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Lance Sweep

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Event details

Canon: Canon

Event Type: Sector sweep

Event Scale: Small

Assigned Admin: Yonnimer

OOC Event Description : Ceres’ Lance officials partook in a scheduled sweep of the station for rogue shells.  The operation went as standard and the following individuals were interviewed by Ceres' Lance personnel :

Iah Gadasa, a shell IPC paramedic, was interviewed and deemed a non-threat by Ceres' Lance officials.

Gwendolyn Miller, a Human mechatronic engineer, was interviewed and deemed a non-threat by Ceres' Lance officials.

Flotsam, a Baseline IPC roboticist, was placed on temporary low-threat watch by Ceres' Lance officials within the PMC itself. Government officials do not take this information into account.

The spotty transcript of the majority of the three interviews details a brief interrogation of the three, even dipping into the enigmatic Rudatek, can be found here, https://pastebin.com/bKaYBJq4

The present Lance operatives were : Cadence Brooks (Doxxmedearly), Carl Harrison, (Capesh) Rookie McRookie, (N/A)

The briefing for the operation can be seen below.


Who knows about it : Anybody is permitted to know about this event and its results in post ICly and OOCly. Nobody ICly knows word-for-word the transcripts posted above.

Host/participants : Doxxmedearly (Cadence Brooks), Capesh (Carl Harrison)

Notes : this was ran on the Secret gamemode. The SM also detonated but that's never canon, who cares lmao we have robots to beat up.

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