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Elijah is an old name, coming from the promised land of Jerusalem over 2,500 years ago. It has a special meaning, that contradicts it's owner in this story. Elijah means, "My God is Yahweh."

Here's a story of a stone-cold bureaucrat. There's a lot of those, so get ready for another one. He's from a little slum in Mars, a place called "Swindon". He lived with his father Daniel and his mother Freyde at an apartment above a veterinary clinic. Swindon Veterinarian's Office, it was called. Freyde Marie-Blumstein was a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. There's not many animals on Mars, though. Work comes by rarely and that dream of an Earthbound girl so many years ago isn't helping her survive. They live off of Daniel's slavery to a fat-cat in Downtown Swindon; like Swindon, but slummier. This fat-cat's name is Marco.

There's a lot to tell about Eli, too. He's a kind, sweet-hearted boy with nothing on his mind but to grow up and be just like his mommy. He walks around wearing a white coat with Eli etched into it, treasuring it like Smeagol to the Ring. He's got a little room with a window facing an alleyway. The window opens to a little balcony, and welded into the fire-escape is a stargazer. "Papa says I can only use it during a power outage," he told his relatives at family get-togethers. In short, he got to use it plenty. He's got a small pair of rectangle eyeglasses, as myopia travels through the gene pool rampantly now. His head is covered in bright blonde hair, he's got a downwards facing nose and thin cheeks.

Elijah was seated at his desk one day, facing the window. To his amazement, he saw a boy across the way, looking at him. "But that apartment is empty," he thought to himself, "Nobody lives there... unless!" He stood up, opening the window. The cold, dry air of Mars came piercing in and Elijah coughed, stepping out onto the fire escape. The boy standing at the window watched him approach, unsure of what to do. All around him was the night sky and brick. His ears caught the sound of cats fighting down the way and little Eli got distracted. He turned to face the commotion before a door opened with the sound of a bell. Then he saw his mother with a rapid-fire syringe gun in hand. He always wondered where she bought that strange thing from. Toosh, toosh, toosh, toosh. The cats are all asleep now! Eli faced his friend again, but he was gone. That's disappointing.

There came another day, when Elijah was just shy of 11, when Freyde called him into the clinic. Rushing down the steps, he burst into the room to see what the problem was. There he saw a sickly cat, who looked to be in pain. It was covered in claw marks. His expression went from excitement to sadness. Freyde had something in her hand, when she extended it towards Eli he saw it to be a gun, held by the barrel. "Take it, my boy. I need to teach you something today," Mother said in a serious tone. The cat cried in pain, worming around with it's appendages strapped. Eli was afraid, but he took the pistol in hand. Freyde walked behind Eli, leaning down beside his ear, holding onto his shoulders. "I need you to put this kitty down, Juli. I know you can. Raise the gun, by the handle."

That overwhelming sense of fear when Mother was acting strange, it filled Eli with compliance, with curiosity. He rose the gun, shaking constantly as if he was weightlifting a car. "Take a few steps forward, Juli. Up to the kitty," Mother whispered. "B-but, why do I have tah' do it?" Eli queried, fixed by a sharp, "You have to learn how to put down an animal if you want to be a veterinarian. You're old enough. Come on, Juli," Freyde was so suspicious right now, Eli could feel the fear in his bones now. He wasn't even focused on the cat anymore, who still whined from it's lacerations. He took the steps forward, pressing the barrel of the gun against the animal's head. His mother arranged his fingers into the trigger, holding it still for him. "It'll be okay. Alwhim Awhb At Kl Icirwtiw Apilwbeli Hxiim Hwa Ilk Lgn Edn Iwliws." Mother was speaking in fucking tongues now. "W-what?!" Eli exclaimed. "It's Hebrew, don't worry dear. Pull the trigger." Freyde told him.

Boosh. The cat fell still, Eli's ears were ringing. He ran from the room, crying. Freyde almost chased after him, but was distracted by the cat. He collapsed into his bed, sobbing into his pillow. Why would she make me do that, to the poor kitty? Why would she do that? Why?! When he stopped crying, it was his stout father's hands on his shoulders. He pulled him up and hugged him. "What's the matter, buddy?" Dannie said. "Mo-mo-momma made me kill a kitty tooodayyyy!" he made out with his sobs. Daniel was astonished, albeit a bit disgusted. "She... did what?"

"Mommy made me shoot a kitty today... I didn't want to!"

Daniel left the room. To be continued, unless this is shit. :)

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