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  1. I like two of those three ideas. Do you mean like a voting screen available at roundstart that they are forced to vote with before they're able to begin selection of stuff, and it's on a timer so they're forced to discuss while voting and are able to switch their votes? This feels like there'd be a lot of very, very bad arguing and awful play centered around hogging the leader roles. Do you mean randomly picking a theme from a pool? Because this sounds wonderful too, though the ability to pick and choose is always superior in my mind.
  2. Maybe themed loadouts could have the theme-related gear (like voidsuits/uniforms/gear) need to be purchased by utilizing all the available points to the group, so that it requires an agreement in the first place from everyone to run a gimmick along those lines? Otherwise, the normal syndicate gear is all that is available on an individual basis.
  3. This is definitely one of the best applications I've seen. It's fantastic through and through and I regret not reading over and accepting it sooner - it's an absolute delightful read. In favor of allowing the questions to be answered, I'll go ahead and leave this unlocked for a few hours unless you want to answer @DeadLantern over Discord or something. @SmallGreenAnt Regardless, application accepted.
  4. yeah they're accepted and already on the team. Archiving mistake, whoops
  5. After some discussion on discord and after the edit, I think this is safe to approve. In the meantime, I do suggest picking between quartermaster and chaplain as the two jobs don't necessarily mesh well and people will often question what a robot is doing going back and forth as it does. Application accepted.
  6. This is a continuation of, which I personally gave up on after the immediate feedback. This is hopefully a more level-headed alternative to it that could shake up four separate gamemodes for the better. The premise this time is different : changing roundtypes, keeping current possibilities and breaking gameplay repetition by permitting more freedom in special roles while not making the antagonists any more mechanically powerful than they already are. Starting from the beginning, I am still sold on the idea of changing the name of "antagonists." I will further explain my reasoning this time around though. To antagonize you expect conflict constantly, and it's the primary excuse people fall back on when complaining about antagonists not driving a story. They're inclined, and pressured into doing the same thing every round because they're literally named antagonists. Their goal, by name, is to serve as a conflicting force to the crew, and I'll be honest when I say the term "peace antagonist" has gotten to the point of annoyance for me. There is a difference between a bad antagonist and a peaceful antagonist, and conflict is not the entire driving force of this server. The repetition every round of this conflict is bound to cause boredom because you're just doing and expecting the same stuff back and forth and many complain that nothing different happens - I believe it's because of this. On that, there is the freedom of choice when deciding what you do as an antagonist we have. What's the point of having the freedom to play something peaceful if you're contradicting the very thing you're labelled? That's the line of thought for new players trying antagonist I feel, and exactly why we should rename it to something more broad. Event characters, special roles, whatever, so long as they aren't destined to a specific role despite having the freedom to choose whatever they want. Moving on though is something similar in concept to the last suggestion but not exactly the same. This, of course, is changing non-crew antagonists to be merged and more modular in their selection. An example of what I mean is merging ninja/wizard and permitting people to select one or the other through vendors in an out-of-character preparation area. In this preparation area, gear for either antagonist (or even new ones we might decide to add onto this gamemode) could be obtained using a limited amount of points granted at roundstart to the antagonist(s). Picking a whole kit would consume all their points, for example, and leave them in no grander state than what is currently available to wizards or ninjas. Merging raider and merc is a more complicated case because raider is very different from merc in the sense that you could start with garbage or amazing gear. This is a big thing the last suggestion made me realize. It's random chance what you're given, which is part of the fun of the gamemode. This would be best to remain the same, while merc is introduced to the same system that ninja/wizard would have, except in a sense more cohesive for an entire team. A proposal originally was permitting access to what was originally event-specific stuff, but some concerns with that were along the lines of how stupidly overpowered some of that gear is. For example, while the crimson hardsuit is really, really strong, it's nowheres near breacher levels of protection, and you would never want to give a merc team a breacher at roundstart. It'd get abused very easily. At the same time, less powerful gear, such as the techno-conglomerate hardsuit, the Sol voidsuits (which were recently added and have equal stats to the merc voidsuit,) and a myriad of our absolutely ridiculous amount of guns could be utilized in team-wide purchases or individual purchases for team members. The sky's the limit for the possibilities here, and I personally have a reserve of lore-friendly sprites that could be utilized for it, like Eridani PMC voidsuits, Elyran uniforms, pirate gear, etc. Also, I would absolutely be willing to sprite new things for solo non-crew antagonists and group non-crew antagonists. The merc shuttle should be emptied of syndicate specific gear, moved into the base in case folks decide to use it. Its floors should be black instead of a murderous red and bombs etc would also be in the base as well. In short, don't restrict just being normal syndicate mercenaries from happening any less than it normally does, but don't make it the sole thing to do without ahelping. For what they could be named as gamemodes, "solo noncrew" and "group noncrew" don't really fit well with the other gamemode names but I'm not sure what else to name them. "Custom solo" and "custom group" maybe? This doesn't brush over the other gamemodes because honestly they don't need anything beyond number tweaks and ability swaps to be effective at what they are. However, mercenary as it stands is a very, very well equipped antagonizing force consisting purely of syndies. Very often they're posing as someone else despite being in tomato red suits. It doesn't add anything to the challenge, either, since you can easily ahelp for the gear necessary to pose as them, or utilize chameleon kits if armor isn't applicable. Ninja and wizard have no real reason to be independent from one another, as while they're fundamentally different antagonists with very different capabilities, they are still just singular people with super powerful toolsets. For visitors, this would mean that there would be two non-crew solo antagonists. Either they could be restricted from picking two of the same kit exactly, or have the ability to pick normally - I'm not sure what's best. Two ninjas sounds cool on paper to me but could be atrocious in game for all I know. For infiltration, the ninja spawns as a solo non-crew antagonist. For conflux and its wizard, see above. For crossfire, good riddance nothing changes besides the mercs spawning in their new OOC prep I guess. For siege, see above.
