VIPs bypassing it entirely, meaning you get whatever docks and the safety checks are handled by crew, not some external force. Why isn’t there an NTCC Odin equivalent? Where will we get our ERT from? Simple reasoning is that the NTCC Odin’s presence removes a lot of player involvement from the equation. You are not calling upon a NanoTrasen fleet to do your bidding, nor instant-access bluespace artillery from a nearby fortress among the stars to decimate anybody you’d like. Unless you’re nearby one, of course. Players will be able to utilize the cargo automated shuttle to send off goods for trade. There is no magic deletion point where you send off dangerous assets, meaning you either jettison it, or keep it. That marauder in cargo is yours. That bulky equipment you found on the planet is yours. The alternative is wasting it entirely, which means things will hopefully be treated with more importance, and kept more often, rather than sent to the NTCC Odin for money. Furthermore, ERT will now be either slow, or a gamble. The ship itself is expected to be more than capable of defending itself, and in the event of emergency, is expected to run away first and ask questions later. With that said, distress beacons are the prime route to go down here, as calling for response would become a gamble of sending a myriad of faction-sent deathsquads or loosely affiliated pirates. What about money through cargo and ship funds? If the crew needs money, it will need just that - literal money, and it will need to conduct trade through cargo to accomplish this. The ship funds will be much more loosely used than current station funds and have no need to be persistent or have any fancy system or changes. Money will need to be a deciding factor in a lot more things than junk food and the merchant. What happens to CCIA? Nothing. CCIA will board the station by being a pursuing vessel that joins the fleet as long as it’s needed, and then departs again. That’s all, really. How does the current crew end up here, and what happens to the old Aurora? Players decide themselves. As for the Aurora II, it explodes, nobody knows why, as is our tradition. In all seriousness, I'm sure lore can come to a conclusion easily. Mechanics TL;DR on mechanics : The station is now mobile in every sense except code-wise, which explores different mechanics to mimic movement that don’t slaughter our poor server. On movement and z-levels Mechanically speaking, the setting would be set in a station-esque environment in the sense that there is no particular “movement,” outside of changing the bottom-most Z-level for atmospheric flight, landing planet-side, or simply being in space. To utilize as much map space as possible, this ship would need to be very vertical, and have a thin base to ensure as little stress as we can with the bottom of the ship being the only part that really moves. The properties of space itself could change between three states, where the ship is mobile, the ship is stationary, and the ship is in bluespace. The location at any given point of the vessel is determined by command. The ship itself could technically navigate through sectors of nearby space, sending all undocked nearby vessels to their standard Z-level, or just open space when it moves. The movement system can be an entire subsystem dedicated to tracking where the ship is at any given time, and have a large simulated grid separate from reality that determines where everything is. Command would now have the purpose to view this grid, and would be able to explore mechanics directly related to it. From scanning grid square by grid square searching for that pesky mercenary shuttle with varying power levels and scanning arrays, to literally shooting it out of the sky with the ship’s guns, anything is possible with this. The off-station Z-levels consists of two levels. The “Central Command,” or pseudo-OOC level is things like faction prep, antagonist prep, and ERT prep. The central command aspect of this, or where the majority of people go when the round ends, is the nearby cryogenics vessel. Minimalism and good map design is pivotal with off-station elements, as there will need to be a lot of condensed areas to make things work. The merc base would optimally be a single room connected to their shuttle on the pretense of being a larger mothership OOCly, for example. On current jobs, and new ones For purposes of retaining all roles possible, various things such as deployable bomb ranges, a reachable asteroid and so on will be accessible. In the case of shaft mining, we have the choice of expanding it to a blanket prospector role so that they can be seen in planetary landing helping around and doing their job there. The same extends to niche roles such as “phoron researcher,” or other things that can now be fleshed out. New jobs would be obvious ones, such as helmsmen, bridge staff, shuttle pilots, and more. An automated shuttle could lead to the asteroid z-level while a larger shuttle can travel freely between any. On cryogenics/arrivals and transfers The ship itself would be in a small fleet, with unconnected auto-shuttles replacing the CC Z-level and a “hub-ship” used for crew storage and providing an external spawn point like arrivals does. On-board cryo could exist too. In summary The NBT itself is meant to be a big undertaking but from what I’ve gathered in my time here, people who work on the server really, really don’t need any more work stacked on them than they really need. This is the most bare minimum change I can think of that would ultimately change the setting, that doesn’t have year-long waits for simple questions like “How does the very basic component of your idea work,” such as the already addressed idea of persistence I spoke of way up at the top of the document. If it’s taken this long to come to a conclusion on the matter, I seriously doubt anything we could come up with would be appealing to the playerbase in the long run. As Skull put it, “Aurora itself is half a decade old, and has been running the same general flow for all of it. So one of the purposes of this project is to effectively step away from that formula and to try something new, while maintaining the general goals Aurora has: to provide an engaging roleplay experience within the framework of SS13.” Whether this suggestion actually covers that well enough to be considered is up to you to decide. I will work on this over time and try my best to fill in the gaps that appear as they come, as I’m certain I have not covered every base here. I am mostly posting this now to get across the general gist of what I mean.
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