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  1. Indeed, I am thinking of one I dont have anything yet but I think i'll be making him from frontier so im reserching about Frontier and stuff and im trying to come up with something that would make him intresting for olther players to interact with.
  2. Well I hope I can meet you ingame than, I cant even belive that someone would even care about my lore let alone making a charecter about it. Im waiting on whats left in of the "original" lore so I can finaly have charecters that are ok with ingame lore.
  3. I realy cant thank you enough, I couldent even think that someone would took time just to fix it.
  4. HO NO! I WENT DOWN THERE! ah well got any tips how to fix it? I realy dont want to make evrything revolt around my charecter. I am willing to change stuff if it makes my charecter less of a Gary Stu.
  5. I understand, I had to see it coming. ah well it was fun till it lasted. I can only hope I people had a fun time interacting with my charecters.
  6. Type (e.g. Planet, Faction, System):Faction(?) Founding/Settlement Date (if applicable):2440(ish) Region of Space:Sol Controlled by (if not a faction):Sol? Other Snapshot information: this is kinda my first time. Im writing more of a mini-lore for Italy to make it more intresting for olther players. also this is going to be a long one since all of my charecter use this mini lore. I tried as hard as possible to not be confliting with the plot of the server/game. I am willing to change some plot points. (im sorry for my shity grammar and for how long it is but i've spent way to much time in the making and I want to do the thing in the right, respectfull way so im coming here.) Long Description: 2440: More than one plague starts in italy quickly infecting most of the people, the goverment acted fast and putted italy in quarantine and denied anything is happening there. the rest of the world is safe but in italy a lot is happening and people called it "The Cataclysm" In General: The infections hits hard, a lot of people die the military gets called to contain the infection, the first creature that comes from one of the infections is a slime like persons (I will post the how the infections works later) and bandits allready plague the land. the military says they will carpet bomb the big cities as a desperate attempt to contain the infection. the only ones who survive the infection are: The Farmers, The Hunters, The Miners and The Sailours. Alessio Varani: he stayed at home and went out side just to scavange for suplies during the night. Nibal Varani: he's at the countryside oblivious of anything, still farming... enjoying retirement. Boris Kopilov: [he has another difrent plot which until 2449, i'll explain his plot in another post. but short story: he's from a far planet colonizited by the soviet in the 1990, there is some sort of cold war between the Supreme Unite State (on the east) and the Workers Republic Tyrranny (on the west) but for now its not important he's there] Valerio De Medici: isnt born yet. 2441: The Military decises to retreat and protect the border, most of people are either dead or not even human anymore. The Hunters Decide to unionize forming a mini goverment: The Hunters Kritharchy (i'll go indepth in 2460). The Farmers stop to belive in god (jesus you know?) and start to belive in Farmhand the V (the god of farming). Most of the Bandits are infected but not dead yet. Alessio Varani: Finds out about a bar full of people either infected, near death, or not even human anymore (becose of how deep the infection goes to stay alive). Alessio Varani starts to understand that there is still humanity left in these persons even if they arent one anymore. Nibal Varani: Moves into a city to visit his grandson, quickly discovers whats going on and almost gets robbed by bandits. Valerio de Medici: is born that year, the family moves city to city. 2442: Italy gets bombed from someone unknown (which is either NT or [you choose lore makers] to test some chemical weapon and since italy is in quarantine it would be a great opportunity). The Shells were filled with a bio-chemical weapon. which mutated his surroundings to fit the virus life style and the infection created some new creatures. The Farmers form "The Farmers Republic". if you want to know the creatures i'll post it down later. Alessio Varani: Stays at home in his appartment, not risking it. Nibal Varani: goes to a near village and joins "The Farmers Republic". Valerio de Medici: his family gets killed by a group of bandits, he gets rescued by a cultist(i'll explain about the cult later) 2443: The panic has cooled down... on the streets there are deserted, save for some scavangers. The Sailours decide to colonize an island and found the Saiours Tyranny (Tyranny in the greek meaning) Alessio Varani: He starts to get curious about these creatures, he goes to on one of the places were the bomb fell (I have the page were he talks about how he went there, i'll post it if you want to see it) meets his future love. Nibal Varani: Back at living the quiet life on the country side, sometimes defending him self by bandits with his rusty shotgun. Valerio De Medici: the cultist that rescued him is keeping him hiden from the olther cultist in fear on what would happend (by the way he's like an Elite Cultist). he teaches valerio the basics, how to walk, to talk, to write, ecc. 2444: The Miners starts to build underground City-States and found the Miners Timocracy. Alessio Varani: Stays home sick from the exposure of the toxic gas, gets some visits from the friends he made at the bar. Nibal Varani:[old man stuff] Valerio De Medici: still growing up as a young cultist but still keept in secret. 