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  1. I already take requests from developers routinely, and hold to a pretty respectable schedule in that regard. Hence my reference to Alberyk and Geeves in the original post. I don't think the official role will add much expectation to what I already do
  2. Ckey/BYOND Username: kyres1 Discord Name: noodle_buster#1934 Position Being Applied For: Spriter Past Experiences/Knowledge: Too many years on Aurora and a previous position as spriter. Also a few years of using GIMP. Examples of Past Work: Virtually nothing of note git wise due to inability to code/operate the complexities of git. However, I have sprited an utterly ridonkulous amount of stuff seen ingame and otherwise for Aurora, some of which can be featured on my last spriter application. If a more detailed coverage of all the work I've done is needed just ask and I'll put together some pieces to show on this thread. However, the most relevant and recent works I've done include : 14+ pixel art pictures for the wiki, the wiki front page buttons, loads of NBT work including jotting down the concept for the ship, helping mappers and illustrating the first few pieces of the ship we've gotten so far. Also, some excessive amount of sprite work done for my good friends Alberyk and Geeves, including but not limited to the improvised tank sprites for the Tajaran events, a large amount of Tajaran gear which saw use and now loadout items. The elyran holosuit, the Vysokan/himean clothing, the corporate suits, freelancer resprite, full syndicate resprite, sci suits and the AMI resprite and a lot of other things I am definitely missing. also kataphract gear Additional Comments: I am re-applying for three reasons, particularly access to proper development channels to assist with my work moving forward. The second reason is an extra source of feedback, and the third is for a cool green name......... To get "Why did you leave last time?" out of the way, I honestly can't really remember. If memory does serve correctly, though, it should have been roughly around the time I resigned as loremaster, in which case it would obviously be due to the real life stress I was dealing with at that time. With that said I think it's safe to say those stressing things aren't much of a problem anymore and things are stable, thankfully. Also, my old spriter application can be found here :
  3. PHORON SUPPLIES DECLINE! Recent reports coming in from the megacorporation NanoTrasen have all shown a steady decline in the deposits of phoron located throughout the system over the past three months. Shipments, while still coming, have started to become slower and slower to fill their respective quotas. While the supply is currently reaching the demands of the Republic, the line is getting ever closer to faltering, and officials are moving to find possible alternate solutions in the event phoron supplies run completely dry. In addition, outgoing shipments to the Alliance of Sovereign Solarian Nations have slowed dramatically, causing some tension between the superpower and NanoTrasen as the power tries to maintain a steady flow of resources to fuel their economy. Shortages have been noted in the Romanovich cloud on stations such as the NSS Aurora, and in fields across Tau Ceti. Though NanoTrasen officials have promised that the supply will remain sufficient for now. Despite this reassurance, NanoTrasen stock prices have felt their most significant drop since the occupation of Tau Ceti. Stay tuned for more information about whether this is a simple scare, or an impending crisis on the horizon.
  4. See - Nothing has changed. Lore heads are in charge of a lore discord. Head devs and head admins are above us anyway, so there is always a higher rank all the way up until you hit Skull and Arrow. What the point of this is is to prevent people from misinterpreting who to contact - for issues regarding management of the discord which this posts outlines could occur, read - If an issue with the management of Species discords somehow made its way to me and Mofo (which, it literally never has barring one scenario which extended far, far above and beyond the species discord) we are fully capable of handling it from there without needing to trouble administrators. Failing this, we are capable of contacting administrators or the head staff above us - because we're a team. Speaking of teams, this team has definitive leaders, and previously the lore discords completely lacked these leaders (and now have them) to exercise any sort of authority or advice or otherwise to ensure people do not go on babyrage rampages against a player.
