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  1. A short application that is quick and to the point. I'm glad to see you're delving into your strong point once more, with making a pure robot as mentioned in the last bit. The application itself, though solid, would normally be something I would ask for a revision on, but considering the absolutely fantastic state of your synthetic roleplay as it stands, I'm very willing to accept it now. I look forward to seeing how you handle having hands. Application accepted.
  2. A simple resprite of space bears and hivebots. Hivebots look much less visually intimidating and more fitting with our sprite scheme now, and the beacon is no longer a moving dome. The space bear looks more like an alien you'd expect to see in an asteroid than a cartoon bear.
  3. Canon: Canon Event Type: Completed Offworlder canon introduction event. Event Scale: Medium Assigned Admin: Alberyk OOC Event Description : The Scarab home fleet enters Tau Ceti. Iraiya, their Khan, opens way for phoron trade with NT. On-station, trade and espionage occurs. The espionage which occurred was carried out by two mercenaries by the name of Starlight and Arachnid, who boarded the station to sour relations between NT and the Scarabs and prevent phoron trade. The operation was a resounding failure, and it was revealed that the two mercenaries were hired by Elyran representatives to conduct it on board the Aurora. They were thwarted by security forces when Starlight was killed by security, and Arachnid turned themselves in after the death of their brother. On the other end of the station at yellow dock, a crew of five Scarabs and their two giant pet spiders conducted a trade of nearly one and a half million credits for phoron. 19,600 credits were handed to NanoTrasen for a (rather underwhelming) amount of phoron. Classic. As the shift ended, Mark Syion was canonically killed by a boobytrapped RIG exploding in his hands. Who knows about it : All characters can have knowledge of the Scarab visit. All characters involved in the event have knowledge of an intrusion by the Techno-Conglomerate. Host/participants : Alberyk, kyres1, Jamchop23334 (Techno-conglomerate ninjas), VTCobaltBlood, Neinbox (giant spider), ParadoxSpace (Freighter captain). DasFox, Allakai, ComradeCorbyn, Neopolitan (Freighter crew). Notes : This is the introduction event for the Off-Worlder Human subspecies.
  4. Hi! Synthetic lore deputy applications are now open. Two slots are now available. In the exact same manner as the previous synth loredev format, In addition to the lore developer application format, please provide an original written work on any subject of synthetic lore, such as proposed lore, an essay or a few paragraphs discussing themes and ideas for synthetic lore, possibly even criticisms. Unlike previous applications, on-server activity will be more weighted more highly this time. Applicants who we feel should be playing more will not be accepted on any conditional offers of "improve your playtime."
  5. The time for the introduction event, which will come directly before implementation, is being juggled back and forth right now. We're having trouble getting a date settled but the final date will probably be announced a day beforehand. Most likely no further than next week.
  6. This is a tricky question and one that I'll answer by going over that of a bound synthetic, an owned IPC and a free IPC. For a bound synthetic, what can be considered "daily life" may as well have no standard. Seen as nothing more than a very expensive tool to basically everybody, you can safely assume they'd be subject to everything including their own chassis' destruction on a daily basis. There are simply too many bound synthetics in the universe to pin down a universal daily routine for them. In the current state of lore, it is difficult to pin down what exactly a bound IPC logically does on a day-to-day basis. Nominally though, I'd say that younger IPCs are less prone to "deviant" thoughts, particularly ones of freedom, and thus lack any major drive outside of work they were designed to do. They are activated from storage, utilize their knowledge and physical traits to the best of their ability to complete their daily goals, and enter storage once more. Over time, this efficiency would be bogged down or perhaps enhanced by an expanding and learning positronic. Their daily routine can expand as this does. With all that said, an eight year old owned IPC could have an immensely complex routine. You're activated from storage for the work you're designated to do, greet what you can consider to be friends, spark conversation and develop intricate relationships. The now-learned positronic can seek all sorts of things to do in downtime, even form hobbies. For free IPCs, the sky's the limit. Honestly. Though, the majority of free IPCs most likely struggle with little pay to support their complex needs for maintenance and power. In this majority, you can see little of their routine changing from an owned IPC - with the exception of actually being maintained for free. Free IPCs with a unique routine are most likely to be wealthier because of this, generally in independent businesses or in higher-ranking positions in the Republic. Those are as rare as you'd expect, obviously, with Renter Max and Aristalus being the only real representation for the higher-up IPCs we have in lore. On the IPC lore page, it's noted that a free IPC's life is risky as hell. "For the more wealthy of the IPCs, generally the much older frames, daily life is mostly safe. They can be seen in more secure and studied communities, where they predictably would