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  1. Also i use 3 accounts and that is 1bof them. When i first started playong on beastkill60 my firat 1 i made my name space jesus for everything and didnt relize i was on a different account. So i joined rhinking i was on a different account and left after i changed my name i think on it. So yeah i vuess i left after ending the convo which i thought was over.
  2. Ok i will tommorow. Ill make a ban appeal and all that. I didnt know you can eddit the post cause my iq dropped to like 3 and i didnt think of that. Thanks
  3. Instead of jerry snorkeldork. Would Ja'ri snork'ork work?. His clan where ice fishermen before the war. So they where used to fishing for hoirs on end through a small hole in the ice. He and his clan were muslims. His friend hi'bos taught him about how metal empowers the soul and he didnt beleive it for a while. But then most of the clan started to ask him and his grandfather to start "upgrading them" so he decided to try it. And he thought it was true. Hi'bos eas from a different tribe and they happened to be the ones who came up with the religion (type thing i think.) Im going to finish the rest soon. I just went on to aurora and it says ive been banned because i joined as space jesus which i did but changed it. This was also on a different server i thought. But im not sure anymore and i thought i was good but i guess not. I gotta figure this out. Sorry
  4. Thanks for the feedback my dude and ill get workin on that right away. Give me a few minutes or so and i should be good.
  5. just realized that I misspelled application and forgot to include the race which is Aut'akh Unathi. sorry just forgot cause I was doing the rest.
  6. BYOND Key: (byond key) Character Names: Jerry shnorkeldork Species you are applying to play: Aut'akh Unathi What color do you plan on making your first alien character: black most likley Have you read our lore section's page on this species?:yep they arepretty much refuges and suck their god is oss and thay are managed. Why do you wish to play this specific race: They seem rather interesting. They can make roleplaying much more fun. They also look pretty cool ya know cyber lizards . I think that the idea of being a cyber lizard snydie could also be good fun. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:Thay are cyber lizards so the whoile being a lizard part will make other races more racist which could be fun. They also seem like roleplaying as a more refugee like character could be fun and the idea of trying to lay low yet still rp sounds kinda fun. Character Name:(im assuming that this is for the cyber lizard) Jerry snorkeldork He was a refugee from the contact war. he lived in the icy north pole of the planet moghes. He thinks that metal empowers the soul , and that meat animates the soul. so he decided that he would like a metal body so that he is empowered.(this is a bit messy jsyk.) He is very smart in robotics and xenobotony so that he could get the best possible amount of crop yield for hissmall group.. He had to use both of these on his time on moghes to survive the harsh cold. He prefers that others should also have robotic limbs so that their souls are empowered. What do you like about this character? I like that he is a refuge and that he uses his skills for survival and that he is very intelligent in robotics and xenobotony. I would saymy rp ability is roughly 6 or 7/10. Notes: first time whitelisting if I made any mistakes let me know ill fix em.
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