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Change Temperature Resistance of Reinforced Walls


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I was playing Phoron Researcher, in Toxins.

My mix was a bit too hot, like 7000K. I was hoping that the borosilicate windows could resist it, and in fact, they were shattering and getting damage but I knew there was another layer of borosilicate just in case, it would take a long time for both layers to break.

I wanted to keep the mix without spacing it cause the phoron was going to be quite quite hot, a really good mix.


But the surprise came when the REINFORCED WALLS got destroyed (became girders) BEFORE the first layer of borosilicate windows broke. 

That was like: WTF? 


And then someone decided to place a fuel tank in Toxins Maint, so the phoron filtered through the windows (and the fire), I pressed the spacing mix button but the fuel tank exploded.


So, borosilicate windows resist more heat than reinforced walls? That should be changed, or get two layers of reinforced walls in Toxins, cause it does not make sense right now.

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The safe temp of boro is ~5000. The fact you went a full 2000 over that shows, in my opinion, gross negligence ICly.

In terms of how it should be, the melting (destruction) temp of reinforced walls is (I believe) close to 7500, while for borosilicate glass, I don't think it will (instantly) melt at any temperature, which is more to make phoron research possible than to be logically sound. I'd say that right now, phoron research is perfectly fine as it is, as long as you stay in the safe temperature ranges. If you wanted to go as far above as you did, I'd say you'd need to ICly get authorisation from the RD, as well as possibly petition engineering for a station modification to completely encase the testing chamber with boro.

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