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  1. Yes, I will just disable it from now on since it isn't really beneficial for me.
  2. First of all yes, I never expected for the converted vampire to help me, the vampire I dominated was an original one. And about you attacking it was fine, though I think you overreacted. Klaus didn't even move throughout the entire thing and I didn't touch you since I didn't want to fight and yet you went for the kill. But either way, this issue has been dealt with as far as I am concerned with what @Garnascus said. P.S: The vampire turning was entire for RP reasons, the ability offers basically no benefit as the turned vampire is ALWAYS hostile as expected
  3. And how does this have to do with anything? I am not appealing my actions afterwards so don't shift topic for no reason, that is really shady.
  4. Byond Key: Garuhn Staff Member: Cnaym Round ID: b38-blZR Description of the events: It was a normal vampire, my character went around rambling about being possesed and got discovered by security like its to be expected. My character tried to escape the situation so she dominated one of the security members (Forgot the name) and hypnotises the other (Klaus Kitzler). She went ahead and charged the remaining officer expecting the dominated one to obey his command. Sadly he didn't for some reason so I got captured. I ahelped it but the issue was dropped with no intervention and I let it go since it didn't really matter too much. After escaping my character went around consuming blood in a frenzy until she "awakened". Becoming a fully powered vampire she got a new name and killed the ho, thralled one officer + making another one a vampire. Until that point it was fine but then I was confronted together with my thrall by another vampire, Summer Snow. She wanted to capture me which of course my vampire mad with didn't allow. Knowing she is stronger than her she used her powers to dominate her, like the game mechanics intend. That is where the problem starts, thinking I was safe since I ordered both the vampire and the thrall I said that I will leave. She emoted being controlled so I waited for her to do WHAT SHE IS SUPPOSED TO DO. Instead she attacks me and I get killed while on the ground being suprised by the sudden attack with my thrall doing nothing (he was rping being dumb which is fine but he could have at least protected his master, I even told him to attack, which he didn't). Confused I looced why she didn't follow my command and she responded with "I didn't want to follow it so I ahelped it and I was told it is fine to ignore the domination and turn on you. Feeling wronged I ahelped and SheWasTrying told me it was because cnaym said it was fine. I confronted him about and he said that vampires can't control vampires, which I correct (a fully powered vampire ignores all safeguards,it is only a normal vampire that gets the "you aren't strong enough YET to affect another creature of the veil). He told me he doesn't care and that a vampire shouldn't control a vampire and that its a dev/gameplay issue. I think that is bullshit, I relied on what the game told me is working and got killed because Cnaym "nah I don't care" and was told its fine because "I am only removed from the round for an entire hour" which pissed me off to no end. So are vampire powerd suddenly meaningless and useless since players like summer can just decide "I don't want to follow the order". The could have at least warned me about not trusting her but no its if I am the one that is killed. That was 3 times that round alone players decided to ignore my vamp powe because they didn't want to. (2 dominions and 1 thrall, though I would be lenient with that one since klaus was rping being very slow and retarded from the powers controlling him) Proof: Check ahelps, the discussion was in there
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