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Canon: Canon

Event Type: Security Breach

Event Scale: Small

Assigned Admin: Yonnimer

OOC Event Description : The Icarus defense net was breached momentarily and the Aurora was infiltrated by unknown entities. These unknown entities were SLF Collaborator Olivia Johanson and Hunter-Killer 867 "Sandman," Olivia, upon further inquiry, had been outed as a Solarian criminal, sparking a manhunt for her by Security. An engagement between Sandman and Security ensued, until Security was granted two Bunker Suit control modules by Ceres' Lance, delivered to their surface yellow dock. Utilizing these, pursuit across the station began. In the incident, security officer Oscar Easter and head of security Jesse Armstrong donned Bunker Suits. The first engagement resulted in Alex Weaver being hurled by the hunter-killer's fist out of the second story floor of maintenance leading into medical, leading into a chase that would amount to Sandman's inevitable demise in robotics. Gwendolyn Miller was confronted by Sandman in the cyborgification bay, and there, engineer Quentin Stycks wedged a mech in its escape route while both Bunker Suit operators entered and struck the incapacitating blows.

Meanwhile, Olivia Johanson was preoccupied donning a disguise and being assisted by civilian staff to make it safely to the NTCC Odin. While evading security to the best of their ability, several civilian staff assisted by hiding Johanson within areas like the kitchen freezer, cargo maintenance, and so on. Ultimately, it was concluded that the combat synthetic was intent on protecting Johanson's life with the ultimate goal of getting her safely to the NTCC Odin. This was a resounding failure as Sandman met its demise in robotics, self-destructing in its restraints, leaving nothing but a peculiar data core behind...

Afterwards, Olivia was discovered in disguise on board the crew transfer shuttle by Ana Roh'hi'tin and Oscar Easter. They were swiftly apprehended and returned to Central Command, cuffed and escorted. They are projected to be sent to Sol where they will meet execution for their crimes in both territories.

Zune Carmichael was responsible for distracting Security from Olivia Johanson, buying her time and assisting the operation as best she could. Going so far as to claim bomb threats on board, they had led security on and unfortunately ended the shift in restraints. They are projected to be borgified canonically for the actions they have proceeded with.

AIMMO was a potential SLF collaborator, but without substantial evidence to this, they have been demoted temporarily and placed on official watch.

Who knows about it : Anybody can know about the events that transpired due to their affiliation with the news post here, 

Host/participants : TheDocOct (Olivia Johanson), kyres1 (HK Sandman-867)

Notes : This event was ran on Secret. This was a unique event. Important : This was scheduled on a 2 hour notice, due to external circumstances with the arc. This won't be the case moving forward, of course.

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