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[Accepted] brothermanhyll - Server Unban

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BYOND Key: brothermanhyll

Total Ban Length: Ban applied on 2017-05-14, ban is permanent

Banning staff member's Key: aboshebab

Reason of Ban: Suicide by use of detective revolver without staff permission, logged off after being contacted while being clearly active.

Reason for Appeal: I remember I had to leave the computer and at the time I thought it'd be funny if I blew my brains out in the office. Seeing as my experience from SS13 is from servers that admittedly have bigger fish to fry than unlawful suicides, the thought that it was prohibited didn't cross my mind. I possibly didn't read the rules close enough and for that I apologize. The reason why I probably appeared active is that right after shooting myself I put the PC into shutdown and left my desk, so I probably remained online for a bit before BYOND was axed. I don't know about "clearly" though. I would like to return and try playing on Aurora station again since I have a generally pleasant memory of the place despite this one incident.

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Hi, I'll be handling your unban appeal.

As stated in our rules, under the 'Avoid Pain' rule, suicides are generally a no without a good reason and must be done in a believable fashion. Do adminhelp whether it is alright to do so in future, but if you simply want to leave the round, do use cryo instead.

I'll lift the ban but do have a proper read of the rules before you start playing again.

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