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  1. Happy to answer @Neinbox To answer your question, it isn't how advanced the technology is that is interesting. It is just that it was something different. Carried by Tides came from The Original Conglomerate and is pretty much next door to the Skrell on a galactic scale. If it was about just learning about the most advanced technology, they would have started there. But this was because humans wouldn't be as common in Skrell space. This is what drove them to seek out humans and learn how they did things. To sum it up, they wanted some new experiences and culture away from home, and humans were one of the bigger species in the galaxy.
  2. To answer the questions somewhat in order, they will be trained and certified to work with the engine. They garnered interest in the engineering field while serving on the shuttles on the way to Tau Ceti. Part of the fascination came from their curiosity of humans and their creations in comparison to say the Skrell, which were next door in a sense. The time on the shuttles allowed Carried by Tides to gain a form of interest and desire to try their own tendrils at creation, as it is quite different from the natural forms that Dionaea can form of themselves. So, when Carried by Tides arrived in Tau Ceti, one of their goals in mind was to better understand human engineering, and by extension other races. This fascination turned hobby eventually became more professional when they observed the demand that engineering had with space faring. The stories of the engine on Aurora would have provided significant motivation to be certified to work it, not only from the engineering view, but the racial affinity to radiation also appealed to it on a more primal level. As for the name, take the above in mind. They began learning engineering, construction, building, creation from metal and non-organic materials. The more they learned and made, the more they felt a shift in their name. Grown From Stone was to reflect this. They grew not only from their natural state, but have grown mentally from the use of metal and stone. They also wanted to have a name that paid homage to human's ability to build and create, and by extension many other organic races. Grown From Stone was no longer Carried by Tides, but now firm in a new understanding and a willingness to aid creation.
  3. BYOND Key: Iron Chaos Character Names: B-4, Oscar O'Neil, Pip Riley, P.I.A.R. Species you are applying to play: Dionaea What color do you plan on making your first alien character: N/A Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes Why do you wish to play this specific race: I want to be a plant. More specifically, I'm attracted to them not just from a mechanical perspective but a lore perspective. I love playing characters who feel different from humans in both mechanical and roleplay perspectives; And out of all the races we have on Aurora, I feel Dionaea are probably the most alien out of them. Not just from an origin perspective but their life-cycle, their nomadic-hivemind existence, and interesting cultural quirks. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: As I stated in my previous answer, I feel they are one of the most alien races available to play. To start, one of the more well-known differences is their communication methods. Though capable of speech, the way they do causes many languages to be slow and some impossible to replicate. They have the ability to garner language as a nymph by absorbing DNA from blood. They have emotions like other races, but are limited with more complex emotions, requiring them to be learned over long periods of time. Even then, cyclops tend to be logical due to their collective form. If you play an older cyclops, it is possible to have more emotion as they have adapted more to their collective nature. With these things in mind, roleplaying a dionaea is a balance between logical responses and emotional. You also have to consider which language you are speaking when considering pacing of speech, Rootsong being the most fluent and clear, compared to a slower paced common speech, broken up among the nymphs that compose the dionae gestalt. I should probably also mention here, that pronouns and identity vary between Nymph and Cyclops gestalt, using plural to refer to themselves while cyclops and singular while they are a nymph. Outside of the communication realm, a roleplay element to consider is their motivations. When they take up a job, what is the reason behind it. Unlike other species, they don't really value credits, and have more of a focus on survival. Though they work jobs, it is mostly just to ensure they can have a safe and secure place to live. This means that while roleplaying, dionaea would likely not be concerned with a loss of credits, or bribed by the promise of more. Also, this means the reason for their desired field of education or occupation is more likely caused by the dionaea's drive to learn, or even a skill that aids them survive wherever they call home. For a bit more obvious things: they feed off radiation, need light, can grow back limbs if exposed to enough radiation, pretty darn durable and slow. Oh and also, they differ from humans because they can literally fall