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TalinNPeacy unban request

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BYOND Key: TalinNPeacy
Total Ban Length: Unknown/indefinate
Banning staff member's Key: riqpleydegasd
Reason of Ban: Joining as reference/joke character, logging when spoken too
Reason for Appeal: Did not log intentionally, connection failed a few times and I tried to reconnect but was banned before it could be completed.  I can definitely see what he meant about the "joke character" bit though I had more meant to make the character just an eccentric gardener down on his luck with some quirky dialogue rather than anything malicious.  (forgot to remove deafness though so just as well, I would have had to fix that before the next round regardless)  I apologize if it seemed to the mod that I was just some ner'do'well  trying to mess with him, that was not my intent at all.  I simply wished to be a funny, though harmless character.

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Note: just reread the rules since I had mostly skimmed them before.  My understanding is that the name "Prince Nigeria" probably made things worse.  I had thought that they just didn't want you going crazy with the names and had thought the it followed the first/last name rule while still being a little funny and on character (Had intended to make a little bit of a joke out of it by attempting to convince people to make blatantly sketchy investments over PDA IC.  If there is one realistic thing about emails, it's hilariously obvious spam mail though I would have kept it limited to one per person)

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Alright, let's get this going.

I took a moment to think about it. I'm sorry if that's really the case, I waited a bit for you to come back, but I might have not waited enough. New people logging when PMed by staff is EXTREMELY common, especially these last days. I'm gonna lift your ban under one condition. I'm gonna ask you to be mindful that we generally expect people to keep jokes out of IC generally. If you are uncertain wether it's allowed or not, you can always ahelp asking, of course. You can always ahelp about pretty much anything when you're doubtful, or ask around, even. I'd like a response whenever you can here telling me that you understand, please.


Note: It looked like you think I'm angry at you or that you're bothering me, I'm really not, and actually happy you applied for an unban here, and so properly :D



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