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  1. Hi i posted a ban appeal a few weeks ago and the ban was lifted but i think youse forgot to lift it for me because im still banned lo XD
  2. BYOND Key: Seanoconnell2000 Total Ban Length: Permanent Banning staff member's Key: jennale Reason of Ban: A brief discussion to read the rules ended in the most rudest of farewells Reason for Appeal: So i don't remember too much of what happened to this ban because it happened when I was 15 and Im currently 20 now XD so im pretty sure i was probably acting like an edgy little teen and trying to be a little shit. I'm sorry if i offended anyone that day and I'm sorry for being a douche honestly but the Aurora seems like my kind of place. I love to RP and there isn't a lot of heavy role playing stations. I hope to prove im not the same 15 year old kid that i was 5 years ago im well versatile in a lot of roles and jobs in ss13 and i know a lot about the game. Again im really sorry for any distress or just wasting peoples time back in the day but I hope to play on this server soon enough and be part of the community.
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