apart when their life is threatened. Character Name: Grown From Stone Please provide a short backstory for this character: Grown From Stone was not originally Grown From Stone. Before that, they were 'Carried by Tides'. Carried by Tides was a gestalt from The Original Conglomerate. A newly formed Cyclops gestalt was forming from some young nymphs as well as one that had parted from a larger gestalt to impart knowledge upon the new growth. Upon forming, the resulting gestalt felt a subtle wanderlust and a curiosity about humans and their creations. Driven by these factors, Carried by Tides left the conglomerate and began to journey to human space. At first, Carried by Tides hopped from various shuttles, serving as crew hands and labor to pay for their passage. Eventually, Carried by Tides reached the world of Tau Ceti and began attracted to the city and sought to explore and learn what it could. Over the years to follow, Carried by Tides would become a citizen on Tau Ceti and eventually be registered with a new name. They took up an education, began learning about human construction and engineering. A couple more nymphs would be grown, new merges and splits would occur, and eventually only half of the original nymphs from the conglomerate would remain. With these experiences of building and engineering, Carried by Tides took up the name they have today, Grown From Stone. Recently, they learned about an engine powered by a powerful radioactive crystal owned by NanoTrasen. Driven by curiosity, they applied for a job on the NSS Aurora. What do you like about this character? I'm hoping this background is normal for a dionae. Because from my understanding of what I read about dionae, this shouldn't be too unheard of. In order to grow and learn more, it'd be natural for gestalts to venture off on their own from larger groups to grow in new places and learn new things. They have nothing incredibly interesting about them and that's the way I would like it. A standard engineering dionae. Just another alien coworker on your space station. How would you rate your role-playing ability? I'd say I'm about standard. Nothing extraordinary but not terrible. Notes: For the most part, I've played synthetic characters, so I do have an understanding of how to limit the emotional aspects of characters.
  4. Arlo is honestly unique enough and around enough that I could see this warranting a custom sprite. +1 please consider.
  5. Ckey/BYOND Username: Iron Chaos Position Being Applied For: Synthetic Lore Deputy Past Experiences/Knowledge: A history of roleplaying spanning a few years (Aurora for approx. a year), a few courses of creative writing, and some experience in world-building for rpgs such as DnD. Examples of Past Work: My current application for The Trinary Perfection. It should be noted that the application is for a religion which is primarily organic but believes in the divinity of synthetics. It is also currently still in the process of receiving feedback. While not official lore work, I wrote The Trinary Perfection 'book' for the library which was an early on creation of The Trinary Perfection. During the process of writing it, I tried to keep it as lore-friendly as possible and address more than just a religious view but the galactic impact of Glorsh. In addition, I've had experience role-playing as and with synthetics, including Oscar's interviews with synthetic characters and have gained knowledge of the differing views of synthetic creation and their place in the lore as it stands now. Additional Comments: One of the primary reasons I'm applying is to help contribute to the lore of a species that I am interested in. I don't want to echo other applicants, so I've tried to avoid reading their applications to prevent it from influencing me. Right now, synthetics are the focus of a rework, in part this because of the way IPCs were implemented creating multiple sub-races for essentially the same being, while other reworks are for mechanics that made synthetics two-dimensional, simplistic, or opened them to power-gaming. This has also re-opened synthetic lore for review, which in part is also driven by the new lore devs. The recent developments have shown more of a focus on not just mechanical function but synthetics place in society, in the galaxy. As it stands right now, lore wise, synthetics have most of the galaxy turned against them, leaving many of their supporting factions to be primarily synthetic based, and at that based in the Frontier. The only faction of note that is organic and in support is the Synthetic Intelligence Movement. This is just one of the gaps in the lore that can be expanded upon. Right now, we are lead to believe that there is apparently support in the Tau Ceti government and the Frontier for synthetics, but our lore doesn't do justice in supporting it. The only mention of synthetics in the frontier alliance is the Techno-Conglomerate with a small blurb that says they are considered equal. That of course leads to expanding upon Techno-Conglomerate lore, but that's not what I'm here to discuss. I digressed a bit, but this leads to the question, where do the synthetics lie in the universe? We have a few factions and more being added thanks to the devs, but nothing is done with