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  1. I do not foresee any issues with the Human team.
  2. @Caelphon 1) Purpose, hands down. There's a story behind this. Long ago in the times of pre-Cakelore there was a very, very exciting prospect of absolute freedom in synthlore. Some developers were wacky. Some were pretty amazing. There was actually one developer named KillerHurtz who I never met. I never interacted with them, and never even knew their name until Cake shared the original post that created Purpose. It was, in effect, nothing at the time. Nobody regarded it, nobody knew of it even. You can read the post here before I get to my point, It was in a much less restrained time in lore's infancy. The train was being built still, as opposed to being on the move and loading passengers as we go (as we are now.) In this time, the creative writing part took hold and there were some pretty questionable decisions made then. However, what good we've got is obvious ; we have a deep, intricate lorebase which has Literally Fucking Exploded in sheer girth, and its origins are impossibly storied with over 50 individual writers having their hands in the lore team since its conception, nevermind player lore. KillerHurtz is one of these fifty writers, and I've no clue where he might be now. Whatever the case may be, the linked topic above has the Purpose origin story, and it's genuinely some creative writing I admire. What I primarily love about Purpose is that it was effectively my first foray into the art of running events, and improvisation. A lot of the original Purpose arc involved mini-events where drones would appear, and slowly dump exposition onto players as the rounds progressed. Over twenty of these events were ran, almost entirely with similar characters dominating the narrative. If it wasn't obvious, this is a trend I've continued in arcs afterwards - trying my best to reel in players with a good hook and encapsulating them into the narrative they can spin on their own. Purpose, being my first dive into this nonsense, is my favorite faction. 2) Lack of coordination and over saturation of writers and content. 3) Yes. I intend to try and push lore changes no matter the context, as lore has long been my passion and if I'm forced out of the loop entirely I'd be upset, to say the least. 4) Yes. I applied for it, silly.
  3. Ckey/BYOND Username: Kyres1 Position Being Applied For: Synthetic Lore Deputy Have you read the Lore Team Rules and Regulations wiki page? : Yes Past Experiences/Knowledge: A lot of years on the lore team is probably my most notable accomplishment as far as experience goes. Previous positions as synth deputy > synth dev > resignation > synth dev > LM. Examples of Past Work: I can not begin to wrangle exactly all I've done, but most notably is probably the KOTW arc coordination, the SLF incursion arc in its entirety, the original Purpose arc in its near entirety. Synthetic Origins, Synthetic Factions, about three IPC page rewrites (leading to the majority of the current page), almost the entire Robotics Overview page, almost all Notable Synthetics, and several other since purged pages. My past work outside of synthetic lore is a lot. Delving into specifics is a pretty big waste of time. Additional Comments: none so I'll answer the questions Lancer has 1)How much time can you devote to lorewriting? Plenty. I have a full time job so expect my obligations to be cut short in favor of, well, keeping my job if it boils down to it. Otherwise, I have about as much time as anybody else does nowadays. 2)Do you have any plans for the lore? Yes. However, the climate of the team and the directions of the developer above me can change these plans faster than anything. Regardless, I'm supposed to give this answer more than such a small response, so I'll deliver what I actually intend to push onto the lore. Objective one would be Arcs, or at least myself handling that department if nobody else is keen on it. There are many things that need done in this regard, and many things lore could do that plainly isn't pursued due to lack of drive. I am basically offering to be that drive. Objective two would be refining what we have. Superfluous, ineffectual lore can go in favor of more lore that affects or helps the players along. From a starter guide on our perception of fictional robots (which is long overdue) to more details on where synthetics come from and why, there's really anything that could be said here. Synthetic origins is overdue for a makeover, as it is basically left in the dust by any other major page (ex: planet pages) as far as player attention goes. Objective three would be taking our defined traits in lore and expaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanding upon them, greatly. I would love nothing more than to finally define positronic design in a way players can be interested in. 3)Why do you want to join? I miss lore and I have too much to contribute to the server that I feel I'm sitting on without the position to handle it.
