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  1. If I come up with a proposal I'll piece it together with this thread and its discussion as reference to the issues it intends to solve. With that said, I have some - it'll just take some big thonking and probably more open discussion like this before I'd ever want to take it to a coder or start spriting/mapping it for myself.
  2. Issue : Non-canon antagonists are counterproductive to an environment where canon character progression is the primary (unique) draw to the server. The reality of antagonists : it’s a shitload of code, especially code that is so old that it is like smashing your head with a rock. The issue, expanded : Talking to people for years on this server has led me to believe the simple fact that noncanon is not preferred over canon. This is reasonable, seeing as it’s just about the only draw our server has besides freeform antagonists. Ironically, it is a proven fact all the same that ex
  3. UNITY ACROSS THE STARS! THE REPUBLIC EXPANDS! In the last several days, multiple major Solarian colonies spread throughout the Galactic East and the greater Outer Ring, have declared total secession from the Solarian Alliance. Amidst the chaos and recuperation from Raymond Ozdemir’s recent incursion, Tau Ceti natives have made the righteous decision of extending the hand of the Republic to those colonies in need. Of six hundred publicized transmissions, nearly five hundred and ten had received daily responses with a huge majority of the former Solarian representatives echoing the same mes
  4. Every corporation page now has set color schemes added for artist reference. Factions will receive these updates shortly depending on developer input. Enjoy!
  5. OZDEMIR'S FLAGSHIP DESTROYED! Conflict brought to an end! !!BREAKING!! After attempting to target phoron reserves in the Romanovich Cloud, Grand Admiral Raymond Özdemir’s flagship was intercepted by an act of desperation! A series of astonishing maneuvers on part of the SCC have led to Grand Admiral Raymond Ozdemir’s demise in the depths of Reade’s crushing atmosphere, with Coalition and Elyran forces coaxing the primary vanguard into a confrontation in the atmosphere of the gas giant. A six-hour long conclusion drew the Solarian fleet closer and closer to the gas giant, wherein a re
  6. OZDEMIR ON THE RETREAT! 35TH FLEET DEFEATED OVER BIESEL! After a several-day battle in orbit of Biesel visible across the planet, Solarian forces have finally been fended off by SCC and NanoTrasen associates who now occupy the gravity well in full force. With the detonation of two extremely large phoron warheads, many Alliance vessels were instantly disabled, turning the tide of the battle in a moment as the allied forces advanced against them. Miranda Trasen had made yet another public appearance amidst chaos in Mendell City, reassuring the public as the situation planetside calms.
  7. Your feedback is appreciated and, were this two years ago, I'd expect more shouting and arguing in its place. Thanks for the constructive criticism. Three things I have to say in response are, 1. The people fixated on being protagonists in the investigation sector of the arc unfortunately can not be beaten without just prolonging the arc. Which, we did promise we'd do - we intend to involve way more people in the conspiracy end of things by request of multiple players. Hopefully that helps. 2. The ghost spawner issue was remedied in that sol marine events are extremely uncommon.
  8. Lights over Mendell City! Biesel's orbit declared a warzone! Grand Admiral Raymond Özdemir of the Solarian Thirty-Fifth Battlefleet has begun open conflict with SCC officials and paramilitary drawn from corporate rosters. Tau Ceti Foreign Legion vessels remain in skirmish over Biesel with debris projected to hit the planetside shortly and cause hundreds of millions of credits in damages. Non-emergency staff and civilians are advised to bunker down and avoid any and all travel, unless seeking supplies or medical treatment. Travel in and out of the system is currently under strict lock
  9. This is a feedback thread for every aspect of the King of the World arc, and the invasion that ends in roughly a week from posting this depending on feedback. So, here we are! The King of the World arc has totaled to the Second Solarian Invasion, where you get to participate in the most ironic case of deja-vu ever - Solarians from a rogue admiral affecting you for a week. We took notes from the most memorable events that have occurred already and decided to make massive changes to the setting, from the starmap, to almost every major wiki page, down to gameplay in preparation for the
  10. Stellar Corporate Conglomerate Formed! Tau Ceti Prepares for War! In response to the advance of the 35th fleet, key members of the press were invited to a lavish event at the NanoTrasen branch in the Zhengfu District in Mendell City. The company's famous executive, Miranda Trasen, made a rare public appearance to reporters at the conference to explain a shocking twist in the corporate scene. Below is a holovideo showing her appearance as it was seen some hours ago. The feed flashes a logo of a blue chainlink, with text in Tradeband translating to “SCC” directly beneath. Atop the chai
  11. Statement from Admiral Ozdemir! Rogue Fleet Approaches! Grand Admiral Raymond Ozdemir of the Solarian Thirty-Fifth Fleet has, against orders, altered course for the Republic of Biesel yet again. Representatives from the 35th fleet have returned to Tau Ceti as a vanguard from the primary fleet, which was halfway through its journey to the Sol system before its recent turning towards the Republic. They have relayed written and holographic displays from the Admiral publicly declaring their intention as the fleet approaches the system. The primary statement from Ozdemir through holo
  12. ROGUE FLEETS ATTACK THE MIDDLE COLONIES! Representatives of the Solarian admiralty have announced today that the Middle Colonies are currently being attacked by a fleet under the command of Admiral Salehe Orsi. The 58th has been officially declared rogue after engaging a patrol heading to Silversun, supposedly in an attempt to seize their Phoron reserves. The fleet left its position in Konyang shortly after Prime Minister Frost’s death; Orsi made clear his intentions of assuming control of the Sol system. Countless colonies are under the threat of being looted by the traitorous fleet. Aut
  13. https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=KING_OF_THE_WORLD As part of the KING OF THE WORLD arc, a major event occurred on the NSS Aurora! As part of this news article, https://forums.aurorastation.org/topic/2816-sol-alliance-news-network/page/5/?tab=comments#comment-142647 a major event occurred where Solarian marines boarded, carrying out an ongoing investigation on part of the 35th battlefleet. The marines' goal was to acquire the perpetrator behind the Clandestine Incident by searching and singling out the crew of the NSS Aurora. To little success, they proceeded
  14. Event Type: Canon Event Scale: Large Assigned Admin: Alberyk OOC Event Description : The second major event of King of the World will begin. Who knows about it : This is the visit from the Solarian investigators. Anybody onstation can know of the incoming visit ICly. Further information can be gleaned from this, https://forums.aurorastation.org/topic/2816-sol-alliance-news-network/page/5/?tab=comments#comment-142647 Host/participants : TheBurninSherman, Kyres1, TBD Notes : Interested in hearing more or catching up? Read here https://wiki.aurorastation.org/i
  15. PRIME MINISTER MICHAEL FROST FOUND DEAD! BREAKING ― The Alliance of Sovereign Solarian Nations has shocked the entire galaxy by announcing the death of Michael Frost to the public! Earlier today, officials say the septuagenarian was found dead within his Unity Station suite after several harrowing days of fending off accusations of his ties to the Clandestine Incident. Members of the Alliance's intelligence community have dutifully examined the scene and, in another turn of events that has roiled galactic politics, accused Zavodskoi Interstellar of the murder, linking the weapons giant to
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