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  1. The other guide it had on the byond died, the link guide also doesn't work this is what happened when I tried it: Welcome BYOND! (5.0 Beta Version 513.1508) Logging in.... BYOND pager cannot be contacted on port 49761. Logging in...Connecting to byond://server.aurorastation.org:1234... BYOND pager is offline. Connecting as Guest. .....................failed
  2. Ckey: AlFrogMan I can't do the byond died guide because I can't join Aurora to accept the linking request
  3. I have been playing SS13 since the ssethtide, I started with LRP servers like bee and tg but in last three weeks I have been playing on baystation and trying out HRP. I really liked it. The rounds weren't as chaotic you could just sit and talk and didn't have to worry about gormless assistants breaking in and stealing everything not bolted down. I have been wanting to play Aurorastation because of its larger population but anytime I try to join Byond says Connection Failed. All my other servers still work it's just Aurora that doesn't let me join. I have turned off Firewall, antivirus, cleared
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