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Offworlder introduction event

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Canon: Canon

Event Type: Species Introduction

Event Scale: Medium

Assigned Admin: Alberyk

OOC Event Description : The Scarab home fleet enters Tau Ceti. Iraiya, their Khan, opens way for phoron trade with NT. On-station, trade and espionage occurs. The espionage which occurred was carried out by two mercenaries by the name of Starlight and Arachnid, who boarded the station to sour relations between NT and the Scarabs and prevent phoron trade. The operation was a resounding failure, and it was revealed that the two mercenaries were hired by Elyran representatives to conduct it on board the Aurora. They were thwarted by security forces when Starlight was killed by security, and Arachnid turned themselves in after the death of their brother. On the other end of the station at yellow dock, a crew of five Scarabs and their two giant pet spiders conducted a trade of nearly one and a half million credits for phoron.  19,600 credits were handed to NanoTrasen for a (rather underwhelming) amount of phoron. Classic. As the shift ended, Mark Syion was canonically killed by a boobytrapped RIG exploding in his hands.

Who knows about it : All characters can have knowledge of the Scarab visit. All characters involved in the event have knowledge of an intrusion by the Techno-Conglomerate.

Host/participants : Alberyk, kyres1, Jamchop23334 (Techno-conglomerate ninjas), VTCobaltBlood, Neinbox (giant spider), ParadoxSpace (Freighter captain). DasFox, Allakai, ComradeCorbyn, Neopolitan (Freighter crew).

Notes : This is the introduction event for the Off-Worlder Human subspecies.

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