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  1. I must respectfully disagree. I am banned for using a stun baton, carrying a weapon on blue alert, and not announcing my arresting someone. This happens to me all the time! Even from Uaekis once. Is he jobbanned? No, he is whitelisted for Head of Security. And again, I would like to apologize for doing so. But I can not be jobbanned for breaking standard operation procedures.
  2. I actually didn't have room in my backpack, belt, or suit storage.
  3. Considerable force? No. Without saying anything? Yes. I will give you that, but that hardly deserves a job ban.
  4. Another bad trait for a security officer is letting criminals go because what they did was an accident. And you don't always arrest to solve a situation, you do it to punish them. And I had a weapon in my possession at all times because it was recommended, as there were two highly dangerous individuals roaming the station, and all of the security supplies (stun batons, tazers, etc.) were taken. And we had a kill order on them.
  5. I advise you read the player complaint for the full reasoning, though. Alright, let's see... I did not overstep any bounds, we were on red alert and there was a dangerous situation, and the bees were infesting the library and hurting many people around that area, check logs for people shouting for medbay. If misconduct means being an asshole IC, then yes, I preformed security officer misconduct. I explained previously that the arrests were required. I never created a dangerous situation? I would like for you to elaborate more on that.
  6. I believe the ban request was removed from the forum, I can not seem to find it.
  7. BYOND Key: TheNitrosKiller2 Total Ban Length: Permanent Banning staff member's Key: [unknown] Reason of Ban: Shooting someone as security for no reason. Arresting two people for no reason. Reason for Appeal: So, I was a security officer this round (I was jobbanned from all of security), and it was a nuke ops round. We were in red alert, and I had a C20-R SMG that I got from a nuke op that I arrested. I had it out because there were two nuke ops that had broke in to the armory previously, and flying around the station, so I wanted to be prepared (and red alert, so it wasn't illegal). The botanist let out a ton of bees on the starboard side of the ship, (oh my god, there were so many) and I and a few others got stung (yet, the admins believe that no one was stung). So, I found the botanist and arrested him for neglect of duty for endangering the crew by letting the bees escape botany and not be caught. So, I was hauling his ass to security when another asshole tried to break him free. He disarmed me, and the game mechanics dictate that "my gun goes off during the struggle", and the bullet hit the botanist (another reason for the jobban). So, I arrested the bloke who tried to free the botanist. I think Samantha helped me take both of them to security. I had them in a cell for a minute before the shuttle came, and I tried to take them. Another reason I was banned was because I "harmbattoned them" while in fact, I just battoned them once each because I got stuck in between them in the pod. Quite frankly, bullshit. That is why I wish to be unbanned from all security roles.
  8. You are an administrator of a heavy role play server. As in realistic.
  9. BYOND Key: TheNitrosKiller2 Total Ban Length: Permanent Banning staff member's Key: Unknown Reason of Ban: Banned from Syndicate - Ganking as nuke ops - shot repeatedly at random people in an attempt to "instill fear", tried to break into areas filled with unarmed civilians with obvious attempts to cause harm, ganked the non-resisting HoP with an esword to take his ID instead of roleplaying. Reason for Appeal: I did gank the Head of Personnel, but he had intent to shoot me. He had pulled a gun on me before. I required his identification card to help get the nuclear disk (adjust my identification card to give me captains access, then take the nuke disk from the captain's office). And about role playing, I don't think syndicate operatives are psychopaths that drag their victims in to a room, and have a neat little conversation together before they kill their person with a knife. Or drag a bag over their heads and cut their throats. They just kill them. That is the safest way to do it. And they don't just randomly kill, and that was not a random kill. And you can not mug a man with a backpack. And, had I left him alone he could have contacted central and gotten an emergency response team to the station to deal with the syndicate threat. And, me and my partner did shoot in to crowds. They refused to move when I told them to "Move!", and I needed them to fear us, so they would comply with my orders. And, I felt threatened by this big mass of people who could overrun me, push me, and then get me killed. It is that easy, especially if it is a group of 10 people, some of them armed security forces. And, I had business to deal with on the other side of their mass so I had to get them to move. And, getting people in to the medical bay causes a lot of good role play, and fun for the shot party (I do not believe I killed anyone but the Head of Personnel and an assistant who ran at me with a crowbar). I also did not attempt to break in to any areas to try to cause harm. Additionally, I wish to apologize to anyone who was negatively affected by this event. I would also like to state I have been a nuclear operative only a few times, and it is hard to role play as someone/something that you have hardly any experience with. Thank you.