  4. This is probably the most simple suggestion I can muster to rework R&D as a concept. The current issue with R&D is : levels, and a dwindling amount of options for items which can be researched. At least, interesting items. The solution is : make all currently available (and as many others we can conceivably muster added to the protolathe or other, similar machinery) items obtainable at roundstart. Remove levels. The obstacle preventing spam of high-end advanced weapons to instakill Antagonist McGee is either nothing, or materials. Why does this solution work : Right now weapons are extremely lethal. Anything R&D can print as it stands is already, as such, extremely lethal. Extreme lethality aside, we contribute nothing by repeatedly removing abused assets from player hands due to the abuse. An example of this is the Lawgiver, where it found itself removed due to Particular Players going around spamming them and using them personally to instantly assblast the antagonist. Another example is firing pins, a simple and extremely easy-to-bypass obstacle which players have found far more than one workaround for. Personally, I am of the belief that R&D should shift to be assembly of advanced prototypes and other things the station is expected to have (being the top-of-the-line station and one of the last phoron deposits in the known galaxy), and gain access to much of the things that shouldn't or couldn't be obtained previously. Shift setup no longer becomes a mandatory thing to pursue - it becomes completely player choice on how to arrange it, and how to disperse equipment and items between the crew for their usage. Frankly, if the R&D crew decide to repeatedly send out weapons at roundstart, perhaps we should rethink the entire concept of them making weapons in the first place - or, better yet, rethink the concept of whatever stops them, if it's so popular. That's honestly all. As for robotics being OP ; well, they make Mechs. If you intend to make Mechs underpowered at what they do, what is the point? If it becomes an issue, add a massive material block between the players and the mecha in the first place, and I assure whoever is reading this - few will complain. They are, after all, basically the biggest most badass "tool" or "weapon" you can have right now for any scenario. Probable responses:
  5. Reporting Personnel: Angela Ulery Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Research Director Game ID: ccZ-b0mI Commended Personnel: (Roboticist) Morrigan Linn, (Anomalist) Sezrak Han'San Witnesses: Head of Personnel Vasiliy Trapeznikov, Chief Medical Officer Cheshire, Time of Commendable Act: N/A Real Time: Roughly 12:00 CST, hard to estimate. Almost a 5 hour round. Location of Act: Tesla bay, engineering Overview: Morrigan Linn and Sezrak Han'San went above and beyond, staying on-board post-shift and assisting in the construction and oversight of a large R&D supercomputer constructed in the Engineering tesla bay. Without fault, they ensured the construction was perfected from start to finish, and made a vested effort to assist me (Angela Ulery) and command staff in the logistical hurdles involved. To specify, much of Han'San's time on shift was spent carrying crates containing up to 5 space air conditioning units each from Cargo, from which they ordered themselves, only to immediately break the repetition and assist myself and roboticist Linn in constructing the supercomputer. From which, we obtained Level 9 research across the board on a previously intentionally empty research server. Without Linn and Han'San's assistance, I would not have been able to carry out the construction on my own, and without their professional handling of the logistical issues we faced, the project could have flopped entirely - wasting an enormous amount of company resources as a result. Furthermore, the speed and efficiency of the Supercomputer far outpaced that of traditional destructive analyzers- we projected Level 10 across the board to be completed in a matter of ten, to twenty minutes. After that, the computer would be calculating in the unknown. Additional Notes: Sezrak Han'San took an interest in cataloguing picture evidence of our work, before the cleanup crew would inevitably clean up the alterations. Those pictures are below;
  6. Probably my inclination to drive an arc and refine what we have. I am very eager to begin arcs to test proof of concepts similar to KOTW's event week (where half the point of it was to prove that X was a worthwhile pursuit in the first place.) Experience is the only objective "up" I have over the other candidates. To say any writeup I could make would be definitively better than theirs would be either presumptuous or just a little mean. The only fact I can point to, again, is just a mountainous heap of experience I can always defer to and draw from to solve things. Server's in need of a push, always. Always. People can not sit on their hands and expect things to happen - God only knows how many passionate players we have, but 99% of them aren't willing or are too scared to apply for a position like this. I'm willing to be that person to make the push to keep this place moving and synthetic development is an excellent means to this end, seeing as it takes the helm of our most played species. Not to mention, it's so deeply tied to every other species at this point that it can involve them through any number of reasons. Sorry I forgot to even respond to this. FBPs are really a concept ruined by its past, but definitely open to a very positive future. That is, if players never get their hands on it. This isn't to say players can't be trusted with the ability to play literal FBPs - it's just that single people have been such gargantuan issues that risking opening this can of worms up again is not worth it without vested development effort. tl;dr not worth pursuit unless 100% of development is focused on proofing it from wacky abusive characters.