  5. Hi. The lore team has decided to consolidate the species discords into a large, singular server for a variety of reasons, mostly to permit ease of coordination and to help with player consumption of the developing story of the server. We also seek this to provide a more populated community discord in place of previously inactive discords. Presently, the idea is simple. The features of the species discords will be replicated through means of bots to automatically assign roles using emoji selection, and potentially assign roles based off of whitelist later down the line. As well, we intend to consolidate event hosting and event role assignment through this single discord, to prevent making new ones for every arc. To all users of species discords : this is essentially the new outlet for lore developers to contact whitelisted players, be it for announcements, events or otherwise beyond the main discord. To all players unfamiliar with the discords : we highly encourage you to join in if you're interested in any aspect of Aurora server lore. The discord itself is currently being put together with lore writers granted administrative permissions and a means to getting a proper bot is being sought out. Until it's finished, this feedback thread be here for people to throw feedback at.
  6. Byond key: kyres1 Discord key: noodle_buster#1934 Character Name: Akinyi Idowu Item name: telescopic mic stand / resonance microphone / instrument case Item function(s): Forgive me if this is a little complex, but as far as I know the majority of these things can be done in a similar manner to others already found (for example, some objects can only be picked up by dragging+dropping them onto your sprite, which this utilizes as well.) Features can be axed depending on code limitations or how you want to code it. I made spare states for this reason. The mic stand holds the microphone and can be downsized with right click into a normal sized item when held in hands with its microphone attached. When used in-hand it deploys the microphone stand. When the microphone is attached, it can enlarge your text like a megaphone. The microphone can be removed and used independently. The whole stand can be picked up by dragging+dropping onto your own sprite. The instrument case is simply to store this and the previous custom item, the holographic symphette that I applied for and received. This does so in a manner way less obvious than over Akinyi's back. It's just a briefcase, functionality and storage wise. Item description: telescopic mic stand : A fold-able telescopic microphone with a built in battery to keep your fancy science fiction microphone charged on the go. resonance microphone : A rather costly voice amplifier disguised as a microphone. A button on the side permits the user to dial their vocal volume with ease. instrument case : A chunky white leather case, with lots of space inside for holding your delicate musical instruments. Why is your character bringing this item to work?: To avoid the same lame excuse as last time (being, "She lives here lmao") the general idea here is that over time she's fallen into her niche of sorts. She's sang a lot. She's gotten used to the Aurora. Her best bet for any sort of stable living, to her, is using her odd appearance and expensive synthesizer for stage performing - namely, singing. The case is there to hold the symphette and stand in a way that isn't exactly so obnoxious. ICly it's to protect it, duh, you dork. How did your character obtain this item: The way I'm running with is that she used some utterly ludicrous bonus (several thousand from a Captain of all people!) she got from painting the station's exterior while EVA to purchase it. In the same manner as the symphette before, but this time, a more costly endeavor, sorta solidifying what path she's chosen in a sense. What value does this item have to your character, and what story does it tell?: Beyond its literal cost, it shows the progression the character's had in the last year they've existed. I've played them a substantial amount and coming to form connections and storylines with them has been unbelievably fun, and now, well, they're beginning to show their colors as far as how creative they are and the big ol' robot they've become. She sings. This is probably the most obvious indicator that could possibly exist to point to this fact. Sprites: Additional Comments: This was sort of a tough choice between some sort of painting kit and this. But, I didn't want to step out of the singing theme, and felt this would hammer the nail in. Also, here's the symphette's app, nearly a year ago :
  7. What the title says. It has gotten a little ridiculous that detectives still have the ability (and, let's be honest here, the expectation) to pretty much one to two-shot antagonists with arterial bleeding, bone fractures and worse. They are no better than a fifth security officer at worst and a lingering, ever present(but not quite as an officer) threat at best. They have full .45 lethals on code green. It was already insane that they had the .38, and the .45 is pretty much just an upgrade in magazine capacity. God forbid you're anything squishier than a Human or lack bulletproof armor, because in this case, you are astronomically fucked by bone breaking brute in just a single shot. Total ammo is pretty irrelevant when all you need to do is shoot a target once and they receive round-ending wounds, whereas you can facetank magazines worth of bullets to the chest and you can expect speedy and certain medical response.
  8. I'm trying my hand at respriting NT ERT suits. Here's how it looks so far. The order is security - medical - engineering - command. Only Human/Skrell suit sprites will be made and the PR I put up will restrict ERT to Skrell/Humans, seeing as Unathi have Kataphracts and Tajara being in a famous PMC response team based in the heart of Human space doesn't make much sense.