2445: a plague has evolved to dangerous levels, and now this infection has started to infect the land it self. Alessio Varani: gets informed by a Farmer who has been rejected by his comunity after not being human anymore, that there is a comunity were there are still survivors. so Alessio Varani leaves the now deserted city and meets with the comunity of survivors. and meets back with is father. Nibal Varani: gets re-united with his grandson Alessio Varani. Valerio de Medici: becomes more attached about the cult, starts to learn more about the medicine 2446: The Goverment that quarantine italy now is more intrested on how are the people going to rebuild civilization back from scratch and send some undercover scienceist. meanwhile the italian have regressed in tecnology making makeshift fire arms and vehicels that look similar to 1930 techology. Alessio Varani/Nibal Varani: Find their Family Doctor in the woods. Valerio De Medici: gets discovered by fellow cultist but the olther cultist dont tell their god (less than a god and more of a godlike person). 2447: The Saioulrs discovers that they are indeed in a quarantine, they try to start a trade route between them and the out side world. Alessio Varani: Starts to study Virology and Botany from the Family Doctor. Nibal Varani: starts building a car for him self. Valerio de Medici: Starts Exploring the outside world (outside of the church he lived all his life) with his(now friend) Rescuer. I'll post here the indepth look at the various diseases -Slimelung Slime lung are spore/gas made from slimes that are made by "evaporating" (being under the hot sun or by hardwork). slimelung stay's in the lungs of the infected and absorbs the bloodcell full of oxygen and replaces the oxygen of the bloodcell with more slimelung, it expeands until it takes all the lungs which will mimic the lungs keeping his host alive, at this point the infection cant be cured and the infection will spread to all the body first converting the organs(expect the brain), than the skin and the bone finaly with the brain. it can be reversd with enough Anti-Biotics on Stage 1. .it takes 24 hours to reach Stage 4. the symptoms are: Stage 1:Bad Cough Stage 2:difficulty breathing,Starts to exhaleing slimelung Stage 3:intanse pain,Vomiting of slime Stage 4:Becoming a slime -Miasma of Darkness This was the gas that was in some shells that bombed the many city's, the foul miasma dosent kill, it lives inside his host. it infects humans and earth,The Miasma is weak to Light, UV or Solar will kill it. it will transform the host to make it more easyer to live in,the possible transformations are: Banshee,Savages,Corrupted.[Edit:Rooted, Defected Banshee].the sorrounding will be covered in trees so the leaf will cover the ground and help the miasma survive. The Water and Air is highly toxic also the ground is so corrupted that anything that grown on will die or be so toxic that eating it will poison you. it dosent affect full infected, since their body changed so much that they are immune to toxins.[Edit: It also makes you Immune from any disease]the cure is: Staying in the Light/Sunlight and Bloodletting.[Stage 2] usualy the infection takes a weak to reach stage 4 the symptoms are: Stage 1:Coughing,Discomfort by Sunlight,Loss of Pigmentation Stage 2:Coughing of more Miasma, appeal to Darkness and Corrupted Forest Region Stage 3:Being Immune to Toxin[Edit:and Disease],Insanity Stage 4:Mutations, Getting Burned by Sunlight. -Tainted Blood Also Know As: Red Death or Blood Plague. The Infection is transmited through Infected Blood. the infection covers surfaces on the infected surface will be like somesort scab like tissue and will grow Bloody Flora and Fauna and/or somesort of Organic Barbwire. Most notable Plant are blood Roses that are expecialy spiky (pretty much anysurface is spiky even grass),if you get pricked on something the little spike will be stuck in your flesh and will infected your body.for somereason the spike will not attach to anything that isnt flesh so if you wear an hazmat suit you are 100% safe,but you arent still arent safe from fauna. this infection evolvend during the years but the way to get infected is still the same: either by drinking infected liquid (water or blood), coming in contact with infected blood or getting a cut from a used tools ((like syckle, sythe, fork) but the symptoms changed during the years: STAGE 1(2540):Infected Develop Haemophilia,Rash starts to form STAGE 2(2541):Infected start bleding from Eyes,Ears and Nose (infected blood) STAGE 3(2542):Infected start to Vomit (Infected) Blood,Cysts form on the infected skin STAGE 4(2543):Skin Lesions develops on the infected,Insanity develops and the infected will try infect olther or infect water/food suplies. STAGE 5(2545)[NOTE:at this point