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Blues: Underground Society

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Blues is a small anarcho-socialist but widespread secret underground society of low class Sol originated people. They are the remains of gang culture from the many revolutions and civil wars that happened on Earth before space colonies existed. They are usually human and they tend to be quite normal in their outgoing behavior. They are classified as both a gang and underground society. They are non-violent and don't have any objectives to overthrow Nanotrasen but they do have anti-government sentiments.

This is purely an RP role and is not intended to cause grief or rev-like behavior on the station. Blues is an underground society, not revolutionists.

I'm welcoming any good RP'ers who can make a secret society person roleplayed without it being overdone, or boring even.

Current members:

Lhinton Lovely - Bartender, is a professional swindler.

Peggy Whistleheart - Cargo Technician


Camile Crafter - Bartender, formerly scout.


  • The Blues are not physically violent without provocation. They're normal, if not friendly people who do their day to day jobs like any other crewmember.
  • They use the extranet's deepweb to organize activities.
  • Are very into gambling and have large underground untaxed casinos.
  • They tend to respect other species due to being aware of hierarchies, even if as individuals themselves might not like them. (Roleplay this)
  • They are often involved in card and bank fraud as well as drug dealing behind the scenes, they're very sly about this and won't let anyone know instantly about how or where they're doing it. They don't do this very often and hardly ever on station (roleplay is very important here).
  • Blues are very silicon friendly. Reason is that the rich citizens of Sol used silicons for labour and put the poorer people out of their jobs. But after the silicons gained freedom they were relegated second-class citizens and treated poorly, they put their differences aside and turned from enemies to friends. Silicons help the Blues with their fraud and underground dirty work.
  • Blues will use the above things (dirty money) to bail each other out of jail, or to use moles to bribe people back into their jobs.
  • They take on civilian roles and never take on head or security roles.
  • The Blues do not mention any form of their culture to undercover cops, police, security members, and people who have ties to corporations.
  • They have a sense of style, and often are the fashionistas of the civilian sector.
  • If they ever use a weapon of their own, it's a knife, not an energy gun (they do not like the corporations involved that produce energy guns).
  • The Blues value underground music and poetry, satire of giants and leaders. Their music involves techno, neo-punk, neo-rap and futuristic rock.
  • They don't like capitalism in theory, but currently due to the blows done to the group by indirect classism they find they need to join places to work and survive as individuals. Hypocritically, they love money and don't really care about what happens to other people and only care about what happens within their organization (Ie: stealing).
  • Don't specifically have a leader, they'll rely on whoever has the most skills and respect - a meritocracy.





They have a number of secret handshakes, mannerisms and values. One defining aspect of the Blues is that they identify one another by dying their hair blue, if not, wearing a visible item of clothing (IE: Shoes, neckscarf, jumpsuits, lipstick, nail polish, and/or eye contacts, but it's usually dyed hair) that signifies their alliance with the blues. Stereo-typically they tend to be intelligent though some lower ranking members might be uneducated in manners and etiquette, but each do have a specialist skill that helps them within their underground society. The Blues seek employment in the outside world to refine their counter culture and bring more resources and money to their underground society.

The typical Blue member will be:


  • Around 21-37 years old.
  • An underdog of some kind, either by ethnicity, class, etc
  • Originated from a Sol planet or a space station orbiting Sol.
  • Athletic and slightly unrefined to a degree, if not, just some sign that they don't come from a snooty middle/upper class background.
  • Poor.
  • Optionally: A minor criminal record (that does NOT involve killing - be realistic, many organizations have equal opportunities on offenders but don't push it.)
  • Has some aspiration that's within the civilian sector and good at what they do (why else would NT hire you?)
  • Easily converted in mutiny rounds.
  • Sometimes: Using Gutterband language.


(Pst, don't overdo the "What you doin', I'm diggin' up some grub-a-dub", that's not them. They're more space punks than "space hicks" which seems to be overdone these days.)

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Is this where I apply? Eh, I guess.

Name: Whyett Black

Age: 28

Traits: Informal and easygoing, relaxed, somewhat unorganized.

He appears quite burly with masculine face traits. He has dark brown eyes, hair and facial hair, with his beard covering his whole jawline. He has a ruffled dark-brown mustache covering his upper lip. Standing 1.8 meters (6 feet) tall, he's taller than your average employee.

Criminal record:

- Minor theft & possession of substances, age 15. Result: Note in criminal records, mandatory attendance with family therapist.

- Partaking in illegal gambling rings, age 19. Result: Note in criminal records, fees.

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