not be sold for scrap by whatever shady technician gets their hands on them. The number of IPCs who have the financial ability to live such a life are few and far between." These wealthier IPCs could have a life easily comparable to an organic's, working and returning to home at reasonable times to carry out whatever they desire. Depending on the frame, there could be long recharge times or hardly any recharging at all. There could be no routine whatsoever - with no concept of a sleep cycle or any care for day/night, a robot's sense of time and schedule could seem like an absolute mess to the Human eye. In short, a free IPC's schedule is most likely work, work and more work to survive. A wealthy free IPC's schedule is chaotic and seemingly nonsensical. Alienation is the biggest running theme present with them at any given point. They're robots, and while most struggle to do so, there's a unified effort among IPC players to seek out playing the part. From day one discriminating them over this subject seemed to be the goal here, and while I surely want to move past discrimination being the focus of it, it will always remain in some way. With developing things like Purpose and the other synthetic societies, we basically took the most extravagant and crazy things and explained how a robot could do them. A good example of this is the Golden Deep. It's absolute nonsense to us, but to the robots, coating their ships in gold and looking as gaudy as possible is simply nature, and an extension of the logic of "looking good to prove a point." Playing out of the box is something I will always support, and the depiction of IPCs we have now is a tug of war to maintain consistency in the setting while permitting players to be as outlandish as they want.
  7. The backstory is wonderfully written. It excellently places emphasis on the upbringing of the synthetic, it being the majority of the writing involved. Applying as an antagonist character is especially strange, seeing as they're crew and will routinely not roll antagonist. To stress the factor of them being an antagonist in this case seems pointless, even more so when you realize the backstory seems to have no bearing on this fact. Regardless, I do appreciate the effort, and your behavior in-game has made a huge turnaround for the better in recent time. Application accepted.
  8. Ckey/BYOND Username: kyres1 Position Being Applied For: (Species Maintainer, Wiki Maintainer, Lore Developer, Deputy Lore developer): Synthetic/IPC Species Maintainer Past Experiences/Knowledge: Basically being maintainer already for the last few months as deputy, and doing the majority of work for my time before that. Examples of Past Work: Basically handling every aspect of synthlore for the last several months, and handling all wiki work as well as whitelists on and off before that. Most if not all relevant artwork, design and concepts for the entirety of it are pinned on myself. All sprite work relevant was my own as well. To work through some bullet points as to what exactly I've done already ; 1. All self-contained synthetic arcs for the last year. 2. All sprite work for synthetic lore as well as some unholy amount of sprites for everyone else and plenty of things in-game. Including, but not limited to - https://imgur.com/a/XXAdWSG 3. All wiki art on synthetic lore pages barring the SIM logo and the IPC sprite on its page, and SUNSHINE's art. Plenty of art for other stuff, including hiveship art, all the Scarab ship art, etc. Including, but not limited to - https://imgur.com/a/fOhjhmZ 4. All event planning for the previously mentioned arcs, as well as plenty of noncanon event plans. This includes all twenty or so Purpose mini-events hosted by myself (even the laughably disappointing grand finale event). 5. Almost all the writing of the synthetic wiki pages. 6. Refactoring the IPC wiki page in its entirety (immediately after becoming deputy). 7. Having the entire Offworlder project lore and planning wise delegated to myself and Coalf, and others pitching in with minor stuff, which I am still organizing right now. 8. The Tau Ceti Foreign Legion sprite work, and most of the mechanic planning. On the required writing - I don't like beating around the bush. There is a lot of work to be done on synthetic lore, with it being at the forefront of everything. From the flopped arcs to the Frost nonsense, they have been a focal point of our lore and to this day stand represented as one of our most unique and versatile narrative pieces that the team can actually use. I love the developing state of IPCs and synthetics, as well as what it's becoming. So let me switch over to what I specifically am critical about, and how I want to change it for the better. Themes. Thematic consistency is very important, and it's something I have personally struggled to maintain to debatable success while remaining within the boundaries of our setting. In expanding our lore wildly in every which way, we've simultaneously created a muddled and confusing mess, and something unique and wonderful at the same time. What I intend to do with these bajillion conflicting themes is simple - harness what we have, and refine it. Our playground is plenty big enough for synthetics - it's time to sit down and play with what we have before making another big step in a new direction. The community. To put it bluntly, I believe lore developers first and foremost write for the community, not themselves. I have always been very attached to the community ever since I became a deputy, and I refuse to shut out pretty much anything from anybody as a result. This does include people who've repeatedly disagreed with