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  1. Well can I get a screenshot of all of them ? I don't believe ive been told about all of them Edit : After looking at all the notes I can confirm they are all valid , Sonic has done nothing wrong since he has only followed a note put by a HeadAdmin . However I don't believe that note really warrants itself since the vast majority of my notes don't repeat themselves(other than the one exception being metagaming) showing that I do learn . Even thou I got like a 1 note everyday , notes are given because they are simple mistakes which are not clearly stated in the rules and that don't ruin the RP massively for the other people involved .
  2. I asked if this was only your decision to perma ban and you said yes . Why did you not say it was a note placed by a head admin ? and I really haven't lied , because if I was purposefully lying I would've not even ever said i've sent any OOC message , as the ticket you have posted shows that at some point I did remember them and told you that I did send 2 .But you continued to escalate for some reason. It would've also helped a lot if somebody told I was gonna get permabanned next-time I do anything slightly rule-breaking ..
  3. You are absolutely right . It was very wrong for me to ask that in LOOC .But getting permanently banned for it seems like way too much
  4. BYOND Key: SPCR Staff BYOND Key: SonicGotNuked Game ID: Can't remember the code , but I remember the round being after the revolution round where admins spawned uncureable viruses Reason for complaint: Giving a huge sentence over 2 LOOC messages, possible misinterpetring of what happened ? Evidence/logs/etc: Additional remarks: I believe he kind of misinterpetred what I meant with my LOOC messages , I didn't really narrate at all . I asked the borg if he had a law zero in LOOC because I honestly tought he might be misinterpetring the Law itself ( By pretending to be HoP to serve the crew ) . Also I believe he escalated a lot because he thought he lied , which I do not believe is fair reasoning for a permanent-ban, I have told him that I really forget messages really quick and I don't have a history of trying to lie to staff at all.
  5. BYOND Key: SPCR Total Ban Length: Permanent Banning staff member's Key: SonicGotNuked Reason of Ban: Reason for Appeal: I don't believe a LOOC mistake warrants a permanent ban Well , I admit that I have a history . Ive actively been trying to be more carefull about what I say as an AI in general and now I double think most messages . But even if I have a history . I do not believe that 2 LOOC messages warrant a permanent-ban . I believe a 1 Day ban could've been atleast more reasonable . I totally understand that the staff thought that I lied , even thou I have mentioned that I forget most messages very quickly , and that is a very valid second reason . But getting permanently banned for saying in looc "You have a fucked up law , don't you ?" and "Welp , this is gonna be funny" Right before an Cyborg gets law checked (because he has been publicly pretending to be command staff)and deactivated , in my opinion clearly does not warrant a perma-ban, but the very-most a Day ban .
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