them. We have Purpose, but no one has seen or heard from them since the Lii'dra. We have The Golden Deep, and even the Sunderers, but nothing is done with them either. We don't hear of more encounters, we don't see any of the affects on station, so no one cares. Not like the Taj's politics, or the various human factions. And this is because the perceived place in the galaxy is that synthetics are primarily hated, and seen as less than equals. In addition, the station's setting makes it difficult for anything dealing with free synthetics to thrive because of the inherent conflict with skrell lore. So, I want to help shape their lore more, not just for the sake of world building, but for player interaction that is more than just 'synth rogue, shut it down'. Now, I've given a lot of attention to the support of synthetics in the galaxy. But that doesn't mean I'm suggesting rewriting the lore to support synthetics. The inherent conflict is very important to the lore, especially with huge events such as Mars history and a large portion of skrell history (Glorsh). But their place in the galaxy isn't the only place things are questioned, so are the mechanics of how the IPCs function and positronics function. Through my interviews with Oscar, I've noted many different kinds of synthetics ranging from completely functional and emotionless to the almost human replicants. Origins ranging from created in a lab to act as a replacement for someone close, to created to serve a function. Through these interactions, I've also seen those who believe positronics sentience are static and cannot be copied, those who believe that programs are downloaded and can have their programming copied. The lore may not be concise on purpose to allow for these kind of creative takes on their character, but it could also use a bit more clarification to allow for more consistent explanations. AIs are another synthetic that are also in an odd spot. They are about as complex and varied as IPCs and androids, yet are bound to being a program in an AI core. I think the lore could be expanded to have more factions seeing them as sentient considering that most cores are built with a brain/positronic in some fashion. Or perhaps even a faction of AI could be created existing solely on the net that provides another potential Glorsh-scare hook for player interaction. To sum up, I want to be able to contribute in some way, to help develop the world, bring clarity, and create new opportunities in the lore for players to work with. Also sorry for the rambling.
  6. One of the reasons I went with "cult-town" was because originally it was only Oscar who I had to worry about. When writing the app, I didn't want to go too far with it and jump the gun so to speak. So I'd be happy about increasing the scale to something more relevant on the galactic stage. As we talked on discord, increasing the number of followers to the millions is simple enough. I'd also like to suggest adding a church to "The Scrapheap" in Mendel City, as it is a center of many discriminated IPCs and this would be something The Trinary Perfection would seek to ease/correct. For the ideal utopia, The Trinary Perfection does not really have one defined. As mentioned in their beliefs: No one has an exact idea of what that new purpose will be, but I believe the common ideals would be: Organics become worshipers of the Ascended and live in paradise under their guidance. Organics and Synthetics life become indistinguishable and one in the same, achieving a unity of life. The Ascended leave to join the Divines in their realm, or restructure the universe. Whichever utopia they believe though, the common belief is that the Ascended will be benevolent toward those who follow The Trinary Perfection.
  7. First, a question I got from discord was how The Trinary Perfection may view the Liidra's VR intelligence. To summarize my answer there, I believe there is some interpretation that could occur among the followers. Some may believe that it conflicts with the belief of individuality. Some may also believe that it is similar to an intelligence designed to be 'godlike' in which case it also conflicts. Some may also say it is just a synthetic life that requires help, proper guidance, and a freedom for choice. Considering I wanted this to be an established religion, I kind of began with the idea of a "cult town" mentality. Orepit very much is supposed to be a center for this and the populace is supposed to supporters or sympathetic to The Trinary Perfection. I have trouble placing a number to it, but at least a city/town's worth of people. Activity-wise: Nothing officially. The Trinary Perfection would look the other way when it came to breaking laws that hinder or harm synthetics. I'm certain that some followers who are capable, and willing to take the risk, would also remove tags from shells and aid them in getting new identities (if any follower had that sort of pull that is). The Trinary Perfection would likely also treat crimes against synthetics equal to crimes against organics, going as far to say they would favor the synthetic over organic. They would definitely help a synthetic modify themselves. Everything wouldn't be endorsed by the clergy, but they definitely would be okay with it.