  7. While the application's answers outside the backstory are satisfactory, and while I have seen Lichfield on several occasions - never in a negative manner, I do have to echo some concerns voiced by SmallGreenAnt. You intend to say that, in the Frontier, it put its processing power to use making cryptocurrency? How'd it do this? Was it an IPC a this point, or still an integrated intelligence? This is basically the only mention of what it really is in the backstory. This implies (to me at least) that it is - or was - an integrated intelligence, and in this case, bound by laws. With that in mind, and correct this if I'm wrong, how'd it find its way to Tau Ceti? You demonstrate a good writing style and I'm confident you can edit the backstory to clarify all this. I suggest doing this and I'll review it in post. Feel free to PM me on discord or ping me on the forums whenever it's edited. I am not asking for a full rewrite, so don't worry.
  8. yeah but you aren't supposed to be a superdoctor as any species (besides dionae i guess??? i don't know about them.) one of my first mistakes upon getting head was being a super doctor and getting bitchslapped by players and staff alike for knowing so much as a CMO.
  9. no an IPC shouldn't be doing everything in medical. The wiki is very specific in this regard. Not all "robots" are held to this restriction as stationbounds can reasonably do basically anything on the station as any module because of their wireless connection. IPCs, on the other hand, have limited knowledge and experience in any given field. The page specifies how IPCs can branch out, but never says they can reasonably undertake that many fields.
  10. You're a very, very new player. In fact, you haven't even been playing the server for longer than a couple days. I understand the haste to acquire a whitelist, but generally I do not accept applications from extremely new players. I would give it some time before reapplying but you are absolutely free to do so after a few weeks. Application denied.
  11. Both great answers. I believe there's misinterpretation with how tight the grip of NanoTrasen's monopoly over phoron in the Romanovich Cloud really is, though. Last I remembered they were the sole occupant of all phoron mining installations in Tau Ceti. Regardless, knowledge in that subject is not required here, and there's been much debate as of late as to the true swaying power of NT in development and community channels. Application accepted.
  12. I'm willing to give you a chance, then. Let's see how this goes - I'll keep what you said here in mind. Application accepted.
  13. I've seen good things from your characters, honestly, though in the few encounters I've had. I have no issue with the majority of this application, except one thing. Many applications in the past have gone the route of "blank slate" to describe their backstories, providing no external motive or purpose to their character, or any simple story points for that matter. The result are simplistic backstories with little effort put into them that are basically seen as "free passes" to getting a whitelist. I intend to change this. Now, I'm not saying this was your intent whatsoever. What I am saying, however, is that things like blank slate backstories should really be avoided. They are ultimately detrimental and give me no insight to your capabilities as a role-player. To not be a jerk about it, I'll just ask two questions instead of asking for a rewrite of the current backstory however. What's this private entity? What's their name, and why are they contracting things to NanoTrasen? Not that it's a bad thing to do so, but just for clarity here. Were they designed to feel this motivation, or did this develop over time? Either is a valid response.
  14. To be honest, I still have yet to see any change despite seeing Normandy numerous times. Your second application (after the original whitelist strip) was denied for this reason exactly, and I do not intend to accept another for the same issues that they generated originally to pop up all over again. With that said, it has been just under a month since you last applied and were denied. Without bringing up RIGs, mecha, or anything you are "mechanically good at," what do you personally believe has changed about your roleplay in this time?
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