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Ceres Lance Event - Post War Sweep

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Canon: Canon

Event Type: Lance Sweep

Event Scale: Small

Assigned Admin: ShesTrying

OOC Event Description :
Following the closure of the war between Sol and Tau Ceti, the people at Ceres’ Lance have once again turned their attention inwards. They were on the TC-side of the fence during the conflict and have opted to remain for the duration of their contract - and in doing so become more and more entrenched within the NanoTrasen corporate umbrella.

Fully aware of the chaos that the conflict brings, the brass at the Lance have decided it’s been time enough for another sweep, the goal being to catch any untagged shells and illegal IPCs that may have slipped the net.

As with other sweeps, any IPCs without tags will be charged with being an unregistered positronic and be immediately retagged. The Lancers will work with the on-station security team to make sure this is done. Units MAY be squirreled away to be quizzed about other untagged positronics if there’s reasonable suspicion that they may know of any.

The sweep went off without a hitch, with cooperation from nearly all station staff. Security stepped up to assist a very thin-on-the-ground Lancer team, and most crewmembers were tested. It was revealed that the bartender on shift was hiding on station as an untagged shell, claiming to have been untagged and modified by a "friend". The unit was taken into custody by the Ceres' Lance without incident.

Crew may see Ceres' Lance operatives on station in their day to day, as the confirmation of hidden shells has drawn their attention to the sector. Ceres' Lance characters played by approved event players may occasionally drop in on random rounds as visitors. Please keep an eye out for them!

Who knows about it : Anyone paying attention to Ceres' Lance in the news may know the sweeps have started again.

Host/participants : Tailson(Ceres' Lance Researcher Giselle Royce), Other Lancers (unconfirmed)

Edited by Tailson

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