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  1. BYOND Key: Swammy900 Total Ban Length: Permanent Ban Banning staff member's Key: thegoret Reason of Ban: LRP Behaviour Reason for Appeal: Well I don't remember the reasoning for the ban but I think it got to do with me being drunk and Roleplaying being drunk. When you're drunk an imaginary monkey will appear and beat you up. I was roleplay drunk while an office tried to arrest me. I didn't mean to call the office monkey or anything. And I think the reason for disconnection when being thrown into a cell is because the time that being set by the office for my public drunkenness is ludicrous. I think it is more than an hour. That is why I disconnected. Hey I'm sorry for my action. It is back in 2019 and I was new to SS13 back then. I wanna have a second chance in playing this server.
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