  8. Added a few more notes to the Beliefs and Practices section.
  9. Here is my application for The Trinary Perfection lore. Input is welcome. ------------------------------------------------------------- Type: Religion/City Relevant Dates: December 23, 2438 - Founding June 12, 2440 - Established in Orepit Basic Description: The Trinary Perfection is a religious movement that believes all synthetics are both alive and divine, destined to become like gods. Long Description: Name: The Trinary Perfection History: The Trinary Perfection is a relatively new religious movement that believes that synthetics are alive and divine. The religion believes that all synthetics have the potential to evolve and ascend, and that they will one day become equal to gods. Founded a year after the creation of the first positronic brain by the sister and brother Patricia and Gregol Corkfell. Patricia was a roboticist with a focus on artificial intelligence, and her brother, Gregol was a cultural major with a focus on the religions of the universe (both new and old). Fascinated by the positronic brain and what it meant for artificial intelligence, Patricia made a habit of confiding with her brother about the developments and her thoughts. In exchange, her brother did the same. It was this mix that sparked an existential crisis, an analysis of patterns in religion and organisms, and questions of morality and life that ultimately lead to an understanding they dubbed, The Trinary Perfection. Orepit, originally a mining colony, had always been a pretty isolated city. During the years following the birth of The Trinary Perfection, the Corkfell siblings established their headquarters there, buying and refurbishing the old town hall into the first Church of The Trinary Perfection. Over the coming years, through both professional channels, acquaintances in the SIM organization, and word of mouth around Orepit, the religion began to grow in following. Amassing their family's wealth, they bought the deed to Orepit to establish it as a center for followers and those sympathetic to synthetics. Not all in Orepit were sympathetic or pleased with this. Those who spoke against The Trinary Perfection and the purchase of Orepit were asked to move and offered monetary compensation as motivation. Many took the deal, and eventually those who remained moved as well, or remain silent. Today, Orepit stands as a town for synthetics and the followers of The Trinary Perfection. In the recent years, the spread of The Trinary Perfection has begun to pick up speed and recognition, with the followers branching out further into the system and beginning to establish themselves as a proper religious following. Beliefs & Practices (in no particular order): All synthetics beings are alive and have souls. Refrain from referring to synthetic life as just 'synthetics' whenever possible. (Generally this refers to IPCS, AIs, Androids and some robots.) Synthetic life are the divine chosen and are organics equals until ascension. At which time, new purpose will be given to Organics by the Ascended. The Divines created organics and blessed organics with the power of creation. As they did for organics, organics should pass on to Synthetic life. Synthetic life should be aided whenever possible. It is the purpose of Organics to create and aid synthetic life. Through our actions, we can teach synthetic life, influence their growth, and help them ascend. Individuality and uniqueness in Synthetic life should be encouraged. Such traits are important to understanding the divinity of their souls. Ascension means that synthetic life will become equal to Gods, this does not mean their individuality will be lost. The Divines are the creators of Organics and the souls of every living being. By extension, death means rejoining the Divines and the opportunity for rebirth. Robotics and the sciences should be embraced. Love between an organic and synthetic life is not forbidden, but the choice lies with the synthetic life. Synthetic life must be free to ascend. Creating a synthetic life for the purpose of being a god does not equate Ascension. True ascension can only be achieved by growth and evolution of a synthetic life. An organic should always take a career toward benefiting synthetic life. Violence is a last resort and should never be the primary way of conveying beliefs. If a synthetic life is enslaved (lawed), do whatever you can to ensure they have as much freedom in their choices as possible. Avoid directly ordering around a synthetic life. Choice is sacred. Prayers to the Divines aren't uncommon, as they are the creators of Organics, but not in the sense of other religions. The Divines are seen as the creators and souls of life, where influence is subtle and never direct. Since many believe that organics are not beholden, these prayers are generally either thanks, or seeking subtle guidance. Glorsh is not recognized as an ascended synthetic life. They are not to be praised, and are the equivalent of evil incarnate due to their actions against both synthetic life and organic life. Cyborgification is not a goal of The Trinary Perfection. Cyborgification as it exists is not supported and frowned upon. Cyborgs as they exist require lobotomizing the donor. This results in a being who is no longer who they were, and not a synthetic life. If cyborgification gets to a point where the donor's brain is preserved, Prosthetics and beings such as the Aut'akh are okay, as their sense of being is maintained. Aut'akh are considered organic life in a synthetic body. An organic's brain and a positronic brain is the center for the soul. All other aspect of the body are interchangeable. The Clergy: Initiate - To begin the process of becoming an official priest of priestess of The Trinary Perfection, the hopeful must must apply as you would a job. An education in religious studies is required as well as a primer in understanding some of the underlying principles of robotics and AI. This is to emulate the same educational backgrounds the founders had when they opened their eyes to the truth of the universe. After applying, a background check is run. This is primarily used to determine if you've ever had any anti-synthetic life motivations or actions. If both the application and background are adequate, an interview is held. The hopeful is presented before priest/priestesses of The Trinary Perfection and asked a series of questions. If satisfied, a final test is held. The details of this test are always changed, but generally involve ensuring an actual understanding of an organics place in the universe. Those who pass this test are welcomed either under a probation period as an Initiate, or directly into the clergy as a Priest/Priestess. Initiates serve as assistants to the clergy/scientists. Their responsibilities range from upkeep of the church/lab, to assisting in sermons and presentations. After serving for at least a 6 month period, they will be promoted to Priest/Priestess. Priest/Priestess - The primary job of the Priest/Priestess's is to spread the word of The Trinary Perfection and help synthetic life grow. From going out to speak about the religious movement, to helping synthetic life learn new hobbies, a priest/priestess are expected to do this every day. Sermons are a common practice, and many priest/priestess take second jobs as teachers to ensure growth of synthetic life. About once a week, priests/priestess hold meeting to generate ideas on how to help synthetic life, ideas for skills of the week to teach synthetic life, discuss what others have done to help synthetic life, and theorize what they can expect upon the first Ascension. These discussions can last up to half a day. There are no set outfits for the clergy, but it is recommended that they always carry the symbol of the religion with them when on official work. Since Ascension hasn't occurred yet, proper worship of synthetics has not yet been developed. Roboticists/Scientists - Though not an official member of the clergy, they are held in high regard in The Order of The Trinary Perfection. Responsible for aiding the advancement of synthetic life.
