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The Hesperian Commonwealth - Discord Plays Stellaris RP

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Hi everyone, this DiscordRP is where I've disappeared to for the past few months. You may remember an advertisement for the Republic of Sol/UNE from a few months ago. This is the next iteration of the game, and have many of the same players as before.

A quick overview basically is that this server is the simulation of a government in a game of Stellaris. You can join a social class, government role, and political party and have a direct impact on the fate of our Commonwealth, and how the nation survives the game with roleplay mixed in.

Every Saturday we stream for 15 in-game years to see the effect your decisions have on the empire.

We have an automated character system. That includes social class, age, and money. After each stream of the game, we all age up by an appropriate amount of time and pay you for your work. After a while, you will die and have your character and stuff reset. You are then free to create a new character, be basically the same as the original, or try something completely different.

We started in the year 2200, and have recently reached the year 2290. In those 90 years, there have been coup attempts, political intrigue, and religious strife to go around. Along with a few genocides here and there, but that's not the big deal.

This nation is a Timocracy (Basically an elite controlled democracy with legalized slavery) governed by state capitalism and the principles of Machinism (an Industrial Cult that considers machines to be a gift of the divine Aether). Although change has been in the works for decades now. We've had civil wars, and have experienced coups through almost legal means.

There are 3 important social classes

The Clergy enforces the way of Machinism in Research and Jurisdiction.

The Nobility leads the Executive Branch of Government and the Military.

The Populus is the lowest of the free classes, but are the only ones who can lead the Legislative Branch.

https://discord.gg/FzVuVfS is the link for the discord server.

And if you have any questions about this, my discord account is Owen#2139

I'd be glad to help and hope to see you there!

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