  7. @DanseMacabre Would pursue if I had overwhelming developer support. Unfortunately this is probably not going to be the case especially for something as daunting and gargantuan as bioshells, for now. Note : this was originally Cake's writeup, which then fell upon me to actually write on further, which I did not do. I have no clue if Nienna wrote any further into the mechanics of bioshells. The framework for such a thing exists in our lore, but I would never go about introducing such a thing out of nowhere via retcon - it's simply too big and potential for an IC arc to introduce it is too great. So, tl;dr, yeah, if I had devs, I'd introduce bioshells happily, but only with IC predisposition. A better question would be ; Why even introduce bioshells? A big problem with our robots here is that we have a strict "no human+" rule, where people most often fall flat in playing robots. It is, quite honestly, extremely difficult to maintain the character of a robot at ALL times. People obviously screw up, and they do it a lot - this doesn't mean they're all gonna get whitelist stripped, but it does mean that the "no human+" rule is dubious. This is mainly why I never enforced it or plan to. How does this factor into bioshells? Well, you're taking positronics and factoring out the mechanical aspect - in essence, this assumes we're utilizing a new brain. A new brain is a no-can-do for only one reason ; we can't really police it if it's biological in nature. Thus, outlandish behavior normalizes itself. Unless a totally new brain is created that ISN'T organic (for a biological body in this case) there's no way to actually hold the iron grip we have over people's behavior as we do. This is not to say organic behavior can't be policed - it can be (see vaurca) but that's a whole can of worms. The material of a processor does not innately determine its purpose, nor its behavior - it's the overall design that can alter this, and designs can involve any material for any purpose. Thus, biological brains can be policed, but it's honestly not something I'd like to confuse players with. So I'd optimally just go all in and make a separate positronic brain to facilitate biological frames.
  8. @Caelphon 1. It's a big swath of space. Running arcs here was mostly what I meant by bringing it up, because it's extremely nearby and also formerly Solarian territories - anything could be there, synthetic wise. Otherwise I'd love to cover actual emerging IPC havens rising up amidst the chaos and newfound Republic rule. 2. Synths and megacorporations go hand in hand. Hephaestus robotics needs a big bloating, honestly, because they were always intended to be The robot people, at least during my tenure. 3. No but only because species coordination is an absolute mess right now. Coordinating between two species is asking for disaster when two people have ultimate power over two completely different things but need a myriad of cooperative plays to make anything work. I learned this the hard way as LM, asking literally anybody to do anything - it'd result in basically running into the stone wall of people wanting to do their own thing. This doesn't mean to say I want to exclusively do my own thing - I do intend to help carry out some obligations I once had with Human lore, namely bloating some planets I wrote and (god permitting) finishing the Earth and timeline writeup we spoke of. 4. YES. Synthetic factions making major cultural impacts on IPCs is a fucking HUGE thing I want to pursue. An ancient master of the lore techniques by the name of Loow once told me that these factions as they stood would pay off in the long run - in 3-4 years, we'd get to explore more detailed outcomes with them as they settled into the community as facts of life rather than asspulls. It is time to explore those impacts.... 5. I wrote it. It's alright. I'd do some refining though
  9. I crashed and burned? Sorry, I'm either misreading words here, or you're just insulting me right out the gate. If you want a more concise or perhaps different answer to that I'll happily provide, but I would never have said I "crashed and burned." cover these "few" or don't bring them up So my writing isn't watertight. This is not remarkable news, or even news for that matter. Are you complaining because you had to pick up an oversight, or because I made a mess that you had to clean up? In the case of "picking up an oversight," that's basically an expectation of lore developers. In the case of "I made a mess," I didn't. That would be like saying you made a mess by resigning when there are things I can disagree with on synthlore. No. If it were up to me I'd just scrap the mechanics of being able to put positronics into bounds entirely. This was one of my goals long ago but it was never visited after we permanently synthbanned the biggest problem players the lore ever had. Not really, not without a comprehensive combing of the IPC page, which is overdue but is not something I would like to immediately pursue.
  10. Old sprite showcased here isn't actually the sprite ingame. Nice try... In all seriousness, I'm willing to resprite this at some point if there's actual substantial sway to get it resprited.
  11. Ckey/BYOND Username: kyres1 Discord Name: noodle_buster#1934 Position Being Applied For: (coder, mapper, spriter) : Synthetic loredev Past Experiences/Knowledge : About 2-3 years in Aurora lore. Might be longer. At least a year as synth dev, about 6 months as synth deputy, at least a year as deputy LM. Examples of Past Work: Very difficult to encompass literally everything but if I had to pick examples it'd be the Scarabs, a lot of IPC lore, and some Human planets, namely Xanu Prime and Medina. The chapter system, background summary, etc. are all my doing but wouldn't be really relevant to synthetic development seeing as it's above and beyond my purview. Additional Comments: IPC LORE! It’s been a long time since I’ve actually taken to writing synthetic lore. It was my original baby here in the lore department, however, before I stepped up to loremaster - actually, I was synthdev for longer than I was interim deputy lore master. The core of synthetic lore has not changed for about 4 years. Throughout my, cake, nienna’s, and whoever came before (I don’t even remember at this point) ‘s time here, actual squat has changed the meaty bits of synthlore. It is unique in the sense that this lore has been taken, refined, and turned into an absolute jewel of our server. Questions from the application request : What I Think About The State Of Synthlore : Where Would I Like To Take Synthlore : Kyres why did you step down from deputy loremaster just to sign back onto lore like two months later? because synthdev is nowheres near as stressful. As well, I don't need to devote a tenth of the time or patience or absolute devotion to the position, and I can still do more than what's expected of me. Synthlore is also where I started, delving into it should be easy peasy TM.
