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Fun card games


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We have cards now, joy~

So, here's two card games.




Player Count: 2

Rules: Each player takes turn drawing three cards. Upon drawing the three, the second player will guess either "Suite" or "number/face". If you guess the suite, you get all cards of that suite. If you guess the number or face, you get all three cards. any cards not taken are kept. Each player keeps a pile of won cards, and attempts to reach a number, usually 8,10, or 13.


An example:

Win condition: five.


Rai Amari Draws 3.

3(Spade), 4(Spade) jack(Heart)

Nikolai Petirosky guesses Spade.

Nikolai Petirosky gets 2 cards.

Nikolai Petirosky draws three cards.

5(Club) King (Diamond) Ace (Spade)

Rai Amari Guesses seven.

Nikolai Petirosky gets three cards, hits win condition.


Player count: 2 or more.

Rules: Each player draws to a set number (atypically 10) and decides on one card being their "Cloak". Each player takes turns guessing the other players Cloak. If they are within 3 of the cloak, the player says close. Once they have guessed your number, you have lost. Last player standing wins.

variations can be made involving the within parameter and whatnot, but it usually goes pretty quick. Face cards count as 11,12,13, and ace is 1. Joker is 14.

If you have picked a pair or above, the player will also need to guess the suite. This rule can be changed depending on how the players feel about being giant scrubs.

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