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  1. Five days later and still no other comments fromt the admin, huh. Should I wait further or just leave this server forever?
  2. I wasn't running around and dancing. I climbed on the table and danced it single time. Also, I forgot to mention my character's mental trauma of being overoptimistic in medical report. And it's your choice to trust me or not. I can't back from the future with photographs or video records of me not doing this.
  3. BYOND Key: Lolguy21 Total Ban Length: Permanent (I guess so, if the time is not mentioned) Banning staff member's Key: ladyfowl Reason of Ban: General immersion breaking behavior, failure to follow serious rp standards. Reason for Appeal: I tried to rp as the clown (as no one else didn’t, so I thought it would be something interesting for people to rp with a clown person), made him a small and simple description text, but I was not mentioning his biography so much, as I couldn’t come up with it (you might ask me “Why the f--- did you chose this server then, if you can’t properly make more detailed description and biography as the other players did?”, but I will just say, that I am not a creative person), but tried to work properly than the other characters I had and played before. As I got the clown costume from abounded theater, I planned to get 12 apple pies and throw them at people’s faces because I thought it could be funny and not so offensive. IPC cook refused to cook them, as he didn’t believe that I wanted to eat them (obviously why), so, I went to the engineering sector to ask for the welding googles (to convince the cook, as I was not the clown, but the assistant which he had never seen before, wearing bandanna on the head to hide the orange hair and eyes), but then, captain came up to talk with the engineering crew about the project of new sector of the station or something like that. After I was trying to mock on him, some crew member left the sector and I took a chance to go in, take the crayons, laser point and even started dancing on the table in front of the engineering crew. The point is that I called this dance moves “Fortnite dance”, as I didn’t know how the original dance was called, so I thought that the other players would understand which dance I act out (not on purpose to ruin the impression of rp). But admin didn’t share my opinion and gave me permanent ban. So, I insist on changing my ban type on the temporary one, I understood that was wrong at this situation. P.S. Sorry for possible grammar errors
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