  12. Ckey/BYOND Username: kyres1 Discord Name: noodle_buster#1934 Position Being Applied For: Spriter Past Experiences/Knowledge: Two previous times as a spriter on Aurora. Examples of Past Work:A good amount of sprites seen ingame are mine of varying quality, mostly stuff cobbled together throughout the years. Walls, floors, all shuttles, all voidsuits, all RIGs (except the rescue and breachers pending resprite,) IPC RIGs, Vaurca RIGs (RIP), Event stuff for every species, almost every single common firearm in-game, security armor, magistake armor, wiki splash art, all mechs, some loadout stuff for (almost) every species. Unused space backgrounds, SCC gear, 2017-and-beyond space carp, augments, etc. I tried making a big layout image of a bazillion sprites but it's a lot of work and I don't really want to unless asked - as well, my sprite quality varies massively due to a lot of my sprites accumulating over years and going through so many stylistic changes. Additional Comments: I resigned from deputy loremaster due to the stress involved with the position and life issues not mixing well with that. Along the way, I decided to drop my spriter position too. I have no idea why, considering the spriter position offered me plenty and took nothing from me to keep it.
  13. Chapter 3 - INTERMISSION/FALLOUT Date : Dec 1st and beyond (Began by the finale of KOTW.) This is the THIRD CHAPTER of Aurora's (tracked) story. After the conclusion of the SECOND SOLARIAN INVASION and the KING OF THE WORLD arc, the galaxy is in turmoil! The uncertain future of the Orion Spur has been decided as the Solarian Alliance caves in, leaving the New Human Wildlands in its place for much of its territory. Now, an intermission phase is entered before the next chapter of the Aurora's story begins.
  14. Chapter 2 Act 2 - KING OF THE WORLD https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=KING_OF_THE_WORLD Date : ??? to Dec 1st (Finalized by the KOTW Event Week, and Ozdemir's demise) Heavily condensed version of the actual acts and chapters of King of the World, which were too big of a pain to add here. they were also incomplete. Notify kyres if anything's missing This is the SECOND CHAPTER of Aurora's (tracked) story. KING OF THE WORLD reached staggering heights after the Clandestine Incident, with the following events transpiring. After the phoron shortage expanded due to Clandestine's destruction, the corporations begin to point fingers! Prime Minister of the Solarian Alliance Michael Frost, having been the first accused as the culprit, met his demise only days later! Infuriated, the Alliance would send its best investigators accompanied by marines to get to the bottom of the incident. They would investigate the Aurora crew, who were aboard Clandestine before it exploded. After departing, the investigators were shot down by NanoTrasen interceptors! Further outraged, the 35th Battlefleet, stationed near Tau Ceti, made its first moves... ... before turning around, after hearing of threats of war! The Solarian Alliance, plunged into disorder, would suffer rogue fleets by the dozens - some creating warlord separatist states, fractured and with their own ideologies. Coined the "Wildlands" by Tau Ceti officials, the 35th battlefleet instead opted to return to Tau Ceti than heed government orders to retreat! In the second invasion from a rogue fleet, known as the SECOND SOLARIAN INVASION, players were able to participate in the war effort against Admiral Raymond Ozdemir leading up to his demise in the crushing pressures of Reade's atmosphere. Featuring extracorporate ERTs, a lack of crew transfer entirely, random events and attacks, and even bombardments, the week of events stood as the climax of KING OF THE WORLD.
  15. Chapter 2 Act 1 - KING OF THE WORLD https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=KING_OF_THE_WORLD Date : Oct 24th (Initiated by the Clandestine Incident) This is the SECOND CHAPTER of Aurora's (tracked) story. The Sol Alliance has begun its final decline. In this chapter, the galactic stage will be set for chaos as the largest player in the Orion Spur crumbles. Will the megacorporations elevate to become Humanity’s foremost authority? Will the Coalition take advantage of their sole adversary’s collapse? What will happen to Tau Ceti? One thing is certain: this chapter will alter any concept of the modern starmap as a whole. Meanwhile, Phoron begins to grow scarce - deposits across the galaxy are dwindling, especially under Nanotrasen Corporation control. The Clandestine Incident has occurred, the detonation of the final major phoron deposit known to the corporations. This act will last indefinitely until the preparations for the arc are finished.
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