the infected becomes known as an "Bleeder"]:The Infected now has Internal Haemorrhaging,The Plague now will affect multiple organs and tissues types (Systemic Infection),The Infected will now attack the Healty or try to find a nice spot to die and infect the surounding lands. STAGE 6(2546):Necrosis and Total Organ Failure will affect the body of the infected,The Infected will most likely get an Hemorrhagic Shock, by this point. STAGE 7(2547):If the infected dies and the body isnt destroyed, the body will re-animate and attack olther people (They will be known as "Tainted") This is how much I've translated (becose yes I wrote evrything in italian first in an handy book, there are even more that I have yet to translate) 2448: nothing intresting happend in general. Alessio Varani: is on a hunt for knowlage and justice for the exotic creatures that were born from the cataclysm. 2449: (NOTE: this might be the only part that might interfeer with your plot, I'll try to give it a valid reason.) From space a space ship crashlands on italy, Sol gov wasent ready for it and well it crashlanded to italy. (yeah I know its not something beliveble) The Italians try to help the crash landed. Alessio Varani: Keeps reserching Nibal Varani: Tries to help the survivors from the land Valerio De Medici: starts to learn some medicine from one of the Cultist Boris Kopilov: Try's to help back the natives by trading them some of their modern weapons for food. 2450: Tensions between the Italians and the Supreme United State (the crashlanded) grow more by the day. the S.U.S. have allready builded a city and now are preparing for war. the Italians are trying to keep peace to their guests from space. Alessio Varani/Nibal Varani: Tries to ensure peace between the nations Valerio de Medici: Starts to help the sick and the injured (something not ok for his cult) Boris Kopilov: Gets Betrayed by the SUS, and was Demoted to Preety much glorified Cannon Fodder. 2451: The Supreme United States decide to attack the natives to colonize the land for them self. Alessio Varani: Grows his relation ship with his girfriend. Nibal Varani: Starts to lead an small army to victory. Valerio de Medici: stays back at the church, healing the injured Boris Kopilov: Deserts the army, but almost gets killed. (this is how he loses one of his eyes) 2452>2455: in a nutshell, both sides fight, one with makeshift weapons the olther with real army stuff, the Italians win thanks to a landslide. sol gov did not interfeer becose they want to see how will the italians win. but after the war the italians are left with very little gunpowder and must find a new way to make their gun go bang bang. (I will go more in depth if you want lore makers) 2456: Italy has mostly recovered and since the new creatures have been very helpfull during the war, the italians started accept these creatures as people and not beast's. Alessio Varani: Gets notified that his ancestor has died and now owns the his ancestors Estate and land, becomes a Count. (by the way being a count, duke or anything means is just a fancy title but dosent make you more or less important than the common person, its just a fancy tittle) Nibal Varani: After the many wars he fought and many horrors he saw, nibal deciseds to never use a weapon ever againg. Boris Kopilov: Starts to work for Alessio Varani as Cheif of Secret Police. Valerio De Medici: Became a junior Cultist, even if he's not looked with a good eye for his ways of healing people. I guess I should explain the Cult now. The Cult is known as "The Cult of Necromancer the V [2440] VI [2455]" The Necromancer can re-animate people as skeletons, but if they dont join the cult they will forever feel the pain of what killed him (or they join the United Church of Farmhand the V were they feel a little bit less of the pain). [note: this info is kinda useless since there is no skeleton race, but hey I wasted my time on this useless detail so... here it is] they self flagelate to enpower Necromancer the VI. usualy the Elite Cultist are skeletons them self. During 2440/2441 there is a incident and a lot of dead people gets re-animated as skeletons and during the regime of Necromancer the V (were he would start many crusades to convert people to his cult since he thinks thats the best for the suffering people even he takes out free will, after the war in 2455 Necromancer The V died and was Replaced by Necromancer the VI. Necromancer the VI is better and more peacefull and after some custom rules which states: "18#:No Being* is to be forced against their will to join/become/converted into anything without consent" 2457: (Note: at this point I was like hmm Alessio Varani is getting kinda OP and he has like no debuff to balance his skills... what if I give him like a super debuff! lets give him a Family Curse that makes him super weak, make him only eat meat or he will get sick and lets make so that he loses more and more of his humanity by the week. now its fair and balanced... I think) Alessio Varani: fixes his estate and the surroundings lands but gets the family curse (i've allready sayd what it does) gives his wealth away, either for reserch or just becose. 