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  1. LORE DIARY ENTRY #2 This is a lore diary entry for MARCH 2021. See below for changes to lore in this month! Major changes in the spoiler below! There's 1 Unathi lore change. Medium-sized, niche changes in the spoiler below! There's 2 Tajaran entries and 3 Human entries. Small additional fluff in the spoiler below! There's 1 corp change (IPC related), 2 IPC entries, and 2 Tajaran entries.
  2. In order from left to right Grenade launcher, lawgiver, laser shotty, combat shotty Bullpup, 9mm smg, LWAP, plasma shotgun Plasma bolter, laser rifle, ecarbine, ecarbine lethal energy rifle
  3. This is the last major infinity stone to ensure my (almost) total sprite dominance over the suit sprites of the server. Sadly, some evil, villainous force known as players decided to do the worst they could muster ; politely and correctly ask for a feedback thread on sprites they believed to be controversial and potentially a net negative addition to the game. The sprites redone are in the following order ; TCFL suits + EVA suit Hazard + CE suit Some explanation for the spriting direction ; 1. The stylistic direction was altered to match current suit sprites, of which
  4. an update - a second pr was opened to resume the ass pain. Seen below https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/11325 This also resprites some stuff in accordance to feedback, namely squashing/recoloring the lasrifle and ecarbine.
  5. As a note, literally anybody can request a feedback thread from git or personally to a person's DMs or through a server ping. As far as I am aware you are obligated by the contribution rules to provide one, even if you're a dev. With that said, I'll give you guys a thread you can slap this input on. Not to shoot down your opinions, but I would appreciate more direct criticism - your feedback is good, but I need tangible ways to work on the sprites as well beyond "fix it," for example. This isn't saying that's what you said at all, just an example.
  6. LORE DIARY ENTRY #1 This is a lore diary entry for FEBRUARY 2021. See below for changes to lore in this month! This is a new diary entry system where every loredev submits their entries for the month, posted at the end of the month. Major changes in the spoiler below! There's 1 major setting change and 1 Human lore change. Medium-sized, niche changes in the spoiler below! There's 2 Tajaran entries and 1 Human entry. Small additional fluff in the spoiler below! There's 5 Tajaran entries, 1 IPC entry and 1 Skrell entry.
  7. OOC coverage in red! Welcome to the Orion Spur Oracle news outlet. This coverage only exists for the first article. This is a news outlet explicitly made to cover major events. No unimportant information is contained here. For older/returning players, this is effectively the successor to the Mendell City Bugle, which will be temporarily archived for overhaul. Post markers will exist for arc start points and arc endings! EYES OPEN! ORACLE OFFICES ESTABLISHED Welcome to the Orion Spur Oracle. We are a recently commissioned company of SCC-hired reporters, journalists and wri
  8. Hey hey people, Kyres here. Myself and Mofo have deemed it worthy to announce a small update detailing ongoing lore happenings that will hopefully get some people excited. Of the goals we intend to pursue in the coming weeks, we intend to start working on goal #1 of NBT (not exactly the primary goal, mind you, but the first listed goal) which, if you do not remember, was to minimize NT-centrism. With the happenings of recent events we’ve very effectively set the stage for some changes in this regard. Most notably, the Stellar Corporate Conglomerate now represents a variety of corporations
  9. The similarities between TCFL will be remedied by me just respriting TCFL too. The sprites are... self explanatory
  10. I forgot entirely about this thread while making this PR, but this could serve as a feedback thread for https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/11204 pretty easily, considering it is literally the exact same thing + a combat suit resprite. Also it holds to some of the feedback here, having done away with the gradient/palette in exchange for a unified palette with highlights. cool
  11. This is a non-factor and shouldn't be considered for a number of reasons. While I won't weigh in on this application just yet (at least, not publicly seeing as I should defer to Mofo first) I will say that we cherish teamwork above all. Development skills are an extreme plus as well. But, we're a niche community who should not be resorting to ideas such as, "Can you pay off a dev to muster the mental willpower to deal with our species." With this said, mechanical requests are fit to be declined by development staff regardless of whatever species it is. It is my personal opinion that, it h
  12. The final addition. +Both xrays overhauled. +Mini UZI overhauled. +Pocket rifle overhauled +Bolt action overhauled +Antique sniper overhauled +Lemat overhauled +Tator revolver overhauled +Old detective revolver overhauled +Ecarbines overhauled +Tommygun overhauled +.45s added to the layout enjoy Edit : also redoes autorevolver
  13. Updated .45 and ecarbine sprite by player request, to make the whole armory consistent.
  14. Most feedback addressed above. Namely: Ion resprited entirely to be sleeker. Shotgun recolored to stand out more color-wise. Trigger guard fucked with on the laser rifle. Outlines were already fixed, but they were added to this layout which was missing in the main post. Also, the thumper was added. White guns exist. I'm not sure how moving to a white palette constitutes cartoon sci fi. We already color-code entire corporations and monopolize their gear based off of singular colors, it is no surprise that gear made by certain corporations (NT, in this case)
  15. https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/11113 This resprites some guns, pending feedback. More will be resprited gradually to match the style if this even goes through.
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