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It's four in the morning and you know that you should have gone to bed long ago, but you loathe sane thoughts like that and keep telling yourself, "Just one more chat..." You see a name that you recognize in the list of streamers. Wahlberg, Daniel A. - Security Officer Grade II You figure, "Why the Hell not," and click on his link.

The screen background turns mindfuck blue in your dark room, almost blinding you as that God-awful connection chime claws at your brain, prompting you to take our headphones off for a moment. Almost as son as your eyes adjust, the stream window turns to static and slowly calibrates into clarity. On the monitor, you see a young man in a dirty tank top asleep at the desk. Upon his unkempt, medium-length, brown mop of hair is a corporate security hat with what you can only assume is dried blood on the brim. Despite his scraggly five o'clock shadow, you can still make out what appears to be two matching scars, about two centimeters apart, on the left side of his upper lip. Around his neck, a holobadge rests upon the desk projecting his security credentials onto an empty bag of Cheesy Honkers. His right shoulder has a large claw mark about four inches long. From the angle that he's slumped onto the desk, you can barely make out some tattooed lettering through a moth hole in his grey tank top. On his forehead is a sticky note that reads, "Wake if asleep."

The room's not fancy either. From what you can make out around the unconscious human blocking your view, you can see that there's a movie poster on the wall for Jaws 37: Jaws Hard with a Vengeance. His bed has plain gray sheets and a lone pillow squared away nicely. On his desk is a half-painted Ripley model with a few paints and brushes laying about.

In an attempt to wake him, you give a soft yell into the mic. With a snort, he snaps up. After a few blinks and an eye-rub, he appears to focus on the screen. He gives a bit of a half-salute and says, "Danny Wahlberg at your service."

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