2459: (allright I will agree if you say "dude, I doubt they would be able to do it). so Alessio Varani wants to build an Space Station to make italy reach new frontiers. in 2460 he does it but it backfires very very very badly, preety much we are talking Titanic levels of bad, the only survivors didnt even get back the same as when they got in. the survivors are only 4 Ombroso Varani (not a real charecter, just referenced to), Boris Kopilov (the reason he's so anti-capitalist can be reverted), Alessio Varani (just more debuffs which includes more nightmares and insomnia! great to super ready for work!). After that finaly the quarantine is (some what) lifted and a lot of Reserchers, Virologist and in general a lot of sciencists come to italy to understand what was the reason of the cataclysm but italy isnt exacly a 100% safe place, bandits still roam the cities, the some new creatures arent exacly frendly and most of the italian people have grown distrust with people out side of italy, if a sciencist isnt prepared enough they might not come back. allright so after that finaly, the goverments opens the borders since italy has became safe enough so more sciencist and reserchers come to figure out what caused the cataclysm and stuff. thanks to Alessio Varani wealth he can go out of italy and since he isnt greedy, he is willing to give olther people his wealth to go out of italy. yep thats it. sorry for how long it is, I feel like I wasted way to much time for this plot and I cant go "welp I guess this plot that i've been develping since 2017 is useless now! right in the bin!" welp tell me if its ok, (probably giong to be banned just becose I posted this). but even if its not accepted tell me if the story is intresting please. EDIT: soo i've been told my charecter is too much like a Gary Stu and I do agree but I dont know how to make it balanced my best attempt was "the Curse" I'll post another edit were I strip away more of his power (starting with his wealth) for now I removed him from being a Field Doctor during the war (so he cant be like "WELL I see you broke your ass? SINCE I WAS A FIELD MEDIC LET ME FIX YOUR ASS!" so now if he or anyone breaks his bones he'll be like "oh god, are you allright? oh my thats... *shivers*") and i'll figure it out what he was doing in the mean time. [I just realized that I forgot to say that Alessio is kinda squemish, I should add something like that says what are my charecter traits or should I not add them?] P.S: soo I didnt have anyideas to give him less power, I do agree that the lore goes around the main charecters instead of just the lore it self, I can explain it since the story was re-written many times to fit the lore of the game as best as I could also I've written here the lore to give a context on what the olther charecter I played were doing so I can understand why most of it sounds like its centered around my charecter I think you can see when the story dosent center the charecter from like the very start. I also made so that evrycharecter is somewhat connected to another charecter this is made so if you want the full story about one chartecter you can ask another one. for example Alessio Varani will tell you a lot about his lands and Italy but will be deamned if he will tell you about him more in depth, but if you ask Valerio De Medici (since he's living in the little hamlet under the controll Alessio Varani) he will tell you about life as a civilian instead of a high member of the Society. I know this version isnt accepted but I do have a question: what zombies?"the original lore did have zombies and was 10X more outlandish if I posted the original that would be like an even faster "NO". If you think that slimes are zombies than even cloned people are zombies since slimes are just that. think of it as the green slime toxin that makes you a slime but its an infection instead. maybe the Tainted? and with that I do agree... thats why I changed them up a bit: They have an hive mind yes but not between them self but more to a queen ("wait a minute isnt this like Veruca but wit-" I kinda wrote that before I knew Veruca and they are a bit diffrent) but since I kinda like to mix stuff that kinda fit (like I mixed the accent of Boris Kopilov a mix of German and Russian reflecting how the Supreme United State is a mix of Soviet Russia and East Germany but i'll go more indepth on another Lore topic [and this one is going to fit a bit better with the lore of the server since it takes place on a planet (since I do not know the map of all the planet and witch one are colonized or not. I just invented one)]) anyway I decided to mix Hive like Castle System (with the Queen>Warrior>Worker[not exacly like that but you got what I mean]) and with feudal times Castle System (Queen>Duke>Count>Baron>Knight(the Tainted)>Peasent(the infected)) and well the infected lands would look like Medieval Towns/Citys with these baron and dukes controlled by the queen to do her bidding. (yes I still need to develop on that). does that make them less zombies? I think Im making my unaccepted lore less acecptable evrytime I do this. Edit 2: I forgot to add what happend in general in italy in 2460, extra info about the Cult, changed 1 thing about Slimelung and added what was Alessio Varani at the start of the war (2451)
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