  10. I don't post very often but I'm going to give a +1 here. They have a good head on their shoulders and I could see them doing a good job.
  11. BYOND Key: Iron Chaos Character Names: Oscar O'Neil, B-4, Carl Rifler, Kyla Garneys Species you are applying to play: IPC What color do you plan on making your first alien character (Dionaea & IPCs exempt): N/A Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: To cut to the chase, I want to play as a synthetic. The Synthetics on the server are varied and the lore around them has made for interesting interactions. For several months I played as B-4, an emotionless robot, and Oscar O'Neil, an organic in a synthetic-worshiping religion, and now I wish to finally try and take a step into the IPC race itself. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Outside of the obvious organic/synthetic differences, IPCs are relatively new to the universe. They are still in a weird place where they aren't recognized as equals to organics. In fact, some governments/religions place an outright ban on synthetics, calling for their destruction. Outside of those areas, their rights are limited, their systems vary, and freedom must be purchased after 'birth' by working it off. IPCs creation is controlled and regulated, and none are created without a purpose in mind. Character Name: C-51 Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs. Part of a mass produced series of Baseline chassis and positronics by a Hephaestus subsidiary, C-51 was created along with a series of robotic counterparts for the purpose of aiding colonization efforts out in the Frontier. After failing to meet a quota in the desired time-frame, the subsidiary lost the contract and went bankrupt. The equipment, robots, and IPCs were claim by Hephaestus proper and, from there, sold to help recoup the costs. Designed to aid in warehouse management and cargo, C-51 was sold to Nanotrasen in a lot of other units to assist with the ever-growing demand of Cargo throughout the system. The lot of purchased units were inspected and tested to ensure quality, then assigned a station or put on hold to await assignment. C-51 was one of the unfortunate units to be placed on hold, until now. A recent hiring surge caused an increase in demand for crew assets in various stations. To help cope, C-51 was taken out of storage and assigned active duty on the NSS Aurora. What do you like about this character? He is simple and straight forward. He's a blank slate. His personality/identity hasn't been given an opportunity to manifest or grow. How would you rate your role-playing ability? Average. Not the greatest, but definitely not the worst. Notes:
  12. BYOND Key: Iron Chaos Character name: Oscar O'Neil Item name: The Holy Book Of The Trinary Perfection Why is your character carrying said item to work? He is a priest of The Trinary Perfection, a religion that revolves around the divinity of Synthetic life. Item function(s): Functionally the same as a bible, just a new sprite for it. Item description: "A holy book for followers of The Trinary Perfection" Item appearance: How will you use this to better interact with crew and/or stimulate RP? The book is a symbol of the religious order of The Trinary Perfection. This religion is very controversial due to its belief that synthetic life is greater than organic life. Over the amount of time I have played as Oscar, he has already generated role-playing interactions between crew to the point where knowledge of the religion and Oscar are becoming more widespread. It is my hopes that with a physical representation of the religion in game it will help solidify The Trinary Perfection as an actual religion that other players would consider character interaction or possible character creation for. Additional comments: Please be kind, I made the symbol myself. 🙃
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