  9. Will be taking suggestions for this to toss into a rework later down the line. Ping me in code dungeon if you want the doc
  10. by ahelping it We don't have mechanical skills. This means players often have to take an active stance in dealing with problems they feel strongly about. If you feel strongly about it, ahelp it, seriously - nothing wrong will come of it.
  11. Restricting protolathes is dumb, as destructive analyzers are already restricted. Ahelp people who use destructive analyzers as robotics.
  12. I've always caved to strong pushback as far as I can remember. Generally folks don't tend to be super passionate about something without good reason, and folks on the lore team even more so. Does it have substantial enough reason to exist/be worked on, and doesn't conflict with existing lore that could be tweaked to accomplish the same goal? That'll pretty much be my motto when addressing incoming projects. See above. In the order of rework, remove, or retcon, with retcon being the last resort option for lore deemed sufficiently redundant. I too share the idea that retcons SUCK but to disregard them as a possibility entirely for what could be totally unread or totally pointless lore is in of itself pointless. Maybe. This sounds like a question that requires higher knowledge of the inner workings of Human lore as it stands right now, so while I don't want to jump to assumptions, I will lay out two examples. If the intent is to flesh out the Frontier itself beyond the barebones lore it already is, than halting additional factions entirely could be harmful in the long run. If the intent is to leave the Frontier be as the skeletal sandbox it is, then yes, this is a completely satisfactory choice until the former can be pursued if ever. No. I do however want news articles to be much more easily accessible, with lore primarily chronicled in a means that is not news articles. This was a pretty radical idea mostly due to the work required, but a team effort could get the entire thing migrated to the calendar for example in just a few weeks of on/off writing, if even that. The calendar was always what I shot for during my time on the team, because it's very modular, simple to use, and Arrow has done some downright fascinating things with it. Linking it to the lore diary and making it a central outlet for news articles and lore team updates as a whole would benefit everyone I feel.
  13. I don't want to jump to assumptions as for pages right now due to my relative detachment in these last few weeks from lore in general, but something I can absolutely pin down are the pages I ended up axing and deleting. For example, all of the synthetic factions once had individual pages, and during the time Rudatek existed they were very spread thin as far as player knowledge went. "What's Purpose," was never asked, while "What's the button right next to it," was very frequently asked. For this purpose I condensed them into synthetic factions, and removed mentions of the skinstealers (Rudatek) from the wiki. While they aren't noncanon (Or, at least, weren't made noncanon during my time), they felt like trivial information to note with an entire page for what would end up being less than 2 paragraphs. This, in my mind, was bloat. Another example was the SSTA page, a rather strange page that seemed to dictate and govern exactly how robots were meant to think. Short debate was had between myself and Cake as to the importance of it, but in the day and age where our idea was to pursue character freedom above all else, we deemed it bloat and I had it killed. Yes, I believe in stopping lore writing full-stop as part of developing a better framework for how lore is developed. No, this was never meant to apply to the whole team, as far as I remember, but you've got the logs, and I do not anymore. My idea was to stop lore development from nonessential branches of lore and focus on revision/refinement of what we had. For example, Unathi lore remains unaffected while Human lore gets a serious look-over. When Human lore is done, we move onto the next in line, which may or may not be Unathi lore. If this is in any way different than what I originally proposed, let me know. Mandatory revision from our large lore team. Simple as that. In actually reviewing what we're doing, we can in post determine whether or not it's beneficial to actually change or delete it. The vast majority of the time I wager will never result in deletion, or even changes to present lore.
  14. 1. First order of business is likely nothing complicated. Review from other loredevs will be encouraged on new developments, and more text going through the lore_writers channel specifically is important. What I'll primarily seek is to be level with people more and try to put players first in every single regard of development to ensure that as much as we can get is well-received and paves the way for better stuff. 2. I toss around the word bloat a lot jokingly, but a clear definition of it for example would be wiki stuff nobody reads. Things like super isolated off-shoot pages and surveys that largely end up in "Who?" are, to me, things that need to go.
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