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  1. The long version it is, then. No, I weren't. I don't remember which e-mail I used to register on this forum. I couldn't use my old username (zackyblaster) because I probably made an old account to try to apply for something. I played basically anonymously on Aurorastation using a character named Roy Montblanc (which after Aurora, I started to use on almost every SS13 server). Thing is: my old forum acc (ZackyBlaster) is, probably, on a lost email. Possibly on iG, which is a brazilian e-mail provider and is now paid. They BASICALLY blocked everyone from their e-mails unless people paid their (expensive) plans. So a bunch of people (including me or my parents) lost their decade-old e-mails, which we made because it was the most accessible provider before gmail was popular in brazil (I don't even think there was gmail back then). So yeah, I lost a BUNCH of accounts, from games to services and social media. Now, about nicknames. I used ZackyBlaster probably since 2010. It was old and I didn't like it anymore, and on top of it, my old twitter account (the only social media I use) was blocked for absolutely no reason (and I used ZackyBlaster, if I'm not mistaken). By that time, I got really into Yugioh and David Bowie, so Stardust was a word that I thought had a nice ring to it. So Ziggy Stardust + Zacky + Stardust Dragon = ZackyStardust. I changed every nick on every game to ZackyStardust and since then I never logged back on BYOND (you can check on twitter with this username, btw. Gogeta cover, brazilian portuguese posts, etc) So recently I saw a few videos and old pics about SS13 and thought about coming back - to Aurora. So I tried my old acc and it was banned. I came to the forums and ZackyBlaster was taken and I couldn't use any of my e-mails. So I thought: I might create an account named ZackyStardust to request an unban, but wouldn't it be strange to request unban on a different account? So I made a new byond account. And tried a quick log-in just to confirm if the ban would carry over. On confirmation, came here and made the request with different usernames anyway. And about my current ip: It will say it's from Portugal, because I moved to here by the end of last year. After some stuff happened, we thought the best course of action was to abandon things and move here. And that confusing time was around the time I was banned from Aurora. I think I unleashed all my frustrations on the server, which I admit: it's stupid and pretty emotionally immature. Tl;dr: No, I didn't try to evade. I just wanted to check if the ban would carry over, didn't want to take time to write a request and all that. Pure lazyness, really, but maybe I would have less trouble if I just came here directly, considering how much I had to write rn lol. Anyway, I intend to use ZackyStardust on BYOND to play.
  2. Kinda of a chain of thought. At first, I saw that I could not login on the forum or register with the username "ZackyBlaster", probably I made an old account with an e-mail long lost. So I made a new byond account with the nickname "ZackyStardust" which is my main one currently (I used ZackyBlaster for years, but after some issues with twitter blocking my account for no reason, I kinda changed my nickname on everything to ZackyStardust). So i before coming here, I thought "hey, maybe I can log in with this new user." After this last failed attempt, I came here!
  3. BYOND Key: ZackyBlaster (couldnt log in into zackyblaster on the forum, then made a new byond account to use with this nickname) Total Ban Length: Permaban I guess? Banning staff member's Key: tbear13 Reason of Ban: I killed one person in SSD and ate it, then got warned. Then killed another one in SSD. Reason for Appeal: I was banned 31/08/2019. It's been more than one year. I don't remember the reason why I got banned, but I remember that was a difficult time. I probably lost it and tried to eject everything on the game, probably ruining for everyone. I am sorry for that. Well, people change, right? And it's been a whole year. I think I deserve a second chance. ❤️
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