  10. In response to that, I had a long absence and in that absence, Hippie Station became a thing along with Phoenix. And BestRP had also fallen. And I have not bothered to register for the forums. Think of India. Most of India is a slum. But, there are really wealthy people there who control India. And since Earth is really industrial now, it would make sense that a manufacturing company would have wealth and power. Companies do not instantly know everything about you. It could have been kept hidden. Sadly, no. In my absence I have forgot much about SS13. I was addicted and I needed a break. I forgot the mechanics, the player base, and the servers and what I had done on them. Not to be rude, but I have probably been on here longer, but since my absence you just haven't seen me. I found Apollo that way, and when I saw it not on the server list after my absence. So I needed to find a replacement and Aurora seemed nice. I learned that this server broke off of Apollo. And I did not bother to register for the Apollo forum. They were wealthy because Earth, in the first place was an industrial planet. That is how they made their enterprise in industrial related things. Society on Earth may have changed, but some of the owners of other businesses that worked with Valentine enterprises could have been bigots and could have reflected badly on business. From what I have seen, you don't need to shoot someone or attack someone to rob a store. You can just threaten them and ask for money. The military would want someone even with a criminal record because A) there are not a lot of people on earth and B) everyone is poor, they need someone who is healthy and fit for service. And just because I was a security cadet once, doesn't mean that is his job all the time. As I said, I wasn't here for a while. Then there weren't many, and I haven't seen that many now, either. And none the less, he is still a minority, making him different. This isn't the Why, this is just is he fit for it. Space invaders can just be generic invaders that live in space. And a formal education from elementary through college, I assume would be much sought after. It is healthy, I just forgot the name, is all. Yes, I agree with that completely. And I apologize. I can tell you, I was a frequent player before this place split off from Apollo.
  11. BYOND key: TheNitrosKiller2. Character Names: Anastasia Kosmanov, Maximilian Valentine, Ace Crowley, Mobius Klein. How long have you been playing on Aurora?: Since before Aurora broke off from Apollo. Why do you want to be on the whitelist?: So I may lead my fellow crew members to greatness. And heads are fun to play. Why did you come to Aurora?: Well, quite a while ago I was browsing servers to see which should be my main. This was it. Have you read the BS12 wiki on the head roles you plan on playing?: Why yes, I have. I also have a lot of experience. Give a definition of what you think roleplay is, and should be about: I agree in how role play is defined in the rules (partly because I am having trouble finding words to describe it). I think role play is being "able to assume the role of a character and stay in that role." You should have your character different than yourself, and to think of this as real life, not a video game. What do you think the OOC purpose of a Head of Staff is, ingame?: I think that the Head of Staff should be limited to in character power, none out of character (unless of course, you are staff or really well liked by other players). In game, the head of staff is a leader among their department. They are also part of the best in their department. They are also important to the whole crew, advisers and informers to the captain. And as the captain you advise and inform other heads of staff. What do you think the OOC responsibilities of Whitelisted players are to other players, and how would you strive to uphold them?: I think that whitelisted players are leaders among the community with the admins. They are to be respected. I would uphold them by doing my best to be respected, and lead my community. Character name: Maximilian Valentine Character age: 31 Please provide a short biography of this character (approx 2 paragraphs): Maximilian Valentine was born to a wealthy family on Earth, the heir to Valentine Enterprises. He was formally educated, unlike many people who lived on Earth. As he grew older, he found that he was gay. He decided to come out to his parents, but to his surprise, he was met with disapproval. This caused a scandal that hurt his fathers company. For this, he was kicked out of his house, forced to live on the streets. The only thing he could do to live was to somehow get in to prison. He non-violently robbed a store so he could receive shelter in prison. He barely made it out, but when he did he decided that he needed to get a job, not go to prison again. He joined the 9th Earth Battalion of Space Marines. Here he was trained in martial arts, and weaponry. He became very robust. After fighting in a few wars, he decided as he got older to settle down with a real job, not the army. However, when he went back to Earth he was awarded a Medal of Valor for saving his best friend in battle, Ace Crowley. He found a high paying job at NSS Aurora, where he would be handsomely paid. And that is where the story of Maximilian Valentine... For now. What do you like about this character?: Max is different, as a member of the LGBT(Q) community. What do you dislike about this character?: Max has impulse problems. His parents were murdered the night he was kicked out, sparking a rumor he killed them. Do you think this character is fit to be a Head of Staff? (Please note that Head characters must be over 30, unless given special clearance): Yes, I do believe he is fit for staff. He is 31 (31 > 30) Why?: Max has a lot of experience (as do I) in leadership roles. He led his battalion through two waves of Space Invaders. He is also very smart, as he received a formal education. He also can handle himself and survive for a while without much. Like when he was stranded on a derelict Soviet Space Station, with not much but a space suit and an oxygen tank that could fit in his pocket. How would you rate your own roleplaying?: I believe that my role playing is an 8 / 10. I am not always perfect, but I do very well with role playing. I have been playing this game for 3 years, and before that have watched many S.S.13 Youtubers who also helped out with that. I mainly play Baystation, and I read all the role playing guides. Extra notes: I have been admin on one server before I was fired for unknown reasons. I was Co-owner on a server before it died expectantly.
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