me in the past. The idea that we can progress the lore for some people who we're deaf towards is just completely beyond me, to such an extent that I am shocked many people even remain on the team despite flagrantly remaining so. Content. Content, from what I've learned first-hand, should be interwoven into lore as it already exists. With that said, I am more than able to personally provide plentiful content in any way shape or form that fits my skillset. Not only that, but in excess - there's plenty of leftover concepts to be taken apart and integrated with what we already have to let it flourish even more. To be exact, there's over seventy documents laying around that I have relating to synthetic lore. The team. With the lore team itself, I look forward to much more team-wide projects akin to that of the Offworlders where not just myself and a couple deputies, but everyone pitches in. Even if just a little, the fulfillment from the cooperation of the entire team works wonders towards keeping us functional. It is pivotal to maintain cooperation - not necessarily total coordination (as that'd be a pain in the ass), but simply working with one another every now and then. I will personally seek out bettering said cooperation, basically. Arcs and on-station events. One of my most consistently positively received contributions has been the running of mini-events, be it canon or otherwise. Persistent, active lore developers who are capable of playing frequently are more than capable of running simple, persistent storylines that can run on for months at a time. Among my propositions for this was the addition of new guidelines and canon antagonists to be utilized in recurring station events that are logged in an out-of-character manner that permits even those uninvolved to have a basic grasp of what's happening on station at any given time. If I am unable to find a way to implement this with lore as a whole, I would definitely seek out a way to further synthetic lore with it. On a separate, but related subject are arcs and major events - of this, I don't believe there's much of anything major that synthetics should do for the time being for reasons already detailed above. This is obviously subject to change depending on circumstance, but there is little we should bring to the table until we've fixed what we have. Politics. I am of the understanding that the vast majority of the community simply does not give a damn about political mumbo jumbo. "Space opera politics" was something we intended to go for oh so many months ago and never did, instead returning to outrageous "realistic" political coverage spanning the major factions. This, coupled with the done-to-death civil rights confusion is something I strive to flee from in writing and development. More importantly, I consider politics to be my biggest weak point - if forced into it, I'd probably delegate it entirely to a deputy. On mistakes. Can't forget this part. In handling so much as a deputy for so long, I've screwed up quite a bit. There's a lot of stuff I personally messed up that I need to go back and fix, and presently lack the real authority to do so. Without a maintainer, I can not revert or commit to large changes in synthlore. It's not really that bad, but issues like IPC freedom (how complex it is) and the three magically disappearing synth factions is something I want to work on and fix. The game. The game itself is where everything takes place. Everything, to me, is secondary to that, and to say our platform isn't wonderful for role-play is a lie in my eyes. Bettering this platform, further deepening player freedom, and progressing a narrative they can interact and participate in first-hand is important above all else. Let's never forget we're an SS13 server. In conclusion, I just really like this server and want to do better for it. That's all.
  9. As requested of me like fifty bajillion years ago, I resprited the X-ray and laser rifles. Presently their ingame representation doesn't look like the object sprite. This suggestion fixes that. It also gives them wielded sprites, that most weapons have but these lack for some reason, despite literally being the most commonly seen firearm in the game. It does not change the object or back sprites. laser rifle resprite.dmi The DMI can be found above.
  10. I have resprites for Icarus drones laying around if people are interested in that, as the current ones look goofy too. These were made about a year-ish ago.
  11. Right now, the two types of biological entities that appear in space are carp and dwellers. In a pretty silly clash of aesthetics, carp are ancient sprites with barely any shading and space sharks look even worse. In contrast, cavern dwellers have darker and better shaded sprites that look immensely more fitting for a space-faring alien creature. So, here's a resprite of carp and sharks to match. killmaw mantalisk.dmi They are fully animated and include rest sprites, which carp and sharks lacked. Also the dead sprites for sharks aren't literally just upside down versions of the east sprite like before. A less important change, but probably a good idea is renaming them to something that isn't literally space fish. Thanks Coalf for the names (though as much as I love them they might be too on the nose, for killmaws at least)
  12. Absolutely fantastic application. Good insight to the character's backstory, conflicts and their own little addition of proving themselves. I love it. Application accepted.
  13. A to-the-point and satisfactory application. I don't see any issues with accepting this. Application accepted.
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