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  1. 1) During his time under ALA captivity, he constantly muttered under his breath at the rather foul display and honor that the rival military forces had. With ALA soldiers often getting their supplies through force and forcefully recruiting underaged soldiers into their ranks assured him that these rebels were nothing but dirty dirty politically brain washed savages. Reassuring him to hold onto his hope pray for his eventual freedom or the right time to score payback. His political beliefs to this day are still strong. With a majority of his kind in district six supporting the PRA he has so
  2. BYOND Key: Filthyfrankster Character Names: Raks Apperatu Species you are applying to play: Tajara What color do you plan on making your first alien character: M'sai, Wheat colored fur Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yis Why do you wish to play this specific race: Much as I used to diss on tajara and their cultures in the past, I believe a change of character pacing and viewing other alien species for their well written backgrounds and history that went in their system is required. Thus after indulging myself on the the basics of the taja
  3. So far, With the 'random warehouse', it has been spawning borderline contraband shit like weapons ranging from stunbatons, swords, multiCLUSTER FLASHBANG GRENADES and other unpleasant things that make security have to worry. What's worse is security can't even bother with it until it's too late or been passed around by the QM's or cargotechs metafriends. That or cargo proceeds to be completely ignorant and deny security the contraband goods.
  4. As a security main, I pondered someone about it and they got real anal about handing it over. clearly
  5. You'd be surprised how many would question IC'ly and ooc'ly why they're getting their edge lord weapon taken away
  6. you see this? This is a bit silly for the custom loadouts (Everything else is harmless and probably won't break the game/cause serious damage) but a steel boot knife tho Perhaps add in some sort of warning that this is probably contraband and you'll probably get arrested for a concealed weapon or remove it from the custom loadouts, pls
  7. This reminds me back when the only way to get rid of cultists forting with an invisible wall meme was to siphon the air or drag a welding fuel tank and breach them all to death no sec officer or scientist or any crew in general is going to want to throw a max cap bomb into a group of players and risk getting banned for causing some serious damage/ruining antag fun by blowing it the fuck up, we've had people banned for bombing antags before literally no one is going to risk it
  8. Cultists have been buffed, madly. and it's frankly a tad overpowered (Even for 'high rp') They have auto aim turrets that shoot every 0.5 seconds at every non-cultist , even off screen. The damage looks to be like 10 burn per hit and will quickly gun down anyone before they can even draw up a shot. also it's been reduced to just a tower defense meme and seems a bit ganky perhaps limit the pylons range? Or limit how many can be on at a time?
  9. Most ERT members don't know that a cultist is packing that kind of shit at first encounter, same with your generic big dong sec officer. All they usually see is some cunt swinging at a sword at them. And non-antags would probably get slammed with bwoinks for trying to meta the killer stun talisman.
  10. Right now, the stun talisman is the strongest weapon a cultist can be armed with. The fact they can be in plain clothes and just run up to a nearest person, page them and kill them during those few seconds. We had ERT's wiped out because a few cultists did nothing but pact stun talismans, run up to an ERT, stun them and execute like the fuhrer wanted. Keep in mind, these ERT members are fully suited, hardsuits and everything. They should have protection from it. Perhaps a good way to counter it would be that facial protections by hardsuits would null the insta stun. It be
  11. What happens when a unathi rolls inspire aced Trying to get a prescription for anti-depressants
  12. The whole 'Votes for a crew transfer at 2 hours' is a completely dumb matter at most, and has no reason to be used as a negative for an application like this. I hate it when people bring this up as a 'this guy is possibly shit'. If it really was an issue, I would be posting logs of every incident that a head of staff player or even a member of staff (Who I can just claim as being lazy/refuses to keep observing the round) @HunterRS I read logs of the day that lead up to your initial whitelist strip, and let me say. It was a total fucking mess, and from what I've seen and been told
  13. If sec boys continue to loiter around in your department, you have all rights as head of staff to tell them to fuck off, especially if it's yours If they continue to be a pain in the ass, just ahelp it and they'll get jobbanned my dude
  14. Simple enough. You ever ask yourself why the cleaning man has more access than corporate security who's job is to protect assets and crew station wise? Are you tired of medical crying out for help and security officers having to either baton the doors open or scream like a pack of retarded howler monkeys until the AI (Who's probably AFK), head of staff who is probably missing and or the janitor itself? Basic department access would basically be the entrance area of medical, science, engineering and the cargo lobby area with the ordering console. Lets put an end to "H-H-H-HE
  15. Hi, MarsSec has its aurora wiki page up and I'll be talking over what we plan to do with it over the weekend with the lore team. https://aurorastation.org/wiki/index.php?title=MarsSec I have been working on a story arc regarding a certain infamous IPC with Loow, As the lore master JB has been informed of our little plans with the collaboration.
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