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  1. whatever. i even said that i know i had bad roleplay and that's why i stayed quiet for 2/3 week, but that was not the problem. i'm not lying but whatever you dont care if im telling. so ya the adshit was not far off. but how cares what one person thinks. fuck this server. and there is a thing called freedom so speech so fuck you
  2. How much longer do you need? i would like to play on the server. answer at your earliest convenience
  3. BYOND Key: Firespider Staff BYOND Key: Aboshedab Game ID: I don't remember but it was on 1/1/21 at 8:15 Pm Reason for complaint: So i got banned and for most of it i agreed with most of it so that's why i did nothing for like 2/3 weeks, but one part the lying to staff. THAT and only that is false. the adshit keep saying "your lying" even tho i keep telling him what happen... oh and here's what happened i was having a bad day (Not a good reason to be bad know.) and i blew up SM or almost did Cap ejected it and i was put in the brig and striped of rank. (this is where bad rp was i know) i got
  4. did i do this wrong. some one tell me T-T, it not fun being ignored. if i did it wrong ill fix it but i do need to know
  5. BYOND Key: Firespider Total Ban Length: I don't know. it's been 2 weeks Banning staff member's Key: Aboshehad Reason of Ban: Reason for Appeal: so i understand why i got ban but the "Lying to staff "is bull shit like i get the bad rp and the bad at eng but that one is a med problem. its hard to spell thats all, but i did not make a false story or whatever. i told him( or her idk) what happen an i remember what happened bc i was sooo pist off by the end of the day. to i was having a bad day (Not a good excuse i know) and the sm went boom i was put in the brig for almost breaking the sat
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