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E.GODSWOOD Information Portfolio

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Information Portfolio: E.GODSWOOD

This is a collection of information gathered on E.GODSWOOD , published for the use of Syndicate Operators in the Tau Ceti system.



Full Name - Emma Alexandria Petrova Maquisa Orlay Godswood

Age - 41

Physical Status - Active/Capable

Mental Status - Stable

Employment Status - Level_2 Captain for NanoTrasen Corporation Conglomerate

Station of Employment - NSS Aurora / NSS Exodus


Home Address #1 - Tau Ceti, Biesel, Mendell City, Cherub St. 232 East, Epsilon Lofts, Apartment C11,


Phone Number - 455.374.6158

Extranet Universal Alias - GodswoodSoGood (Used for all sites that E.GODSWOOD has signed up on, including Social Screeching)

Affiliated Persons - Amelia Godswood [sister] Lyra Godswood [sister] Avelak Nirisha [Employee] Syrus Seto [Employee]


The following information has been gathered by Operators who have infiltrated E.GODSWOOD's life, posing as normal people, this info may be used to extort, take advantage of, or otherwise use against E.GODSWOOD.


  1. E.GODSWOOD'S birth name was Alexandria, E.GODSWOOD is under the impression only family members know this, use it to confuse her of your loyalties
  2. E.GODSWOOD was employed by the Federal Biesel Police prior to working with NanoTrasen, in which she was involved in a sting operation as an Investigator against corrupt officials within the Biesel Government. This information is considered classified by the Republic of Biesel, reccomended use: Extortion/Blackmail
  3. E.GODSWOOD visits 'Joffery's Butchery' on Cherub St. every other Tuesday at exactly 13:00
  4. E.GODSWOOD was largely shunned by her family growing up as she chose to take a different interest than the family's preferred path of education, recommended use: Mental Breaking
  5. E.GODSWOOD is barren, she cannot bear children, due to a complicated disease and multiple surgeries. Recommended use: Mocking/Mental Breaking



E.GODSWOOD is known to have inherited a very large Estate from her father when he passed on DEC.24.2456 . The location of the Estate is unknown. However, intelligence suggests that it is somewhere in the rural areas on Biesel. She is expected to be taking new employee's there for work from Mendell Spaceport in a white limousine on FEB.1.2457. Valuables are expected to reside within the estate.

E.GODSWOOD is extremely wealthy. She has two bank accounts, one with NanoTrasen in which she keeps a decent fun of 100,000 credits, and one with the BOS (Bank of Sol) in which she is rumoured to have 45 million credits saved up in. E.GODSWOOD is better kept alive so access to these bank accounts can be maintained

E.GODSWOOD has at least one armed bodyguard with her at all times on Biesel, they are assumed to be highly trained, and will protect her to the death.


-Transmission Terminated-

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